Casinos En Vivo Largas

Spanish flagThe Spanish love to gamble per captor they are one of the top spenders in the world. They wager a large chunk of their annual income every year. The Christmas lottery is huge with a ton of winners making it very popular the draws are viewed by the nation. Known as ‘El Gordo’ the fat one, it is old starting in 1812 estimates put 75% of the population playing every year. The lottery is not the only thing Spaniards like to bet on. Horse racing, football, greyhound racing, jai-alai and even motorcycle racing are all bet on heavily in Spain. Gambling is now regulated and legal and you can bet on anything as long as there is a lincense issued by the Direccion General de Ordenacion del Juego or DGOJ part of the Ministry of Taxes. Not always the case in Spain a highly religious country that not that long ago was run by a dictator. You wouldn’t know it if you visited the country nowadays. A relaxed and beautiful country with many casinos to visit and a great time to be had in your gambling downtime. The casinos are definitely in the old style of things with class and sophistication, a dress code is in place. You don’t have to wear evening dress but no jeans, sandals or tee-shirts allowed. There is a fully regulated online industry and the best online casino Spain is a hard fought title.

The Online Trade Is Booming

Poker has really kicked off the internet scene for gamblers in Spain. Texas Hold ‘Em is a very popular game in Spain with several series run in country and the EPT is a regular visitor. Some big money tourneys are played and there are some world class players that originate from Spain. This popularity has influenced the online world and the best Spanish online casino will have the option to play poker either with a sister site or as a one stop shop. Casino games have a long history in the Iberian Peninsula there is opinion that the earliest form of blackjack originates here. Card games are most popular but roulette and more recently slots have a passionate following. This has all translated to the online scene and since 2011 when the latest draft of legislation came in online casinos in Spain are thriving.

Strong Regulation For Spain

The rules surrounding registration in Spain for online casinos are strict. The brand must have a .es domain before it can be licensed. First a general license must be attained then a specific license depending on which games they want to offer. The license for casino games is only valid for three years. The taxes are very high also running at 25% gross. If an regulated casino takes Spanish players they run the risk of a €50M fine! Offshore sites are also blocked by ISP so there is a strict enforcement policy however players are not targeted.

Despite Strong Regulations Care Is Still Needed When Choosing An Online Casino

Choosing a Spanish regulated site to play with is the first decision to make. The second is to look for another license on the site. If the brand accepts players from other countries it will require licensing from another authority also. This is extra security for the player there are some very strong authorities out there with much more experience in the field. The MGA from Malta and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission are two of the best, the ultimate body is the UK’s Gambling Commission. All three audit the games offered for fairness and enforce their rules. The more licensing bodies an online casino has onboard has to be good.

Spanish Online Casinos Are Relatively New But There Are Still Forums

Reputations are made and broken by player forums in the online casino world. The fast paced nature of the business means a bad rep quickly costs. There is not as much competition in the Spanish market but no brand can afford to aggravate players. Read forum posts they are very informative. Yes a lot of threads are sore losers and players not understanding bonuses but there are lots regarding cash out problems and poor customer service issues. All businesses have customer problems, that’s what customer service departments are for. The best companies are those that deal with these problems in a speedy and transparent manner.

New Guys Are Not Always A Bad Choice But Old Timers Are A Sure Bet

If you are new to the world of online casinos the choice can be a bit overwhelming. Remember this if an online casino has been in business for longer than 5 years then it has been keeping customers happy. A crook or generally bad casino just cannot survive that long. If you like the look of a newcomer and it is getting good reviews give it a go by all means. It is wise to start small and get a feel for the site.

Banking Options And Security

The online world is a dangerous place for your personal details. All sites must have up to date security measures in place to protect your money. The address must start with the prefix https and have the padlock icon in there as well. The best online casinos have independent security consultants that verify security measures. Look for logos from VeriSign or Thwate for example they are well respected in the field. Spanish sites will have Euros as a default currency so no exchange rates will come into play. Payment methods will vary from site to site so if all other things are equal the method choose the most suitable for you. Make sure you can withdraw with the same method you deposit. It is a common complaint for players that they can’t but the information is available so check first. The future is looking good for the Spanish industry if they can see it in them to reduce the taxes it can only get better.