Serbia Has Important World History But Not As Far As Casinos Go

Serbian flagLike most of the Balkan region Serbia was ruled by the Ottoman Empire. The early 19th century saw the harsh yoke lifted through revolution and the state was free. The Balkan Wars and two World Wars ravaged the area and there was not much chance for the entertainment industry to flourish. Unlike a lot of Europe, casinos never reached this beautiful country. Ironically the first casino to open in Serbia was during the Tito era when Yugoslavia still existed. The communist state was one of the few that had a tourist industry with visitors from western countries. Tito had broken from Soviet influence and wanted to attract as many visitors as possible. Seeing casinos as a way to bring in much needed foreign cash a crop of them opened up.

The 1990’s Understandably Put A Stop To Fun

The upheaval and bloodshed of the decade destroyed a federation and created 6 states in its wake. Serbia took a long time to recover and criminal enterprises took control of many areas, the entertainment industry being one. Hundreds of illegal gambling houses were prevalent across the state. Run almost exclusively by organized crime the games were almost certainly rigged. The state authorities had to do something and a crackdown was put in place. Legislation was brought in to regulate the industry in 2004. A big reason for this is to do with accession to the EU something Serbia is desperate for. The police made many raids and venues were shut left right and center. 2011 saw a revamp of the law again with the view to bring the state more in line with EU regulations. There is still some way to go however as the law states a gambling enterprise must have a Serbian based operation.

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The Internet Moves Things Forward

The lost revenue due to unregulated online casinos is a cause for concern with the Serbian authorities. Unfortunately for the state coffers the best Serbian online casino is foreign. To combat this and encourage brands to become regulated a carrot and stick approach has been adopted. The carrot is very favorable tax rates for online casinos. The stick is being blacklisted and blocked by ISP’s banks were asked to block payments to illegal online casinos but they have refused. The authorities however have admitted the relatively ineffective results of blocking sites that are blacklisted. The upside for the players is that nobody goes after them with criminal proceedings.

Even The Best Serbian Online Casino Needs Researching

Playing with an online casino is a risky enterprise. To mitigate those risks only a fool would not look into the background of the brand. There are many things to take into account when choosing the right online casino for you. Whether the brand is regulated in Serbia or not licensing is essential. Europe has an established industry and regulatory bodies have been protecting the interests of fair play for many years. The governing bodies of Gibraltar, Malta and the Isle of Man have some of the best reputations there is. These authorities cover more than just their own citizens so an online casino can accept players from elsewhere and still be covered by the licenses. While the UK Gambling Commission only covers UK residents is considered the best in the business. So if an online casino has a license from them as well as somewhere else it is a big plus.

Money Makes The World Go Round And Needs To Be Protected

You look after your cash when you have it in your possession so when it is in somebody else’s care you want as much protection as possible. Check a brands security protocols, the best have independent online security experts vet, test and certificate the measures in place. A sites address must have the prefix https and a padlock icon on every page. If it doesn’t choose one that does. If an online casino uses a third party transfer house do some research into them as well. The internet age is an age of information it is there at your fingertips with just a little effort. On the subject of money there are very few online casinos that will allow an account to be set up in Dinar. Bear this in mind and research all of the fees included. Take care with the deposit method also as some credit cards have huge fees when processing foreign currency.

Language Barriers Can Cause Big Problems

If you are choosing a foreign site to gamble with take extra care. Choose one that has a language you can understand. The customer care team has to be able to understand you and you them. It is a very risky thing to do, and to help offset that risk, a top rated brand should be chosen. You are less likely to have a problem in the first place and secondly one of the larger brands is more likely to have someone who understands you.

A Long Continued Business History

In most industries 5 – 10 years is not such a long time. In the online casino world it is almost a lifetime. For some it is just that. It is a relatively rare thing to last this long and those that have are doing this the right way. Word of mouth on forums and reviews quickly shuts down rogue operations. Brands that don’t perform well also suffer. There are so many online casinos to choose from that the competition culls many every month. Look for a brand with a continuous history for at least five years, there are quite a few with more than ten years. The deciding factors when choosing from one of these will be purely personal. They will all be fair and honest and will have top notch software running their games. The future of Serbian online casinos is tied with that of joining the EU when this happens the market will explode. Good Luck