Live Texas Holdem Online – Not Really

Live Texas Holdem OnlineIf you play Texas Holdem you will not be happy when you follow links to Texas Holdem live online thinking you would get a real live game of Texas Holdem. What you get in reality is a casino version of the game. Purists and aficionados cringe and voice strongly when there is any connection. The difference is plain to see yet casinos like to lure you in with references to Texas Holdem. Let’s make this very clear, and a reasoning will be given later, live Texas Holdem and live Casino Holdem online are at best distant cousins. Think of live Casino Holdem as a video poker game with a nice smile. If you are looking for a poker game that needs very little skill this is for you. Don’t dismiss this game however if you enjoy slots and like poker the marriage is a happy one.

So What’s The Difference Between Texas Holdem And Casino Holdem?

The number one difference is there is no bluffing involved. To win you must have the best hand. Casino holdem live online will have other players in the hand but you only have to beat the dealer. The dealer never folds if you are in the hand so is the dealer. Unlike Texas holdem where everybody may fold out and you only win blinds and antes, in casino holdem if you get the ‘nuts’ you get paid out as the dealer is committed to the end. The actual betting is different as well. In Texas holdem you pay the ante if there is one and a ‘blind’ bet if it’s your turn then cards are dealt, this is similar in casino holdem an ante is paid but there are no ‘blinds’. Then it all drifts apart, in Texas holdem there will be a round of bets where players may call, raise or fold until all bets are the same and then the ‘flop’ is dealt. Casino holdem you just call a standard bet and then the ‘flop’ is dealt. So there is no raising in Casino holdem you cannot bluff the dealer off a hand or extract maximum value from a hand either. House rules also apply with Casino Holdem and some have a minimum winning hand. In Texas Holdem at showdown the highest hand wins regardless of how weak it is.

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So Is Casino Holdem Purely Luck?

Not quite. Some poker skills are required to understand the strength of hands, and also the maths involved. Poker players will however laugh at this and most don’t see the point of this game. But let’s break it down a little first. Knowing the strength of your starting hand is imperative. Starting the hand with a pair of Aces is of course the best you can have. But mathematically starting the hand with suited connectors like 7 8 of hearts is only a 2-1 underdog to the Aces. In Texas Holdem whether you played this hand or not would depend a lot on who else is in the hand. How much the action would cost you and also the expected win. In Casino Holdem these factors do not count. It’s a straightforward decision whether to go with a hand that is at least a 2-1 hand and may be stronger. Then comes the flop if you have the connectors and the flop is favorable the decision is easy in Casino Holdem if you miss the flop you fold. You have to know where you are at all times in the hand as there is no bluffing involved.

So Why Play Casino Holdem Live?

If you want the live dealer experience and like the idea of poker then this is a good option. Casino holdem gives a glimpse into the poker world without braking your bankroll. If you are new to the game of poker it can be considered a useful introduction to the game. If you play this version of poker you will learn the hand structure really quickly. If you like to study the mathematics of the game this can also be a good teaching tool. Above all else though if you are a slot machine fanatic but want a little more skill and input live casino holdem is the perfect game for you. You won’t win a fortune but you won’t lose one either. Texas Holdem for beginners can be a very costly education. Far too many people think they know the game and play stakes far beyond their skill set. These are the players that keep professionals in business. So if you want to play real poker find a local game of live Texas Holdem for minimal stakes. If you just want a game of chance with a little skill involved, dealt by a pretty dealer then live online casino holdem is for you.