The Socialist Republic Of Vietnam Achingly Beautiful But No Casinos

Vietnamese flagHalong Bay on the waters of the Tonkin Bay is one of the most iconic scenes of tranquility there is. The limestone pillars thrusting from the sea is an image most know. A natural beauty and World Heritage site that is one of many that Vietnam is proud to have. The coast is lined with secluded coves and exotic beaches, the cuisine is held as the best South-East Asia has to offer. The country is undoubtedly a must visit for any world traveler. The gambling tourist may be under the impression that Vietnam would be a great place to come wager a few Dong. Vietnamese love to gamble, but it is strictly forbidden for them to do so. The only casinos available are for foreign visitors so while the gambling tourist can happily play roulette to their hearts content, locals can’t. The vast majority of money wagered in Vietnam is on sports. Like a lot of Asia European football is favorite hear with estimates in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Vietnam Has Come A Long Way

A generation ago Vietnam was known solely as a war. Images of death and destruction where all we knew, bombs dropping and napalm exploding all to the sound track of protest songs. Well that has thankfully all changed now. The struggle to emerge from the war that defined an era was long and hard. The people of Vietnam are proud of what they have achieved and rightly so. Out from the mud and blood of war the country has rebuilt itself and has a thriving growing economy. This all took some hard decisions and strong governance. The authorities have kept a tight reign on things and the gambling regulations are harsh but had the best interests of the country at heart. The thing is that gambling here is available in the forms of sports betting to just about everyone. Casinos are for those who can afford fake ID to access the domestic venues, or the cash to travel to neighboring Cambodia. It is understandable that Vietnamese love a wager their lives have been a gamble for decades. The government is reconsidering its attitude to gambling and is evaluating the social impact of legalization of the industry.

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Online Sports Books Are Common In Vietnam

Illegal sports betting has been carried out online for many years now. Bookies will take money in person and use online accounts to place the wagers. The criminal element of the industry is the usual mix of intimidation and sporadic violence used to collect debts. The legalization of the industry would push out the criminals and also provide another source of revenue for the country. As it stands a lot of tax Dong leaves the country. If sports betting is legalized it would only stand to reason that casinos would be legal for locals also. The market is huge and although football is almost at religion status here, casino games would likely become very popular. The ‘magic wheel’ is a game played in villages all over the country that is very much like the ‘wheel of fortune’. It is not a stretch to see roulette becoming a craze in Vietnam. Step up the online casinos Vietnam has a potential market in the millions. There is already foreign investment in the regulated land based casinos so it would be a logical step to move into the online market once legalized.

Still A Poor Nation But 35% Internet Penetration Is Better Some

If gambling was legalized the infrastructure of the country is almost ready for an online casino boom. The middle classes of the major cities are already using offshore sites. In lower income bracket in the cities and villages it would probably center on internet cafes as opposed to people’s homes but with the internet reaching more people daily it would not take long. The current system of bookmakers taking the bets and then using online accounts to place them would obviously not work with casino games. It would be a great opportunity however for more venues to spring up offering internet access. The cash economy of Vietnam could be a stumbling block however but there is always a way. The social impact is the main concern for the authorities and it is an important one, poor societies and gambling are not usually a good mix. The authorities are a little scared of the internet and social media is often blocked but it hasn’t stopped its spread and continued growth.

Meanwhile For Those With Access And The Will To Defy

In the virtual world the rule of law is usually inadequate. It takes a lot to stop a determined surfer and if you want to gamble with an online casino you will probably be able to. If you are prepared to run the risk of arrest by Vietnamese law enforcement then there are online casinos out there that will happily take your details and sign you up. Just because they are breaking the law in Vietnam it does not mean they have to be criminals. The best online casinos facing the Asian market are regulated by the First Cagayan the Philippines government authority. They have built a solid reputation up and although only having been in the industry 7 years or so they have a good structure in place. Unlike some licensing bodies around the world First Cagayan is dedicated to regulating the industry. Despite the illegality of online casinos in Vietnam there are sites that are in Vietnamese and allow accounts in Dong. If you are going to risk it make sure the customer service team speaks Vietnamese. The site may be in your language it doesn’t necessarily mean the service team speak it fluently. You don’t want to have an issue only to find out nobody understands you. The choice is not so great but there is enough to be able to make the right one for you. Do some research into the company be careful and good luck.