Ecuador A Gamblers Paradise Once Now A Desert

Ecuadorian flagThe Republic of Ecuador was at one point one of the best places in South America to come and gamble. There were many great casinos and a thriving atmosphere at the tables. All that changed in 2011 when the president declared war on the gambling industry. Siting a rise in crime associated to and endemic money laundering within the industry set about banning the whole shebang. A referendum was held and within around six months every casino was closed. The industry was in uproar 25 000 people lost their jobs and a significant amount of tax revenue was gone. But as seems to be the case in many countries across the world, online gambling was not included in the legislation. So if you want to play roulette in Ecuador online casinos are the only way. There are no online casinos registered in Ecuador but there is nothing written in law to stop anybody playing with an offshore site. So much the same as many other countries, the best online casino Ecuador has access to will not be regulated by local authorities. That does not mean you have to risk playing at an unlicensed site however, there are many legitimate online casinos happy to take customers from Ecuador.

Looking For The Safest And Best Ecuadorian Online Casino

If you are looking to play casino games online in Ecuador there are a few things to look out for. Rogue casinos can be spotted with a little bit of knowhow and research. The first place to start is fairly obvious and that’s the license. Having any old license means nothing, and even having one of the best doesn’t guarantee legitimacy. But not having one is a sure fire indicator of a crooked operation. There are levels of quality when it comes to licenses. For example one issued from the MGA or Gibraltar means a lot more than one issued from Curacao. The same goes for one from the Isle of Man or Alderney against say Costa Rica. The thing is most of the Caribbean authorities issue business licenses and have not regulatory powers or rules. The European jurisdictions have strict regulations and enforcement powers. The UK Gambling Commission only covers UK residents but if an online casino has this and another from one of the other bodies it is overseen by the toughest.

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Clear And Easily Understood

When gambling with real money transparency is very important. All reputable online casinos will have clear and checkable ownership details. The world of international companies can get a bit murky so checking who has ultimate responsibility is important. The best online casinos have Spanish platforms making it a breeze to pay with them. The thing to check is that the customer service agents are fluent Spanish speakers as well. Ask a few questions regarding the terms and conditions. You should get clear concise answers, if you don’t go elsewhere. The terms and conditions are critical this is an area where less than honest set ups can wriggle out of paying. Make sure you understand them. Just remember that a legitimate online casino will make money the odds are in their favor. There is absolutely no reason for anything to be hidden. Any information you need should be easily accessible on their website. That includes any industry groups, arbitration services and security providers. The best also have independent labs and security specialists testing the games and protections in place. All of this information is very easy to verify yourself. If a license or certification is issued from a reliable source the general public can access the details via the respective website.

Word Of Mouth Listen To Your Peers

If everything checks out with your choice so far there is a very good tool at your disposal for the next check. Player forums and online casino watchdogs. Admittedly there are a lot out there that are just making money from affiliate marketing. But there are also quite a few run by honest people that love gambling. It is quite easy to spot the difference honest reviews and sales pitch are very different. A quick search online for casino blacklists and you will find there are hundreds of online casinos that are less than reputable. Most will have clear reasons for being on the list this. It is up to you to decide if you believe them or not. A quick cross reference and a little more research should give you the answer you need.

Currency And Banking Options

As Ecuador now uses the US dollar there will be no need to convert any funds for your account. All online casinos allow US dollars so no hidden fees what you see is what you get. The method with which you fund your account is purely a personal choice. It is wise however to choose a site with more than one option that you can use. The top online casinos have many options available but make sure you check that there are no restrictions on withdrawals. Some do not allow certain methods to withdraw but do allow deposits. There are also some that don’t let you change methods. These are questions that should be answered by the customer service agents. Save these conversations as they may be useful if problems occur later. Every single legitimate online casino now has security to rival online banks. Every page you visit within the site must have the https prefix and a padlock icon. As another layer of protection third party payment methods are very popular ways to fund an account. Not having to put in your details every deposit is a good thing.

Trust Your Common Sense

There are so many good choices out there that if something doesn’t sit right you can just pick another online casino to play with. There is no need to take risks other than those at the table. Gambling is meant to be fun and you risk at a chance of reward, don’t risk losing because you didn’t research first.