Slovenia An Un-spoilt Gem

The Republic of Slovenia is not a well-known tourist destination but it is definitely worth a visit. Slovenia is a mountainous, heavily forested country in the southern part of Central Europe. Once part of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia it has been a member of the EU since 2004 and part of the Eurozone since 2007. Tito’s Yugoslavia was never part of the Warsaw Pact and foreign visitors were actively encouraged. To help with this many casinos were opened during the 60’s and 70’s. Strictly for foreign guests they were considered a success. They were a great source of foreign currency which was in short supply. The problem was that most were foreign owned and so most of the revenue went offshore. The oldest casino in Slovenia is in the beautiful Adriatic coastal resort of Portorož. This casino was opened in 1913. The Grand Casino Portorož is also the first casino to have a Slovenian license to operate an online casino.

EU Rules And Changes To The Law

Slovenian flagLike a lot of countries in the EU the gambling laws in Slovenia seemed to be at odds with the principle of free trade. There are now revisions in the law allowing more competition and more amendments are being reviewed by the European Commission. As it stands there are not that many online casinos to choose from that have Slovenian licenses. The available are pretty good though and Novomatic games seems to be the order of the day. The problem you may have is actually finding out which casino is Slovenian. So the best online casino Slovenia is the one you can find. Online marketing doesn’t seem to be the order of the day. Most information is out of date or just plain wrong. Most reviews and blogs are saying there are no online casinos in Slovenia. Not true. How many there are however hard to find out. It is very difficult to even check on licensing, the government website is not the easiest portal to find anything out on.

If You Are Slovenian Hassle The Government Office

Not such good advice sorry. But it is the best way, contact the authorities to gain an up to date list of legal online casinos. Then choosing which one to play at is an easier decision. Playing with offshore online casinos you run the risk of making a mistake and picking a rogue. It may come as a surprise but there are still hundreds of really bad online casinos operating. Ranging from just poor service all the way to blatant criminal activity. There are ways to mitigate this but the best way is to stick with your home grown legal sites. This way you know you have full legal retribution in case of problems. You will also have a site in your native tongue with customer service reps that understand you. You may find an offshore casino with a Slovene platform but will they have agents that are fluent speakers? You stand a good chance of being able to use Euros and your preferred method of banking with any online casino facing Europe so no issues there.

Top 7 Recommended Casinos
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If You Must Play Offshore Do Your Research

If you are craving the myriad of choices that the rest of the world has then be careful. Even some well-known names in the industry have turned out to be a very bad bet. There are several well respected forums and online casino watchdogs that have comprehensive blacklists. Now it’s true these are only opinions but there is no smoke without fire as they say. What harm is it to do a little research after all you will be risking your hard earned cash? The general rule of thumb is the longer in business the more trust they have earned. The online casino world is rapid, competitive and player focused. But it is also ripe for scams.

Check Credentials

If a site says it has a license in Alderney (one of the Channel Islands) it is a simple case to verify it. The same goes for all the reputable gaming authorities. Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Kahnnawake Territories, UK Gambling Commission all have easy to use websites to check up on validity of licenses. Which is why it is frustrating that the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia is so uninformative. The other end of the scale is avoid any online casino that is registered in the Caribbean. Curacao issues business licenses to any who pays. The same goes for Porto Rico. They have no regulatory powers because they have no rules. It’s just safer to avoid.

Security Checks Are Essential

Reputable online casinos spend a lot of money ensuring their sites are secure. There are many online companies supplying SSL Encryption once again these are easily verifiable. Also all games and security protocols should be independently vetted and certified. Any online casino worth its salt will do this. There are so many options out there that it would be silly to go with one that didn’t do its best to provide the securest site possible. With complete transparency. You are looking for logos from Thwates, Gaming Labs Certified companies such as these. Once again all of these companies are easy to investigate online.

The Rules Are Changing Everywhere

As it stands at the moment ISP’s are not blocking sites in Slovenia. That will probably change very soon. The current trend for governments is to try everything in their power to make sure tax revenue comes into their own coffers. Online casino brands are staying ahead of the game at the moment with multiple mirror sites on several domains being one of the ways. Players using proxy servers and VPNs etc. This will eventually get stopped. There is no such thing as complete anonymity online if a government want to you will be found out. The situation at the moment is nobody is being prosecuted for using offshore sites. That may all change of course.