Hong Kong A Gamblers Must Visit

If you are on a tour around Asia visiting gambling hotspots Macau is an obvious choice. But just over the Pearl River Delta is another great place to visit. The bustling metropolis that is Hong Kong should be on every gambling tourist’s agenda. If you are not into crowds don’t go as it is the most densely populated state on earth. Pre 1977 you could find a gambling den on just about any corner. Asians love to gamble. They will bet on anything and a large proportion of the world’s biggest high rollers are Asian. 1977 saw the government try to control the gambling industry and weed out the criminal element. Knowing that they would never stop gambling entirely, the regulations introduced still allowed most forms of gambling but bookmakers are prohibited. The only form of sports betting is via the Hong Kong Jockey Club covering horse racing, football and lotteries. Casinos are very popular as are the traditional Mahjong parlors.

Online Casinos Are Popular But Illegal

Hong Kong flagLike Macao Kong Hong is an autonomous region of China and as such does have a lot more leniency towards its citizens. The fact that there is a regulated gambling industry in the first place proves that. Mainland China does not tolerate gambling, although it is still very popular and it goes on underground. Despite allowing gambling in regulated venues online gambling is not. It is illegal to gambling in unregulated venues, so as there are no Hong Kong online casinos it’s illegal. The authorities however do not block sites and no prosecutions have been made apparently. So as with many other places on the planet the best online casino Kong Hong residents can play at are definitely foreign. The Chinese government promised a hands off approach to Hong Kong for 50 years after the handover so for the time being it looks like you are able to gambling online for a while longer.

100’s Of Asian Online Casinos

The boom in the Asian online casino industry has not stopped so far. It is huge. I seems every month new online casinos spring up. The formats are somewhat different to Western facing online casinos for good reason. Asian gamblers love to play Asian games western games such as baccarat have had a long standing in Asia but roulette is only just gaining some popularity. So it stands to reason that Hong Kong residents what to play the games they know and love best. Mahjong is probably the biggest game wagered on in Asia. So variants of the game online are very popular. As is Pai Gow but not the Americanized version of the game but the ancient original one, in fact some claim it to be the oldest game played in a casino as it is over a thousand years old. Sic Bo is another Asian original that the western world is taking a fancy to. The dice game has many different varieties and the particular versions on a site can be a big factor when it comes to choosing where to play. Keno is another Asian favorite and virtual versions are on just about every online casino available to Hong Kongese. Keno is often played as a side game. Poker is gaining a hold in Hong Kong and Macao the game started as little more than a quirky distraction for high rollers. Now it is becoming big money and has a lot of interest. Asian casinos are a little slow having poker as part of their online brand. So if you want to have a one stop shop with a single account for playing poker as well as your favorite casino games you may well have to choose a Western brand. There are some top names that have Chinese platforms and accept HKD.

Top 7 Recommended Casinos
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Asia’s Very Own Regulatory Jurisdiction

The Cagayan Territory in the Philippines was Asia’s first regulatory body issuing licenses and enforcing some very high standards. When they started allowing foreign investors to base their online gambling businesses in the Philippines it signaled a bright future. They proved themselves very capable and very quickly rivalled the European jurisdictions in their trustworthiness. First Cagayan’s reputation continued to grow until a spanner was thrown into the works. The colourful new president Rodrigo Duterte stated in his first main address to his cabinet that there would be no new licenses issued to foreign companies to operate online gambling businesses. He also stated that very shortly all those that have been issued will be rescinded. The whole industry in Asia is now in limbo. The President has made some controversial speeches since but has also performed several u turns as well. The unstable nature of the current regime is very worrying for the online casino industry.

Do Some Research

When it comes to choosing the best online casino for you there are many variables. A lot of them will be down to personal choice, such as game selection or even the colour scheme of the website. Being safe and playing with a reputable online casino is your starting point however. There are some simple things that are easy to verify. Licensing can be easily checked with the issuing authority. The First Cagayan will be the most common as you will probably be using Asian casinos. If you wish to play with one of the more global brands the chances are they will be licensed by one or more of these bodies. The UK Gambling Commission, Malta (MGA), Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and Alderney. These are all respected and easy to verify. Security systems and protocols are also easy to check, the best sites are certified by independent experts. Basically everything you need to know should be clearly shown on the site and then easily verified by a quick surf online. Forums give you a good idea of who to avoid, there are some very good blacklists out there. They will tell you the reasons for being on the list the choice to believe them or not is yours.