Got A Nokia/Microsoft Phone? – You Need A Windows Mobile Casino Online

windows mobile casinosThe mobile phone market is as fresh and lively as it has ever been. The smartphone revolution shook up the industry in a big way. A certain fruit based company blazed a trail that everybody else had run along to catch up. One of the industries leaders from the start Nokia, decided to team up with Windows Phone an OS that was making inroads into the market. The partnership worked so well that Microsoft bought out Nokia’s mobile phone division and it became a subsidiary of Windows Mobile. So if you own a Nokia (some other phones use this as well) and want to play online casino games with it, you will need to find online casinos Windows mobile OS can work with. You will have a bit more work to do than most as online casinos are a little slow in recognizing Windows Phone. Which is understandable as many incarnations of this OS are not even compatible with each other. This should all be a thing of the past however with Windows 10 Mobile, designed to work across the board of all Microsoft products. It doesn’t help the situation with all the name changes and incompatibility but this should no longer be an issue.

What Does It All Mean To Me?

It’s all a bit confusing where Microsoft is concerned. If you want to download Windows mobile casino apps you will struggle to find any at all. The problem is that the system has changed so many times of the last few years and Microsoft for some reason have not back engineered compatibility with older apps. This translates to very poor coverage and understandably online casinos have been a little reluctant to develop apps for Windows Mobile. It is a shame as the Windows Mobile Platform looks like it finally knows where it’s heading. Unfortunately Windows Mobile OS has never supported Java or Flash so the browser versions of most sites just won’t work. Pretty much the only way Windows Mobile casino games can be played is via HTML5 sites straight from your browser. The latest version of Windows Mobile is compatible with HTML5 but older versions don’t work so well, if at all.

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When You Find A Windows Mobile Casino Real Money Can Be Won

You may have to look a bit harder than most other mobile users though. Despite the lack of development support by online casinos for Windows Mobile Apps, you can find a few sites to play at. The irony is that the few sites that do support Windows Mobile are actually some of the best and most well-known. You don’t have the choice as say Android users, but then you don’t have as much of a decision to make either. If you already have online casino accounts you may be lucky enough to use your Windows device. If not you will have to perform the same checks again for a mobile account. All reputable companies will be safe when it comes to your money. The issue that will need to be looked at is the gameplay on your device. Fortunately most sites have a free play option so you can try before you buy.

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Windows Mobile Casino Are They Safe

If the casino is safe when visited on your PC then your Windows Mobile device it should be just as secure. Because you would be accessing the online casino via the browser on your phone you should go straight to a secured page. Unlike a download app you will need to log in each time you visit using the browser. Not an issue if you are using your phones data stream this should be secure. Security issues can arise when using public networks. Your account could be compromised when logging in as some sites direct mobile users to unsecured pages to log in. This is however very rare and getting rarer. As long as the page you are on has the green padlock icon and an address starting https you are on a page that is certified secure. All casinos should have secure pages for financial transactions, if you’re directed to a unsecured payment page don’t use it.

Windows Mobile Casinos Have All Your Favorites

The sites that you can play on with your Windows Mobile device have a good selection of games. There may not be as many casinos to choose from but the major software companies are represented. Microgaming and Playtech are giants and their progressive jackpots are huge. The top games can be played roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker pretty much all the popular games you are used to can be accessed via your mobile. All games available play very well and the graphics and sound quality are just as good on your phone as they are on your PC. In fact slots play so well on your phone it’s almost as if they were designed for each other. It’s like having a mini slot machine right in your hands, the sound quality is that good you could be in Vegas on the strip.

What’s Round The Corner For Windows Mobile Casinos?

The future of the internet is all about the mantra ‘anyplace, anytime, on anything’. The smartphone revolution is not slowing down much at all and as more of the world’s population join in total global connectivity is close. Regardless of whether developers start producing download apps for Windows Mobile or not, more sites will be made cross platform compatible. The irony is that the app market may slow right down. More people are using less apps now because battery life can’t keep up. So more online casinos will rewrite their sites in HTML5 or the next generation of code whatever that may be. The one thing that you can be sure of is the direction the industry is heading. Lost revenue due to incompatibility will be a thing of the past.