The Land Of Pyramids And Gambling

Egyptian flagEgypt and gambling are close bed fellows. Egyptian themed casinos are commonplace around the world and online. Even if the whole venue is not based on pharaohs and pyramids there will be slots in multitude that are. In fact it is safe to say that Egypt is probably the most widely used theme ever when it comes to slot machines. Egypt has a history of being in love with and hating gambling over the ages. Dice have been found in royal tombs along with hieroglyphs depicting games being played. There is evidence that it was at banned by law in ancient times. But it is safe to say that gambling has been popular since the dawn of time.

Muslim State But Tons Of Casinos

Visit Cairo, Sharm-el-Sheik or any number of tourist resorts and you will find a casino usually attached to a hotel. The country is overwhelmingly Muslim and as such it is forbidden to gamble. The government however did not want to lose out on the millions in revenue that casinos bring in. So it opened the casinos and banned any with an Egyptian passport from entering. Tourism is a major part of Egypt’s economy and it made a lot of sense, the casinos are doing very nicely thank you.

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Online Casinos Are Available

There is nothing written in law to prevent visiting an online casino. There are no regulated sites based in Egypt so foreign sites are the only option. Of course gambling in an online casino is still gambling and as such against Islamic teachings. But if you want to there are many sites available some even with an Arabic platform. There cannot not however be many that take Egyptian pounds. So while it is possible to sign up an account there are not many in the running for best online casino Egypt.

It Will Take Some Research

Online casino gambling for obvious reasons is not a huge market in Egypt. It will take some serious research to find a reputable casino to play with. There is a lot of false information out there and it is wise to investigate fully. A lot of sites list casinos that take Egyptians and say they have Arabic platforms but the reality is most don’t. They are out there but it takes a bit of looking. Having a license from one of the reputable authorities is a must. Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are considered the best. If the online casino you choose has UK customers it will be covered by the prestigious UK Gambling Commission. The UK has the oldest regulated gambling industry in the world and the strongest authority out there.

Check Blacklists First

It will save a lot of heart ache if you take the time to visit a few of the online casino watch dog sites. They have been running alongside the industry from the start and have comprehensive lists of bad casinos. From the downright criminal, to the slow payers and generally not good, all will have stated reasons for being on the list. It would be foolish to ignore other people experiences when deciding where to risk your money.

Security Should Be Top Draw

Online casinos have top end security these days as good as any online bank. The best use online security experts to put them through their paces. These independent firms will issue certificates if passed. The logo of the issuing company should be visible on the site. Don’t take it for granted check with the company to verify. The games on the site will also be tested, firstly by the licensing body if they are one of the reputable ones! Secondly they should be regularly tested to ensure they are still running fairly and have not be tampered with. A good online casino will display the results from the laboratory.

Depositing Methods

You will probably have to make currency conversions with whatever method you use to load your account. It is very wise to find out any charges that may go on top of the conversion rate before you use that method. Banks and credit cards traditionally are the worst for hiding charges. It is a nasty sting in the tail when you get your statement. All of the best online casinos have many third party electronic payment methods available now. These are becoming the most popular method nowadays as they have very transparent fees, plus you get the added layer of protection by not putting in your card details every time.

Talk To The Customer Service

The likelihood is you will not find many Arabic platforms to play your favorite games on. You may well have to use a second language. This could cause problems understanding the terms and conditions. Contact the customer service team and ask questions. If you do not understand any area you should not play. But you never know there may be an Arabic speaker there that can help. So ask it can’t hurt.

Egypt May Well Regulate In The Future

Egypt has had great upheaval in the last few years and its troubles are still not over. The country as a whole is conservative Muslim but there is a growing youth population clamoring for more freedom. Let’s not forget the large minority of Christians. As it stands there is repression but Egypt has proved it can withstand the test of time and move forward. There is a place for secularism and Egypt is struggling with it but it will succeed. There is a very good chance that more online casinos will look toward Egypt. The government will want a piece of the action and who know maybe they may well start regulating them. Let’s hope so hey.