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We as a species love to gamble. Getting dressed in the morning we gamble on what the weather will be like in the afternoon. Driving to work we gamble on how heavy the traffic will be. Business decisions quite often are a gamble. So it’s no wonder that the online gambling world is flourishing. In what would be a saturated market in another field, new online casinos seem to be born every week.

There are hundreds if not thousands of new online casino websites to gamble, how on earth can there be room for more? Well to be fair, quite a lot of the time new casino sites are just a flash in the pan, and don’t last long at all. But when a good one comes along being one of the first can be a rewarding experience. Growing with the new online casino site and seeing how it matures can give a sense of belonging. Not to mention your loyalty should be rewarded, if the sites any good it will be!

A Lot of New Casino Sites Are Not New Companies

When you look a little closer at a new site quite a lot of the time it will be part of a stable of offers from the same company. It’s a good way for an existing company to try a new feel and generate new customers without radically changing a format that works. So if you recognize the parent company of a new online casino, and they have a good long standing reputation, their new offering should be worth a look. These new online casino sites will usually be marketed quite heavily in the run up to their release. And when they are they will be trying their hardest to get new custom. Promotions and bonuses will be showered on new players, all in an effort to establish a place in a very crowded market.

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New to the Industry – Newest Online Casinos can be a Good Thing

A lot of companies offering new casinos online will be fresh to the industry. This doesn’t mean they are not worth considering, far from it. All industries can stagnate and need fresh blood from time to time to stir the pot. A completely fresh face on the scene can be the catalyst for real innovation. The risk is that they have no clue and go belly up very quickly. Due diligence is name of the game with any new venture, especially if you are putting your money into it! Take some time to research the newest online casinos.

Have a look at the graphics do you like them? Does it offer a full range of games? What software is it running? If it looks bad it probably plays bad too. Remember you play casino games for fun, if the graphics give you a headache after ten minutes, that’s no fun at all. But some of the best online casinos like DomGame Casino, This is Vegas, and VideoSlots had shaky starts, so don’t dismiss any out of hand keep an eye on them may get better.

Things to Look For in a New Casino Online

Welcome bonuses are, without doubt, the most popular way all new online casinos try to attract new players. New players are what drive the growth of online gambling and boy is it growing. It’s especially important for a new online casino to get as many gamblers onboard as quickly as possible. Welcome bonuses and live casino games are the frontline weapons used in this never ending battle. Typically given as a percentage match of a first deposit, the average bonus is around 100 – 150%. This is where new casinos online can be at a bit of a disadvantage. There are so many established sites offering this amount of bonus it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. This is where a lot of newcomers take a big risk offering relatively huge welcome bonuses.

A first deposit bonus of 200% is not at all uncommon and many go a lot further with some as big as 500%. While this is great for the gambler it is very risky for the new online casino sites. Coupled with the welcome bonus, re-load bonuses are getting quite common too. Match bonuses being paid for the first 5 deposits for example. As with everything though the devils in the detail. No casino can just give away money, they will be out of business pretty quickly. The risks are offset with wagering requirements, we’ll go into that a bit more little later.

The Best New Online Casinos Use Tried and Tested Software

If all the casinos that came online had to have their own software developed, there wouldn’t be as many as there are. Any new software takes time and effort to develop, and that means money, quite a lot in fact. Which is why the leading gambling software companies lease their products to any and all. There are actually quite a lot of platforms being used but the big four have the lion’s share of the market. Everybody that has played any form of online gambling will have heard of them.

Microgaming, Playtech, Net Entertainment and Cryptologic are huge and their software has been around a long while and is well developed. IGT, Evolution the list does go on, but it is finite. It’s harder for a new software developer to break into the gambling market than it is for new online casinos. So a good yard stick for choosing which are the best new online casinos to play on is what softwarе platform they run on. All the best casino software has a lot of customizable features which allow individual sites to make them distinct. But they all have a recognizable feel about them. If you’re used to Playtech most sites will automatically feel comfortable even though they allow the casino a huge amount of different features to mix it up.

There is a big advantage for a new online casino sites using one of the main software packages. And that is they are able to offer the linked jackpots within the network using the same package. This means very attractive prizes that they don’t have to generate. Remember the huge payout to a UK player £5.9M, that was from a progressive slots game, for just 30p stake!

But Are They Really Different?

New casino sites reviewed at bestcasino.orgWell if you only play blackjack or roulette probably not that different no. Although there are many different tweeks that can be made to both these games, new online casinos do seem to be able to spice them up a bit. The real difference are the more obscure games that are becoming popular, and this is where best new online casinos can steal the march a bit. Sic Bo has been around for a while now and quite a few sites have it on offer.

But it wasn’t long ago nobody outside of Las Vegas had heard of it. Caribbean Stud and Gow Pai, both started as niche offerings and now are getting popular. So look about and you will find something new to excite you, that may well be the next big thing. The biggest way a new casino online can be different is in it slots offerings. These are by far the biggest selection of casino games out there. Although they all revolve around reels spinning, winning combinations, number of reels and the general theme can be almost infinite.

Mobile is the Best Market for New Casino Websites

The one area where there is more room for new casinos is the mobile sector. As we all know the world has gone mobile crazy the last few years. Online casinos have been a little slack with their offerings, and this is where completely new casinos have been able to cash in. Some of the newest online casinos that have ignored the browser sites and gone straight to the mobile market. And it was a good move for them concentrating on just a few games but making them great gave them a foot in the door.

Slots once again seem to be where the focus is. Relatively easy to bring out new games mobile slots are multiplying fast. And it’s easy to see why they are a big money earner and are crazy popular. It is such an easy game to play for a quick bit of fun, a couple of spins in the sandwich queue at lunch. So expect to see a lot more exclusive online mobile casinos sites with lots of slots.

Terms, Conditions and Wagering Requirements

The area that is most important if you are looking at new online casinos are the terms and conditions and wagering requirements. Massive bonuses and promotions all come with a catch and some can be quite painful if not looked into properly. A 500% bonus has to be offset and as much as a x75 or more wagering requirement is in place. Read the small print and contact the customer service department if anything is unclear.

New casino sites will keep on coming so to stay abreast of the new offerings look out for announcements. Read casino reviews and social media adverts stay informed and you might just find that new site that blows you away.