The Republic Of Chile A Rich History

Chilean flagWine, poets, and a casino dating back to 1930 are all awaiting the visitor to Chile. Despite the years of pain under Pinochet, Chile is one of the most stable and prosperous nations in South-America. A country with extremes of nature that’s achingly beautiful it is definitely a place to see. So if you are feeling adventurous why not visit the Atacama Desert the world’s driest place? Then take a tour of the world’s southernmost capital Santiago and quench your thirst with a glass or two of some very fine wine. Chile is the world’s ninth largest producer of wine. There are five UNESCO World Heritage Sites to see. Some of the most stunning active volcanos around if you are brave. To cap off your stay take a trip to the Pacific resort of Vin͂a del Mar and try your hand at the tables in Chile’s oldest running casino. The building that houses the hotel and casino resort is pretty impressive in a neo classic design. With over one hundred tables and over fifteen hundred slots there is plenty of room to gamble.

Gambling On Land No Problem Online Not Legal But Allowed Anyway

Chile is another country with a somewhat confusing attitude to online gambling. The gambling laws of Chile had a shakeup in 2005 with the prospect of new licenses being issued. The online part of the legislation is however as confusing as a lot of other countries. As it stands the online gambling scene is state controlled with just one site authorised. This has not stopped offshore brands from accepting Chilean residents as players. The government seems resigned to the fact that it can do nothing to stop this activity. So if you are a Chilean resident looking to play online casino games you seem to be safe to go ahead and register with whoever you like. When it comes to the choice of who is the best online casino Chile can offer the world is your oyster. There are however many pitfalls to avoid and a common sense attitude with a little research will go a long way.

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Verify Everything

Information was never easier to find than it is now a short stint surfing the net and most companies can be checked out. The first thing that needs to be verified with an online casino is its license. This is easy to do with the most reputable authorities as they have websites with licensing details readily accessible. Widely accepted as the top tier of the regulatory bodies are Gibraltar, Malta, the Isle of Man and Alderney they have all been regulating online casinos for many years now and have strict enforcement of their rules in place. The Kahnawake Territories have been overseeing most of the casinos facing the Americas for some time now and although them seem to have a good reputation there have been some really bad casinos regulated by them. These governing bodies cover global brands, the UK Gambling Commission is seen as the toughest of the lot and comes from the oldest regulated gambling market there is. Unfortunately they only cover UK residents but if an online casino is covered by them and one of the other top bodies you know they are overseen by the best. Having a license does not guarantee the casino is legitimate but it does make it harder for them to get away with it and if they don’t have a license you know they are untrustworthy. Another safety net is if the online casino is big enough to be floated on one of the major stock exchanges. This brings in another layer of strict regulations and scrutiny.

Find Out Who You Are Playing With

Unfortunately the internet has allowed fraudulent operators to set up rogue sites very easily. A common trick used is to have a very similar sounding name as a top brand. This could be as simple as reversing two parts of a name or a domain that is spelt slightly different. Take some time to check into this. If you are looking for a big name brand make sure they are who you think they are. Remember that legitimate businesses are transparent if a company is trying to hide their origins then they have to be suspect.

Be Secure

It is essential to keep your details safe Identity theft is a very real threat online. When visiting any site make sure the address has the prefix https and the padlock icon. All reputable sites have top level security that is certified by independent inspectors again this is easily checked with the company online. These days reputable online casinos have the same security protocols in place as online banks as long as they are legit your details should be safe.

Peer Knowledge Is Very Useful

The online casino world is a close knit community borne out of necessity player forums and watchdog sites have helped keep tabs on the crooks. There are a couple of very well respected sites out there that have exposed some of the very worst online casinos and they continue to do so. You only have to read some of the backlash from the rogue sites to know they are doing a good job. Gamblers are a fickle bunch, loyal to a brand if they are looked after but the minute any sign of foul play and they are gone. Use these sites, ask questions about a brand you want to play with. If the site is well known there will be a thread about them. Check out online casino blacklists as well there are comprehensive lists and sites don’t get put on them for nothing. Use the experiences of others as a guide is there is a lot of chatter about one particular brand look into it. It may be just sore losers spouting off it. On the other hand it may be that a particular promotion is running and is very good, it’s not all negative.