Live Online Casinos What’s the Deal Then?

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The demand for online gambling is rising at an incredible rate. New casinos are still coming online every month it seems that there will be no end. The latest trend is the live dealer casino. So what is it? And why bring out another format?

Well it makes good business sense to change things up a bit and freshen the model so to speak. But a completely new format is an expensive big change. But there is a market out there for this form of casino and here’s why.

A vast majority of gamblers trust that online casino games are truly random. The Random Number Generators used do however require a seed number to be entered into the program at the beginning, by a person. There are still some who just don’t trust this system, even though there are many safeguards in place to prevent any fraud. These people want to see a dealer shuffle cards, or croupier spin the wheel and roll the ball.

That’s ok if you have a local bricks and mortar casino to visit, and don’t mind waiting for a table to have a seat free. If there is nowhere to go then this share of the market is not catered for. Coupled with this at lot of players are getting a little bored with the standard online casino and want something different. A lot of gamblers passion was born in a real casino building, the thrill of actually going to a casino and sitting there being dealt cards, or placing the bet is very much part of their experience.

Chatting with the dealer and other players, hearing the bustle going on adds its own flavor. So to try and recreate this experience online casinos got together with software developers and the next thing we know we have a live casino online.

A Live Online Casino – Just like Being in Reno

Set up to look and feel just like a brick and mortar casino room you face a real live dealer at a real baize covered table. And like all dealers in any card room these are pleasing on the eye, male or female it makes for a pleasant experience. If it’s Roulette you are playing the wheel is an authentic certified roulette wheel as fair as any in the world. Blackjack and Baccarat have the standard decks in standard shoes. Shuffled and dealt exactly as you would see in any casino, whether in Vegas, Monte Carlo, Deauville or London. The only visual difference is there are no bets placed on the table, obviously, you use the interface you have on your screen for the betting.

Some sites have many tables in one room while others it’s just one. Both have their own feel, the general rooms with several dealers feel like a busy casino on a Friday night. While the single dealer rooms make you feel like a high roller in a private VIP suite. And of course you still get to eat and drink whatever you want, smoke if you feel like and play in your PJs if that floats your boat.

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So How Does it all Work?

A studio with the various gaming tables is set up, with the dealers running the games fed to you via a live video streaming hardware/software package. Betting is done in a similar way to the standard online casino via a console on your screen. There is an online chat function to communicate with the dealer and pit boss if necessary, and the other players if you wish.

All of the live action is converted into data that the software can read and use. This done using optical character recognition technology or OCR for short. This all means you can interact in much the same way as you would in a completely automated virtual game, but with benefit of the chance outcomes having a visible human touch. Games are all run in real time and follow all the usual protocols involved with live dealers and croupiers that you would find in the top casinos around the world.

A Live Online Casino RoomCreating a live casino online is a big commitment financially for a company. It requires a premises large enough for it all to work, studio rooms are needed for the tables to be set up. An area for the hardware/ software to run and transmit the games. And somewhere for an analyst to review the games watch the dealers etc.

For a live dealer casino to work, you of course need live dealers. But you also need a pit boss to oversee the floor and adjudicate any disputes that may arise. Then there’s the camera operators to film the action. Along with an onsite IT engineer to manage the software and iron out any problems that might arise as soon as possible. Which means of course a much bigger payroll and employment package. Rent or purchase of the building, local taxes and services to be paid for.

All in all a big commitment is required to run a live dealer casino. Unlike an ordinary online casino that can add almost as many extra games as they want, for a relatively small expense. The live online casino has a lot more expenditure to put even one more game on offer. Which is why at the moment only a few of the most popular live casino games are offered.

However, lately we have seen a lot of innovation in the live dealer industry. Evolution Gaming account for the majority of innovation. They have released amazing titles like the Lightning Roulette, The Monopoly Live Wheel, Infinite Blackjack and Deal or No Deal game show with live dealers!

So What Live Casino Games Can I Play? And Do They Play The Same?

Roulette is one of the most popular games in any casino, the wheel is instantly recognizable even to somebody who has never played before. There will usually be both the European version and the American version on offer. Some house rules may apply but all the usual bets are there and there’s no real surprises.

The main difference in gameplay between virtual and live casino games is the fact that other players are also involved at your table. This means that the play is much more like a brick and mortar establishment. The play is not instant and doesn’t start the minute you bet and press spin, play waits for all players to bet.

This is where human interaction comes in to play from the croupier, to prompt a bet for example. The croupier will then follow the standard practices involved, spin the wheel, take the ball from its holder and toss it in top of the wheel going in the opposite direction to the spin. Exactly the same as any game of roulette played anywhere. The croupier will call the number and colour the ball lands on and the OCR technology relays this to the software running the game which pays the bet accordingly.

21 the Magic Number at a Live Online Casino

21 the Magic Number in BlackjackBlackjack is arguably the most popular casino game played online today. Millions of players every day stand, hit, double down and split. Some win some bust but the number 21 is on a lot of peoples mind. With this much popularity it’s a no brainer blackjack makes the cut for online live casino games.

Each casino will have their own house rules regarding betting structure, how many decks in the shoe etc. Some allow you to surrender, others not (some offer both versions). Insurance can also be a variable so it’s best to contact the casino to double check all the different options, as there can be many in blackjack.

As for the play, cards are dealt just the same as they are anywhere for blackjack. It’s right there in front of you the dealer drawing cards from a shoe and placing them face up in their corresponding box. When it’s your turn you make your choice using the consul on your screen. And the dealers responds. All the play is basically the same as any online or brick casino (house rules excepted). The big difference is, you get the advantage of tracking your play, counting cards, plotting strategies etc. All the while enjoying the live casino feel without getting thrown out!

Banquo Punto be James Bond in Private

Baccarat is also played at most live casinos online. Another high rollers favorite that can now be played with a live dealer online for large or modest stakes. Another game with a shed load of different versions available, once again check with the house to confirm rules. But any form of baccarat is one of the best games suited for this format, as far as the casino is concerned. Because of the way it’s played with just two hands dealt.

There’s not really a limit of how many people can bet on one or other of the hands, or tie, so less tables need to be supplied. It plays exactly the same as the virtual version, it’s just that there’s a good looking human dealing and calling the hands.

A few casinos offer Sic Bo and this is becoming more popular as time goes by and more live casinos will offer it in the future. Other standard online casino games might be offered as auto play games on the live sites but watch this space as more of the discerning players want to play at a live online casino.