Is There Anything An iPhone Can’t Do?

iphone mobile casinosThe smartphone revolution is driven by the iPhone nobody will argue with that. Raising the bar with each version, Apple is forcing the competition to catch up. If you own an iPhone you know just how good they are and if you like to gamble you can find an iPhone casino online with no trouble at all. The technology involved with an iPhone makes the experience of playing your favorite games truly exciting. Graphics and sound quality have never been an issue for any iOS device, iPhone casino games are crisp, vibrant and sound like you are right there with them. If want to play at an iPhone casino real money is waiting to be won wherever you are.

iPhone Casino Apps Available At Your Favorite Site

These days apps for iOS devices are readily available at all the best online casinos. This was not the case only a short while ago. Apple has very strict rules when it comes to apps being developed for its premium device. Due to the rather archaic laws in place in the US banning online gambling, the Apple app store has nothing available to US residents. This meant that Apple were very reluctant to allow any apps to be made for their devices. Thankfully now if it is legal in your area to gamble online you can download apps for your iPhone. All things are not equal though and there are some that are far better than others. The problem is that a lot of iPhone casino apps have a very limited amount of games you can play on them. All the usual suspects are there of course roulette, blackjack, baccarat and the ubiquitous slots. It’s just that there are not so many choices available due to the amount of disk space they require to run. Not a problem if you just want a quick go on the slots in your lunch break. But if you want more of a choice of games chose a site that has a truly mobile responsive offering.

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HTML5 The Future Of Online Casinos

The mantra for web developers these days is ‘anyplace, any time, on anything’ and with that in mind websites are evolving. Most gaming sites have been using flash to drive their games, but as Apple has never supported Flash this has restricted the mobile market for online casinos iPhone users being the biggest loss to the industry. HTML5 came along and turned it on its head. Using coding that recognizes screen size and the OS being used by a device a suitable version is loaded straight from the browser. No more downloads required all the action is now compatible with any device that has the processing power to handle it. Never an issue with an iPhone. Although this system of coding is not universal, there are enough forward thinking brands to satisfy even the most ardent gamblers. Gameplay is as good on your iPhone as it is on your PC, better even for some. Slots work so well on an iPhone it’s almost as if they were made for each other.

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Are iPhone Casinos Safe? How Do I Know

All incarnations of the iPhone are respected for their security and have always had built in measures to keep your details safe and secure. All reputable online casinos have industry standard encryptions and firewalls and using your iPhone to log in is no different to your PC for most. However there are some online casinos that have a slightly different set up when logged into from a mobile device. Basically you are directed to an unsecure page when you log in using a mobile on these few sites. This might be an issue for your login details they are not secured and could be discovered. Even this shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you are using your iPhones data stream as the built in protections should be OK. The real issue is with public WiFi. You are only as safe as the network you use after all. At all reputable online iPhone casinos you are redirected to a secure payment page, when you want to deposit. Only use a casino you already trust when using your iPhone is the best bet. As long as the green padlock icon is in the address bar and the address starts with https you are on a locked page. All deposit methods that are available on the browser version will be available on your iPhone. Deposit and withdrawal methods are just as easy and safe on your iPhone.

Get A Little Extra For Using Your iPhone Online

If you are always looking for more bang for your buck there are online casinos out there that give bonus money for using an iPhone to play with them. These are given when you download the app for that particular site. Some of the more generous even give a bonus when you log in to their browser site using your iPhone. Shop around read some reviews, there are promos aplenty for using your beloved iPhone. Even customers from the US are offered bonuses for using their iPhone on some sites. The iPhone is so popular that theses bonuses are not going away more online casinos are rewarding mobile users than ever before.

What’s In Store For iPhone Casinos

Since the birth of online casinos they have steadily grown. So to the iPhone, each incarnation advancing the processing power and usability of the device. Online casinos struggled at first but now seem to be catching up. The latest trend in the online gambling world is the live casino. A few forward thinkers have made this format usable o the iPhone. Playing blackjack against a live dealer while having an espresso at your local coffee shop, will become more common place as more brands cash in on the trend. As the iPhone gets better so too will iPhone casinos. Mobile connectivity is an important part of our lives and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.