Romania Famous For Vlad But Not Casinos

Romania has a long and rich history in fact human remains have been found dating from 40 000 years ago making them the oldest Homo-sapiens found in Europe. A village called Lunca has the earliest known salt processing site in the world. The principalities of Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia held out against the Ottoman Turks Westward incursion and made famous Vlad the Impaler. Along with many other great leaders certain names have reached legendary status Matthias Corvinus is a name used in many a gothic horror tale. The dark tales don’t end there for Romania many years of living under the suzerainty of the Ottomans were harsh. The 1800’s saw so much conflict the Crimean War and then the Russo-Turk conflict saw major changes in Central and Eastern Europe and Romania finally gained independence. Then came two world wars and more disaster for Romania. The backing of Germany in WWII to keep Soviet Russia at bay obviously didn’t work out so well.

Romania Had Its Own Brand Of Communism

Romanian flagLike the majority of Eastern Europe Romania was occupied by Soviet military and controlled directly by the Kremlin until the late 50’s. The country had its vast resources drained by the Soviets for many years. Up until the early sixties the authorities crushed all dissention. There was an absolute ban on all forms of gambling. Then in came one Nicolae Ceauşescu and the start of his leadership saw the country steered away from Moscow. Indeed he was seen by the world as a moderator and many times was just that on the world stage. Ambitious plans to become Europe’s largest oil refining country back fired and left Romania in deep debt to the western world. The miss-step led to Ceauşescu implementing his own downfall. The power of the IMF and World Bank calling in the debts pushed austerity measures on the country that crushed it. Couple this with the security police gaining more power and Ceauşescu trying to impose a cult of personality it could only end one way. The revolution in 1989 was the only violent overthrow to any communist regime during the whole collapse of the Soviet Bloc.

Suffice It To Say Not Many Casinos

With the oppression that Romanians have faced over the years its little wonder that they don’t have much in the way of a gambling heritage. Every day of their lives was a gamble as to whether they would see a next one. However as with much of Eastern Europe things changed very quickly after the specter of communism had vanished. Suddenly the idea of casinos was not so farfetched. Although the best online casino Romania would have is a long way off. After some shaky years in the early days after communism, the economy of Romania then boomed and became known as the ‘Tiger of Eastern Europe’ during the next two decades it got richer and richer. There have been a few glitches along the way namely the late 2000’s world recession. But continues it to be one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. With this new found stability came disposable income and the decadence of casinos came to Romania. Most of which can be found in Bucharest a thriving city.

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Another Country That Had Restrictive Laws For Online Casinos

If you wanted to play at an online casino in Romania is has been legal since 2010. The problem was there was no regulation and the rules surrounding regulation were at best confusing. Then there was the personal tax on winnings. Players were not in a good place for sure. As with many countries in the EU Romania’s gambling laws caught the attention of the European Commission. The government took on board the proposals and revamped the old laws the problem was that they were still incompatible with the spirit of the EU. The fact that you had to be based in Romania was one of the big problems for the European Commission. These rules have been modified and the industry looks set to grow.

Players Have A Lot Of Protection In Romania

The best Romanian online casinos are those regulated fully by the Romanian National Gambling Office. The rules set in place to gain a license are very player oriented. The brand must be very transparent with addresses and names of the operators listed on the site. Rules and payment transactions for every game must be listed and also a link to free instruction on each game should be available. A player’s clock must be part of the system so the time played can be monitored. Deposit limits can be set by players and a choice of how all proceeds can be returned. The site must have a Romanian language option.

Not Many So Far But The Future Looks Good

The open market for online casinos in Romania is a young one. There were many operating without licenses early on. The government clamped down on these blocking many of them. Now the restrictive rules have been modified many top brands have entered the market legally. The country is seeing a growth in the gambling sector with the population having a lot more disposable income. The online casino market is set to grow as most land based casinos are situated in the capital. The logistics of actually getting to a venue means online casinos are a much more viable option for the majority of the population. The economy of Romania looks set to continue to grow in the long term with it the online casino industry also. Investment by local brands is a little slow in coming but it is very likely to change soon. There is a lot of money in Romania and its business entrepreneurs are pretty good at spotting a good investment when they see one.