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It’s a fact of life that the more money you spend somewhere the better you get treated. It doesn’t seem fair to the rest of us but that’s the way things work. Loyalty cards are the norm these days whether you are filling up your car, buying groceries or playing at your favorite online casino. OK so you don’t actually get a card for playing roulette every day but the principle is the same. The more you spend the better the perks. Most online casinos reward regular customers with some form of loyalty scheme. The most common VIP casino bonus program where points are awarded to you for every dollar spent at the tables.

VIP Casino Online Bonus – How to Get into the VIP Program

Land based casinos have always treated those with fat wallets as VIP’s. The wallets had to be very fat that is. It is not uncommon for casinos to send limos to pick up wealthy customers and transport them in luxury straight to the private suite. Many provide accommodation and tickets to premier events just to sweeten the mood. Why? Well some of these players think nothing of dropping a six figure sum playing blackjack. So the casinos think the extra service costs pay in the end. Translate that to online casinos and well it just wouldn’t work. Nobody needs a limo to get from the bedroom to the lounge to play some cards online. Online casinos realise that everybody likes to feel a bit special and brand loyalty should be rewarded. So a VIP for online casino websites is someone who likes to play at lot. Even if you play for lower stakes you still get something back. This is where the VIP casino bonuses come in.

Casino Loyalty Programs – Points Systems for VIP Casino Access

vip casino bonus codes and loyalty programsMost online casinos like Free Spin, Wild Casino, and Slots LV Casino use a tiered high roller bonuses system of points in their loyalty programs. You rise up the levels the more points you accrue. The favorite method is bronze, silver, gold etc. These ‘comp points’ are usually awarded at a rate of 1 point for every 10 dollars wagered. The points can then be cashed in a rate of 10 points equals a dollar. The tiered part of the scheme boosts the exchange rate the higher in the vip program you go. Many online casinos like Drake Casino, Eurogrand, Winner go further with extra perks once you attain a certain status. For example getting a silver VIP status could mean invitations to exclusive tournaments or the VIP blackjack table. Many have a VIP casino bonus just for gaining a certain level. The thing is that the more you wager the more you get in return. Granted they won’t send out a Lear jet to take you to see the Circque du Soleil but some vip casino cashback is always good.

The High Roller Casino Bonus Is For The Frequent Paying Players

High rollers are the cherry on the cake for casinos. Most of a casino’s income is generated from middle of the road players. But the chance to score huge from those few big hitters has always tempted the management. It’s the same for online casinos but definition of a high roller is somewhat downplayed online. You don’t have to be a mega rich oligarch to be classed in for the high roller casino bonuses in the virtual casino. It’s becoming more common to see different size welcome and deposit bonuses depending on how much you deposit. The high roller casino bonus typically starts at around a $1000 deposit. The more you deposit in one go the higher the deposit bonus amount. There are of course the usual terms and conditions and the cynics amongst you will say you don’t really get that much in cold hard cash. A fair point. But if you are depositing that much in the first place you probably don’t need the money so the extra ‘playing tokens’ are indeed a vip casino bonus. There are some very attractive bonuses out there for you high rollers

Access To The Premium Games Prize Draws And Even A Safety Net On Your Football Bet!

Premium deposit bonus offers for VIP casino playersAccess To The Premium Games Prize Draws And Even A Safety Net On Your Football Bet!

Another plus for the high roller is the exclusive vip casino access to the higher limit games. If you want to win big you have to bet big. Once you are included to the high roller casino bonuses bracket by an online casino you will be invited to join the big boy’s tables. The best online casinos have much higher table limits on certain games and it is very possible to win huge sums, especially at top live casinos. Of course it’s just as possible to lose huge as well (this is what the casino wants for sure) A lot of casinos run bookmakers as well with crossover promotions and high roller bonuses that are part of their VIP schemes as well. This could come in the form of insurance on bets for example the higher you rise the VIP ladder the better the insurance.

Competition Drives Industry Progress

The online casino world is fiercely competitive. Every single customer is, and should be, valued. Land based casinos can afford to just pamper the mega punters. After all how many cities have wall to wall casinos to choose from? Not too many spring to mind! So online casinos have to treat their customers well and reward loyalty with bigger and better high roller casino bonuses. If you have the money to spend with an online casino like Casino Max, Eurogrand, or casino Ruby Fortune it pays to have some brand loyalty. Once you get up to the higher levels of the VIP schemes the benefits start to pile up. Like everything though the devil is in the detail. If you do have significant funds to play with take some time to study the terms and conditions. A simple clause such as a no max withdrawal once you hit gold status can make a huge difference to you. Terms and conditions are not a very exciting read that’s a given. They should however be clear and easy to understand. If you are depositing a large sum of money into your account you must know where you stand with regards to the vip casino bonus. Customer service teams are there to answer your questions when it comes to big money be sure to get the right answers!