Play In An Android Casino Online Today

android mobile casinosIf you own an Android smartphone you know that you have a great tool at your fingertips. Connectivity is now better than ever for the vast majority us, meaning android casino games are a swipe away. A quick search on your browser for an online casino you can use your Android device on will throw up thousands of hits. The popularity of Android as an OS has meant app development has gone a little crazy. Just about every single online casino there is, has downloadable Android casino apps. You can’t say that about the competition. The fact that Google has less restrictions on who makes one and what an app actually does, means there is a very healthy development going on. The choice of online casinos Android users have is vast.

Why An Android App?

The benefits of using an app for your Android when playing casino games are many. Once downloaded direct access straight to your favorite games, with no load time at all. No signing in no waiting straight into the action. Graphics and gameplay are designed specifically for Android so run with precision and style. No security issues if using a public network log in details are secured in your phone. The only downside is the amount of data storage needed. The more games you want via an app the more space on your devices hard drive is used up. This tends to be the reason why there is so little choice on most apps for online casinos. If this is a concern for you the casinos with mobile browser sites are the ones for you.

Top 7 Recommended Casinos
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Direct From The Browser Mobile Gambling On Your Android

Those brands that are truly aware of the way of things, are switching to fully mobile responsive sites. This means that the Android user can log straight into the casino from the browser on their phone. Flash run games are being phased out and the wonderful HTML5 is taking over the reins. Using this code the site becomes truly mobile friendly, recognizing the screen size and OS of the device a suitable version is loaded. Android casino games straight to your fingertips. Sized perfectly for your phone or tablet you can have all the roulette action you want. Fancy a change and want to play American roulette today? No problem you don’t need to download new software from someone else just log straight in and play. Blackjack, baccarat, keno, video poker, and as many different slots you could want are now easily available to mobile users thanks to HTML5. No more clogging your hard drive with tons of apps, and no more limited choice of games either.

It’s Never Been Easier Visit Your Android Casino Real Money Awaits

Cold hard cash. Playing casino games on your mobile is fun. Your lunch break can now be looked forward to for the chance to win some serious cash as well as stopping work for a while. Slots on an Android device just seem so right. The screen size just lends itself to those reels spinning in your hand. With most of the leading brands having the popular progressive jackpots as part of their stable, the prospect of life changing money is very real. There you are commuting to work enjoying a few spins and you win a million dollars while sat on the train. How cool would that be? That would be a day to remember at that job for sure! Maybe the last day at that job.

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Is My Money Safe Using An Android Casino Online?

Simple answer is it’s as safe as the browser version. If you have done your due diligence as far as the brand is concerned there should be no difference in security between a mobile version and a browser version. However there are a few sites that for some strange reason when you log in with your Android device you go to an unsecured page. This is extremely rare but some do it. If you are on a public network this is when your account could be at risk. If your log in details are compromised so is your account. Your bank details are safe though. All quality casinos that are worth playing at direct you to a secure page for deposit and withdrawal. There will also be questions asked to verify your identity for any withdrawal request. If they don’t redirect to a secure page, run a mile from them! All the usual payment and withdrawal methods are available using your Android device. So whether you want to use a pre-paid card, e-wallet or direct from your bank, transactions are just as easy, safe, and secure. So no worries there.

Want A Reward For Using Your Phone

Well if the fact that you live in a time of global connection isn’t enough for you, online casino brands are rewarding customers for using their Android devices. A common trend is developing within the online casino world. Bonuses for signing up with a mobile device are being given away on top of the usual welcome bonus. The commonest form is a straight fixed bonus as well. This is great news for all of you that like a little extra, and just for using your phone bargin!

It Will Only Get Better For Android Casinos

The Android market is a very healthy one. The fact that this OS is not restricted to one manufacturer means a very bright future too. The cost of smartphones has dramatically fallen thanks to Android being made available to so many brands. This drop in cost has been the driving factor of late and looks set to continue. All this means that the higher end phones just get better and better. The more people that own a smartphone means the more the internet will lean toward catering for mobile devices. This means better games, better access, and better connectivity. All of which is very good news for online gamblers.