No Need To Fly To Vegas – Live Online Roulette In Your Living Room

Live Online RouletteThose of a certain age will have had their first experience of roulette at a land based casino. For most this was a rare and special occasion. Getting dressed up and taking a trip to a world of classy venues with good looking dealers and all the drink you could handle. Then along came the internet with online casinos springing up almost every week. Suddenly we were spoilt for choice roulette on tap 24/7. Heaven. The funny thing is though, there can be too much of a good thing. For many the online casino experience has become a bit same old same old. No real interaction and for a lot of people that’s half the fun of roulette. There is only so much virtual world you can take before a longing for reality sets in. There are also a lot of players that have never really trusted the RNG’s used and just don’t believe they are random and unbreakable. Step up the next online casino format, live dealer roulette.

So What Is It?

It is simply online live roulette. A real wheel, real casino set up, with real croupiers. You get all of the thrill of a brick and mortar affair within the comfort of your own space. Professional live croupiers work the tables in much the same way they would in any casino the world over. The only real difference is chips are never on the table. The virtual interface takes care of all that. It is a perfect blend of real world action and remote gambling. There’s no dress code, you can play naked if you wish yet you still get to interact with a good looking dealers and other players at the table. It really is the best of both worlds. You can be very social if you want or you can shut of the rest of the world and concentrate. Try doing that in a busy casino on a Friday night!

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How Does Online Live Roulette Work?

To kick things off a premises is needed for the studio. Some brands partner up with existing brick and mortar casinos and use their staff and equipment. Most set up a stand-alone studio. Space in the main studio will depend on how many tables are needed and whether the set-up is a private room or a main floor feel. Separate space is needed for the IT staff and equipment and a director of operations. Camera operators, dealers and a pit boss all need to be hired. A live casino format is a costly venture which is why only established reputable online casinos offer it. So the studio is set up with international standard roulette tables. Most are the European version with a single zero pocket and are tested and certified the same as any other land-based casino. Modern roulette wheels are as close to perfectly balanced as is humanly possible. So you are assured a fair spin of the wheel. Your betting interface is instantly recognizable and works the same as the virtual version. You have a chat function to ineract with the croupier and other players at the table.

The Clever Bit!

The leaps that have occurred in live video streaming make this whole thing possible. A lot of server space and trick software instantly streams the video feed to you. The tech is that good that there is no delay or corruption as long as your connection is stable. The really clever bit is the recognition software that links the interface with the live action. Known as Optical Character Recognition software it recognizes where the ball lands and then works with the betting interface to payout winners. This software has been around for a while now but only the top developers offer this format to online casinos at the moment. The most common platforms are from Playtech, Microgaming, Amaya Gaming and Realtime Gaming. As this format get more popular more developers will join the party.

Not So Much Choice With A Live Dealer

Due to the cost of running a live dealer casino there are not as many choices when it comes to roulette variants. Every new table set up needs a lot more resources plowed into it than a virtual version. For this reason alone most live dealer casinos will only have a couple of choices of roulette. You will however have a range of table stakes available. But let’s face it those in the know when it comes to roulette only play the European version. Nobody wants to increase the house edge right? Live dealer casinos are gaining popularity rapidly and like all good businesses if the margin is there casinos will expand their operations. There’s not much you can do to roulette however it’s already perfect!