Ghana A West African Success

Ghanaian flagThe west coast of Africa is not a tranquil place. Conflict, famine and poverty has taken its toll on most nations situated there. Not so Ghana it has proved to be a shining example of hope to the entire continent. Known as Africa’s golden child stable government has seen rapid growth and development on a scale its neighbours can only dream of. A multi-cultural population with a rich and diverse natural world is reflected in the economy. Natural resources figure highly oil, gas, gold, industrial minerals and cocoa are primary exports. Ghana has a state digital technology company producing tablets and smart phones and other consumer electronics which is doing rather well. Ghana was the first sub-Saharan country with a mobile network and one of Africa’s first internet connected countries. Although home computers are still expensive and considered a luxury, so the majority of the country remains unconnected at home. The availability of cheaper smart phones however has widened accessibility.

Fun Loving Happy People

Ghanaians are seen as a happy bunch of people. The period of stable government and growth has allowed their natural predisposition to shine through. If you have a longing to visit Africa then Ghana is a great place to start. Golden beaches, rich culture, wildlife everywhere and a warm reception from the people. There are even some classy casinos to get in those games of roulette. Not so popular with the locals, they prefer lotteries and sports betting, they cater to tourists mainly. It would come as no surprise to know that in this fun loving country most forms of gambling are legal if regulated. That includes online casinos. Although the vast majority can’t afford the computer or the internet connection. Mobile technology has moved on rapidly and now is the affordable option for most. Mobile slots games are starting to become popular and as most are part of a casino the more traditional games are starting to gain ground.

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A Niche Market That Will Grow

At the moment the numbers playing at online casinos in Ghana is not so many. As the country continues to develop so too will the online gambling market. There are some high rollers in the country that have a wide and almost endless choice in who to play with. The majority of players from Ghana however only have mobile access so are limited to those brands with mobile sites. So the best online casino Ghana is different for many people. Those with the means to access the full array of sites available actually have more work to do when it comes to choosing and verifying legitimate sites. But verifying information with just a smart phone can be frustrating!

With Mobile Security Is First

If you are playing on a mobile version of an online casino security has to be your main concern. Firstly is your connection as secure as it could be? Are you using a public network? Is the site you are visiting fully covered by its security protocols on every page? Some online casinos cut corners on their mobile versions and your login details can be exposed. When you make a deposit on a mobile it’s especially important to check security is tight. All pages should have the green padlock and https prefix in the address bar at all times. Also be very careful on public networks.

Licenses Are Essential

If you are looking to play with one of the top global brands they will almost all have a license from one of the following jurisdictions. The UK Gambling Commission, MGA, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, the Isle of Man or Alderney. All of these authorities have strict rules and enforcement policies. All games will be tested and certified fair. Complaints are taken seriously and if a casino has been found to breach rules they are held to account. If serious enough licenses do get rescinded so check with the authority’s websites to see if the license is current.

Make Sure You Understand Everything

The official language of Ghana is English so communication issues should not be a problem as every top online casino has an English platform and customer services. Read the terms and conditions carefully this is an area where many fall foul. They are written by lawyers so are not the clearest, ask questions. Bonuses are a particular instance for misunderstanding. If you are thinking of joining more than one online casino make sure that they are not in the same group. All online casinos only allow one account across their brand. This is to prevent bonus abuse and they will close your accounts. You run the risk of losing your money. There are many top brands that have multi platforms using one account meaning you can place sports bets, play in their casino or poker room without causing issues. If there are certain games you like to play but are from different software providers the best use mixed platforms. So if you like Microgames slots but prefer PlayTechs table games you should be able to find a casino with everything under one roof.

Check With Your Peers

The most powerful tool in the online casino industry for information is the player forum. They have been running alongside the casinos from the start. If a particular casino is getting a lot of negative feedback in player forums there is usually something to it. Online casinos are customer focused businesses and as such need to keep people happy. There will always be disputes it is how they are dealt with that counts. A lot of top online casinos have agents that monitor and have a good relationship with the forums. Most issues are discussed and casinos make the effort to keep the masses informed. Of course any area of confidentiality will not be discussed. There are several respected watch dogs that have current blacklists with the reasons the casino is on it. There are so many respectable online casinos that it makes no sense to use one with a bad reputation.