Vienna The Music Capital Of Europe

Austrian flagA tour of Europe would not be complete without the capital of Austria being part of it. Wien as the locals call it has been widely held as the musical center of Europe since the 16th century. Mozart, Beethoven and Shubert all composed here. Vienna’s capital has some unique architecture with three main phases represented, Middle Ages, Baroque and the Gründerzeit. Located on the Danube the city was the cultural center of the Holy Roman Empire for 4 hundred years. The Babenberg and the Habsburg dynasties both had their powerbases here. Wien is renowned as a place of culture, sophistication and elegance. Their casinos all reflect this. A visit to the Casino Wien and you will be transported through time. You can almost see the powdered wigs and makeup. The building is of considerable cultural importance and has been looked after with care. A serious fire in the late 60’s bought a lot of interested parties together to aid in the restoration. A lot of money has gone into this heritage building.

Austrians And Their Casino Laws Are A Bit Confusing

There are a number of casinos in Austria and sports betting is legal. However the laws are very confusing. Like a number of countries within the EU Austria has had issues with the Court of Justice for the European Union. Austria has had a government monopoly of gambling since its regulation. But apparently not of sports betting. The Austrians have a history of gambling that stems back to the Romans. They are not the stoic bunch a lot of people perceive them to be. There legal system surrounding it however is a bit of a mess. Rulings by the CJEU have not been in Austria’s favour. Online casinos are a particularly confusing area. Austria has now allowed more licenses for online casinos but they can only take Austrians as players. There are many articles on the subject but the whole thing is not very clear. The bottom line is that the government seems to be a bit miffed that tax Euros are leaving the country. That being said they have not put measures in place to stop offshore casinos from taking customers.

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The Grand Scheme Of Things

The best online casino Austria is the same as the rest of Europe. The rules surrounding free access to services in the EU, basically Article 49, mean that no member state will make it that difficult for legal online casinos to operate. So for the average Austrian the choices as pretty good in the world of online casinos. That said when the choices are that good and there are hundreds of options it does make the decision that bit harder. First and foremost when choosing you need to sift out the rogues. Licenses are the first things that need checking. A lot of online casinos will have more than one regulatory body overseeing their operation. This allows them to cover more territory. The best European authority is the UK Gambling Commission. The UK has the oldest legal gambling industry in the world and they have been looking after punters for many years now. The UK license only covers UK residents but if an online casino brand has customers from all over Europe and has the UK covered they will be registered elsewhere as well. Look for Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and any of the Channel Islands. All of these bodies may be used because of tax benefits but they all have very good systems in place and regulate the industry well. Keep in mind the Caribbean licenses are pretty much just legal stamps. Registration for business purposes only with no regulatory powers and no rules to follow!

Word Of Mouth Well Power Of The Forum Then Same Thing

Player forums are as old as the internet. When the first online casino came out in the early 90’s it was followed very quickly by a forum complaining about it. Things have moved on a bit and while there are a lot of sore losers still complaining there is a genuine amount of useful information available. Regular visits to the most well-known forums will keep you up to date on the latest. New online casinos very quickly get judged on many criterion and the older ones are kept honest. The industry is a very fast paced one a very quickly a hard won reputation can be left in tatters thanks to player forums. An online casino ignores them at their peril. Most of the very best have agents linked to the forums to solve problems before they escalate into major issues.

No Problems For Banking

Austrians should have no issues when it comes to financing their online casino accounts. As members of the Euro zone currency exchange is not necessary all of the reputable online brands allow accounts in Euros. There are no crazy banking laws applying to Austrians so as long as the security protocols are up to date choose which ever method suits you best. As Europeans we have the luxury of the widest choice of third party electronic payment methods there are. Just remember if you are using an untested casino deposit small to start with and get a feel for them. Don’t be swayed by huge bonuses for bigger deposits, remember the wagering requirements will make it virtually impossible for larger sums to count.

If You Are A Newbie

The choices can be a little overwhelming when starting the best Austrian online casino for you may not be the best for someone else. As a good place to start look to the really big concerns. Any that have been around for ten years in this business are safe for the beginner to start with. There is probably enough with this pedigree to give you a good choice anyway. All game software can be tried out as free play versions there are many sites online for this. Once you find the gameplay you like the chances are you will stick to that one for a long while. Good luck and enjoy.