Deauville Why Bother? – Live Blackjack Online – Bring The Dealers To Your Home

Live Blackjack OnlineBlackjack is the only casino game that mathematical systems can win you money. The MIT team of card counters destroyed the house back in the day. Casinos across the world now look out for card counters and eject them from the building. With the advent of the internet along came online casinos. Suddenly you can sit in your own home and use whatever strategy you want. You can even have a pile of books next to you to refer to. The avid players amongst us have become a little bored with automated card games however. Some never liked the idea of a Random Number Generator and refused to believe the games were straight. Along comes online live blackjack. Win win. For those that miss the pretty dealer, real cards, a proper shuffle and a flat piece of baize it couldn’t come soon enough. No need to waste money travelling to a venue, just boot up, log in and place your bets. The money you save on travel can be put to a far better use, doubling down! If you’ve never been to a brick and mortar casino, blackjack live online is the closest you will get. Unless you set your man cave up like The Grand and pay for a pretty dealer that is!

Everyone Loves Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular casino game there is. More hands of blackjack are dealt every day It seems there are more variations coming out all the time. Despite the cost of running a live dealer blackjack has more versions available than any other game. So if you want to play with one deck or eight in the shoe you can. Tables can be 5 or 7 players and the live chat function gives the opportunity to have a little banter at the table. There are even some offering back betting for a more authentic and closer interaction. The game plays out just as it would if you were sitting at the cloth yourself. The only difference is your chips are virtual and you use an interface to bet. There’s even a pit boss doing the rounds to monitor the dealers and settle table disputes. All that and you can sit there in your birthday suit playing to your heart’s content.

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Trick Software Mixes Virtual With Reality

To be able to make live dealer blackjack work online a marriage of technology was needed. First off the live stream video. Not a new technology by any means but the upgrades in server capacity and advances in software have pushed the field to new heights. No more time lags and out of sync audio and even slower connectivity gives a good stream. The next bit is really neat the bridge between the virtual and real worlds is taken care of by Optical Character Recognition software. The dealer deals the cards just as they would in any blackjack game. As long as the cards are in the correct place on the table the recognition software reads the image and relays the data to the gameplay software. This is linked to your interface and the whole thing comes together in real time. The dealer has their own interface so players can be pushed along if necessary so the game can flow.

A Big Investment

The live dealer format requires a lot more investment compared to the automated version. To start with the premises you need have to house full size tables. If you want to expand the operation you will need spare room also. The camera crew and equipment take up a sizeable amount of room too. There is of course the payment of dealers, camera crew, pit bosses, IT technicians and a manager to oversee the whole thing. Each table has its own costs involved so adding another one is not as simple as uploading another virtual version. But the popularity of blackjack is such that more versions are becoming available in the live online casinos. Playtech is a front runner in the field and currently sites running their software have the best choice of blackjack online. Blackjack has been around for a long time now and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon. If the popularity of the live casino grows at the same rate it is now very soon you will see many more versions about. As it stands the set up costs are prohibitive to the smaller online casinos so only the big names carry the flag. Let’s hope it stays as popular because for the blackjack player live casinos are great. Hit, stand, double down or bust getting to see a real person, deal real cards, in the comfort of your armchair just doesn’t get any better.