Bolivia Or Should We Say The Plurinational State Of Bolivia

Bolivian flagLet’s stick with Bolivia shall we? Bolivia has a rather checkered past in most things and gambling is no different. Legal then not, then legal again then taxed out of existence, almost. The market is a strange one for sure. The government legalized casino gambling finally in 2002 after years of prohibition from successive governments since the 1930’s. Bolivia is a relatively poor country but that doesn’t stop the populace from loving to gamble. Legal or not gambling has long been a pastime for many here so when legislation allowed a legal industry to emerge there wasn’t that many more gamblers just more state revenue. Then the Russian invasion started. In 2009 the Russian government restricted casino operations and banned them in all but 4 designated zones. Suddenly there was a large chunk of investment money floating around. The relatively liberal regulations and low tax burden in Bolivia meant it was a very attractive option. The Russian money flooded in and for a few years the industry flourished. However the government didn’t like the flavour of the money if you know what I mean. Questionable origins of the investment money led the Bolivians to rewrite their regulations and increase taxation. The tax increases for both the operator and the player effectively killed the industry.

No Rules For The Internet Though

The harsh new rules applied to land based casinos does not however translate to the online world. There are no regulated online casinos in Bolivia. But there is also no laws prohibiting players from with offshore operators. So when looking for the best online casino Bolivia has available look to the rest of the world. There are plenty of well-respected global brands happy to open accounts with Bolivians. Bolivia is a multi-lingual country Spanish is spoken by all but in the border regions with Brazil, Portuguese is widely spoken giving many more options with online casinos. All of the top online casinos have Spanish platforms and a lot have Portuguese.

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No Local Regulation Means A Bit More Care Is Needed When Choosing The Best Bolivian Online Casino

There are pitfalls due to no local regulations when it comes to online casinos. You will have no local legal protection when dealing with an offshore online casino. That doesn’t mean you have to just take pot luck when choosing where to play however. It just means a bit of investigation is needed. All reputable online casinos have at least one license from a respected authority. Quite a few have more than one to cover multiple jurisdictions. For example any operator that wants to offer games to the UK must have a UK Gambling Commission remote operator’s license. Widely held as the most stringent of bodies they only cover the UK. So to cover the rest of the world they would need another license issued from say Malta. Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Alderney and the Kahnawake Territories all have a solid reputation also. Be wary of any license issued from a Caribbean state as these are usually just business licenses and the bodies have no regulatory system in place. Remember having a license doesn’t guarantee a straight casino but not having one does mean a dodgy one. All of the solid authorities have easily checkable lists of current license holders.

Communication Is Important

It is obvious that you would want to understand the platform you are playing on. As stated earlier there are many Spanish platforms available. What is not so obvious to a lot of people is checking whether the customer service staff are fluent in your native tongue. This vital not only if you have a problem to sort once you start playing, but in understanding playing terms and conditions. Unfortunately these are never 100% crystal clear and even the best need a bit of clarification from staff. If the customer service staff cannot answer your questions clearly go elsewhere.

Transparency In All Things

A well run online casino makes money honestly. With legitimate brands everything is easily verified from the security software, to the ownership of the company. If a brand is trying to hide something then take care. There should be independent tests made on all security protocols to ensure the highest protection. After all these days commercially available online security is as good as any bank. Again there should be tests made regularly on the games to make sure they are fair and give out the correct percentages. These reports and certifications can be easily forged so check with the issuing body. Don’t play with an online casino that doesn’t use an independent arbitration service. A company with nothing to hide has no problem with mediators when disputes arise.

Trust Other Players

The online casino world has a lot of avid fans. Knowledgeable forum and watchdog sites have been reviewing and commenting on the industry since its beginning. The nature of the internet means bad press can spread very quickly. There have been online casinos exposed and subsequently shut down because of player forums. There are comprehensive casino blacklists if your choice is on one of them look into them further. Now some of the top online casinos engage with the forums to quickly solve issues before they become major problems. This industry is fast paced and highly competitive because of that it is hard to keep satisfying customers if you are less than really good. So look for a brand with a recognizable history with plenty of happy customers. Crooks come and go like the weather so don’t be tempted to rush into playing with a new brand if they have no provenance. Common sense is your strongest tool. Talk with the customer service agents ask some difficult questions. Press them on withdrawal timing and methods it’s often a sensitive subject! The more you can find out about an online casino before committing, the better it is. Good luck and enjoy.