You Need to Pick One From The Many Online Casino Payment Options

Online Payment OptionsSo you’ve trawled though all the forums checked out the reviews and have a short list of online casinos. You know which games you like because you’ve playing all of them on the various free play sites. So you’re ready to pick? Not quite. An important part of choosing which online casino to play with is how you are going to get funds to and from your account. After all is said and done your money is hard earned and risking it before you’ve even bought chips is not something you want to do.

The number of casino deposit methods is bigger than you think, and the ways to safely cash out your winnings are almost as many. Not all online casinos offer all of the choices, this is an area where you can choose between two equally good casinos if they offer different payment methods. Each one has merits and offer different solutions to individual circumstances.

A cautionary piece of advice is to contact the casino you intend to play with and check that you can use as many different methods as you want. Some restrict you to withdrawing funds with the same method as you last deposited with. This can be a real pain if you are managing several accounts. Besides it’s your money and you should be able to put it where you want.

Use An e-Wallet One Of The Safest Ways To Deposit Online

In this day and age of Identity theft a lot people are rightly worried about giving out personal details online. When comes to giving out your financial details it is doubly worrying. Step up the e-Wallet three of the most well-known being PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. Coming about with e-Commerce revolution and the need for quick easy secure payments, without all the hidden charges, e-Wallets have become hugely popular. Personal credit details are given only once when the account is set up. The e-Wallet account is linked to either a bank account or credit card. The security involved is incredibly strong and as good as any bank. Instead of trusting the casino with your details whenever you deposit or withdraw you go to the secure page of the e-wallet.

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Anonymity Anyone? Pre-paid Vouchers And Cards Give It One Way

Another form of online payment that has come out of the fear of providing financial details online. Pre-paid vouchers are only available in certain countries. The way they work is you buy the voucher from an outlet and then use the unique pin code on the card to credit your account. The downside to this method is you are limited to value of the card available and you need to have an alternative way to withdraw with most casinos.

Good Old Fashioned Credit Card Or Debit Card

Still one of the most popular online casino payment methods credit and debit cards are accepted by every online casino (apart from some who accept US players due to banking laws surrounding online gambling). If you trust the casino you are playing with in the first place then this a good choice. It is the quickest online casino deposit method usually. If you are just getting to know the brand use one of the other methods first to gauge trust. Debit cards with have no card charges for the transactions either way. Credit cards however often consider deposits to gambling sites as cash advances and as such incur extra charges. Check with your card provider as to what you will have to pay. A lot of online casinos only allow one card to be registered and it must be in your name. You can’t use somebody else’s card because of compliance to laws regarding age restrictions and money laundering.

Really Old Skool But Safe

If you still like to do things the, shall we say, traditional way you can always make a good old fashioned bank transfer, expensive relatively but very safe. The time it takes however makes it one of the least popular methods of depositing. The withdrawal side to this method is a check in the post and if you think a bank transfer is slow snail mail then cashing the check means it could be weeks before you see your cash. The big plus is it is so very safe you are the only one who can pay that check in.

Check The Law First

Due to US law directed at banks making transfers to and from online casinos most US financial institutions won’t touch online casinos directly. This has boosted the industry for third party payment services. It can be very confusing and alarming when your bank statement has a debit to a company you have never heard of. Ask the casino customer support for the details of the payment transactions so you can understand who is handling your money. This crazy law has also given a boost to the wire transfer industry. You can use a wire transfer to both deposit and withdraw directly between your casino account and bank account but charges are made.

If you live in the UK you probably have the best time of things. Britain has the most online casino deposit methods available anywhere in the world. The laws surrounding online gambling are very clear and as such has the most open market. There are no restrictions surrounding payment methods in the UK. However that’s not the case for the rest of the world. Whatever method you want to use check with your local governing bodies for any restrictions. Reputable online casinos will be fully compliant with all local law, but it is best to be safe than sorry.

A couple of key things to think about when choosing which method to deposit at an online casino are. Security – Any method you choose should have checkable history for the company providing it. Only use those that has been proved secure. Ease of use – Choose a method that takes a few simple steps to set up and get you your cash quickly. Lastly make sure you are not breaking any laws.