South Dakota And Gambling Go Way Back

USA - South DakotaIf you are looking for a gambling destination with some history you could do worse than South Dakota. Home of Mount Rushmore, the Badlands and the Black Hills gives you something other than the inside of a casino to look at. You could always time your visit for the world famous mash potato wrestling competition. Or perhaps the Sturgis motorcycle race and rally is your cup of tea? Whatever you choose to do in your down time there is a definite eclectic feel to this sparsely populated state. The gambling history of South Dakota is legendary. The town of Deadwood is the last resting place of Wild Bill Hickok, shot in the back while playing poker. This town was at its height in the 19th century a place for the adventurous for sure. Brothels, casinos and card rooms it was the epitome of the Wild West. The discovery of gold in the Black Hills put South Dakota on the map.

The Fall And Rise Of Deadwood

The town of Deadwood South Dakota was slipping into financial backwaters and needed a lift. The townsfolk decided they needed to bring in money and they choose gambling as the means. It took statewide campaigning and at the time Nevada and Atlantic City were the only two places with legal gambling. This was no small effort and written into the proposal was that gambling venues had to have another business attached to them. The state approved limited gambling and Deadwood flourished. Some now say it was too good and there is no room now for the locals. Of course the definition of rules were stretched such as another business on the premises, most just sell tee-shirts or souvenir. The limit of 30 slots per building has been made a mockery of. There new buildings being designed with multiple foundations, claiming to be more than one building. The whole thing has turned the town into a purely tourist gambling destination. Something the townspeople did not originally bargain for.

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South Dakota Has Tribal Casinos Of Course

South Dakota is home to a large population of Native Americans. Its history is not so good when it comes to the Sioux. Wounded Knee is burnt into the memories of all tribes described at the time as a battle it was more than a massacre. The site is now a National Monument. Small compensation one might think but the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation now has a casino bringing in much needed revenue. South Dakota’s tribal peoples have some of the lowest living standards in the country. Eight other tribes hold compacts with the state to engage in gambling under the Federal Indian Gaming Act. The venues are nothing like the huge beasts of say the Mohegan Sun, and this is in part to the remoteness of them and the restrictive laws that have only just been amended. At least now you can play roulette as well. All in all South Dakota will never be a Las Vegas. Locals do seem to be able to keep the industry afloat however. The biggest shame is that the tribes are not getting the same kind of revenue as in other states.

The Internet Is Specifically Banned For Gambling

South Dakota is one of the few states that prohibit internet gambling specifically in its statute. They consider every bet made online to be a violation and prosecute each one. Running an online gambling site is a felony. It does seem they have a system in place to pursue and prosecute offenders. Don’t believe other sites when they say it’s ok to gamble online in South Dakota, it’s not. They even have a section explicitly prohibiting any workers from the gambling industry to wager online, also a felony. Lots of other sites like to twist this and imply that the average Joe is not breaking the law. This is simply not true.

Not Likely To Change Either

The fact that internet gambling has its very own section in law explicitly banning it the chances of regulation coming forth are pretty slim. There has been no talk in the senate, not a whisper. The townspeople of Deadwood are so disillusioned with the whole gambling scene it looks like the whole state is just not interested. It is a very sparsely populated state anyway and tribal venues, Deadwood casinos and the few live horse races seem to keep people satisfied. You could of course sign up to an online casino anyway there are a few that will take you on. Although they do run the risk of prosecution and you would run the risk of having your funds seized. Whether the authorities are actually that committed is unknown, the risk is surely not worth it.