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The world of online gambling has grown at a staggering rate over the last few years. There are now hundreds of offerings to choose from. In this highly competitive world attracting and keeping hold of players has become a priority for everybody involved. The method used by just about everybody is the online casino bonus.

They come in all shapes and sizes some good some not so. Even for the most experienced it can get a bit confusing to work out which are the best casino bonuses, so here’s our online casino bonus guide to help you decide which works for you. But remember all online casinos bonuses have terms and conditions attached to them and these should be read carefully.

The Welcome Bonus – AKA Casino Signup Bonus

Almost all online casinos out there offer some form of welcome bonus. The most common online casino sign up bonus comes in the form of a percentage of the first deposit, commonly known as a match bonus. There will always be a cap on how much bonus is given regardless of the size of deposit.

Used by the vast majority of old and new online casinos alike to attract new players it works as follows. For example if a 100% bonus is offered, it means if you deposit $100 dollars the casino will give you $100 in bonus. Simple really, but there are some quite strict terms and conditions regarding wagering requirements before any withdrawal can be made. The typical wagering requirement for this type of bonus is that you must wager the sum of your first deposit plus any bonus 20 times before winnings from the bonus can be taken. Every casino has its own policy and is legally obliged to explain it. If anything is at all confusing contact the customer services, if they are in the least bit vague choose another site to play on. The higher the percentage offered usually the lower the cap of the casino bonuses is.

Be wary of offers exceeding 200% bonus as the wagering requirements are going to be high, a casino needs to offset any bonus given with the chance of getting its money back. Basically every online casino sign up bonus has a catch to it. The most reputable sites are quite fair, however some have a sting in the tail!

Our top 3 recommended casinos
-Accepts players worldwide€300 Welcome Bonus

Bonus Validity: Unlimited

Payout: 97.21%


  • 100% First Deposit Bonus
  • Up to €300 Welcome Bonus
  • Weekly Bonuses
  • Live Casino
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-Accepts players worldwide€1,500 Welcome Bonus

Bonus Period: Unlimited

Payout: 96.91%


  • VIP Cashback
  • Up to €1,500 Welcome Bonus
  • Loyalty Bonuses
  • Live Casino & Mobile App
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-Accepts players worldwide€1,750 Welcome Bonus

Bonus Period: Unlimited

Payout: 96.50%


  • 290 Free Spins
  • Up to €1,750 Welcome Bonus
  • Live Slots
  • Mobile App
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Is The Best Casino Deposit Bonus The No Deposit Bonus?

Well not necessarily. The no deposit welcome bonus was very popular in the beginning of the online gambling revolution. The idea was to persuade those wary of putting up their own cash into an unknown entity. A lot of sites like BetwayCasino, All slots, and 888 Casino used this promotion and it worked, far too well in fact. This type of online casino promotions opened up the casinos to a rash of unscrupulous players that abused it Online casinos had to impose heavier and heavier wagering requirements, so that it effectively became a pointless promotion. If a no deposit bonus is offered, read the terms and conditions carefully before you commit. They are still used as an incentive to download mobile casino apps for example, but are more than likely to be small offerings.

Big Gamblers Get a Big Welcome

Find the best no deposit bonus casinosHigh rollers have traditionally been well treated by casinos and in the online world it is no different. Free personal jets to transport you to the casino, free accommodation, champagne etc. Are all used by brick and mortar casinos to get the big money players through the door. While the main income for casinos is the middle tier gamblers, the chance to take big money off a high roller mitigates the expense of the luxury treatment. Obviously these freebies are useless to the online player.

The best online casino bonus on offer to a high roller would be a match bonus typically of 50% with a minimum deposit of say $1000. Reload bonuses are also common for the big deposits. But as with all bonuses read the terms and conditions. Have a good look around the different casinos as this bonus can vary quite significantly. For example 7 Spins Casino offer a no deposit bonus of $25, a 500% reload bonus on the first 5 deposits and a 200% bonus on a $500 deposit so they offer the first three bonuses covered. But, and here’s the rub it, is very difficult to find any information on the site about the wagering requirements. Other reviews have stated a x 75 requirement and if true, that is staggering!

What is a Banking Bonus?

This form of online casino bonus is the one that a lot of people just don’t get. Why would I get a bonus for using different casino deposit methods? What’s wrong with my credit card? Hmmm suspicious say some. There is a good reason why top online casinos give the best casino bonus when their preferred method of financial transaction is used. For example Neteller , Skrill, or Paysafe quite often anything other than a credit card or bank debit card. This really bothers a lot of people, real suspicion is aroused and they wonder why.

A lot of players make their first deposit using a credit card and it is declined, this leads to the impression that the casino is either untrustworthy or just doesn’t work. The fact of the matter is a lot of countries governments do not want online gambling to happen at all but struggle to shut it down. So they have made it very difficult for card transactions to go through when related to online gambling. Companies dealing with payment transactions have to be very devious if they want to get a bank payment through in these countries. With this thorny issue being a big problem for many of the best online casinos, alternative forms of payment needed to come in to use. To encourage players to use these forms of payment method, and to reward them for the hassle of setting it all up, the banking bonus was introduced, a form of match bonus is the norm.

For example to receive 10% banking bonus, deposit $100 using Neteller and get $10 bonus. These will be on top of any welcome bonus given. This is one of the best casino bonuses around really, as it is intended to get around restrictions for a lot of players whom would otherwise not be able to play. Casino Tropez offers a 15% banking bonus for Neteller, along with a very nice welcome package of up to $3000. Players on UK casino sites will not typically get these types of casino bonuses as there are no such restrictions regarding banking. Online gambling is totally legal and regulated in the UK.

Online Casino Loyalty Programs – Keeping Regular Players Happy

To even be considered for the title best online casino bonuses for loyalty have to be given. It makes perfect business sense for the best online casinos to do this. The high investment that goes into getting new players to sign on with them, would be wasted if no consideration was given to keeping them playing in their casino. A little further investment to keep the customers happy is a no brainer. Brick and mortar casinos understood this many years ago and had loyalty cards, which players could cash in for say, free accommodation, or a ticket to a show.

Online casinos have modified this concept and have created custom casino bonuses and promotions as well as loyalty programs to keep their customers playing at their casinos, instead of migrating to the competition. The usual way is for casinos to award points, often called comp points or complementary points for every time a game for real money is played. These points can then be converted to cash into your account, unheard of in a land based casino they don’t give cash away! The typical ratio is for every $10 wagered 1 point is awarded for every 100 points $1 is placed into your account. The ratio can change for different casino games online so it’s worth looking into a few and choosing the one you get the best return for playing your favorite game. Most casinos pay this out once a month. Other loyalty schemes are very similar but take the form of a VIP tiered system, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Points are awarded the same way and once you have accrued a certain number of points you move up a level. Each level will have certain promos attached exclusive games to play etc. The higher you move up the VIP scale the better online casino bonus offers are and you get a higher conversion rate for your points to cash. Customer retention is one area where casinos are changing it up constantly and some of the latest casino bonuses are loyalty based.

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What Are Casino Reload Bonuses?

Another one of the casino bonuses online that falls loosely within the loyalty bracket is the reload bonus. These are usually run as promotions as opposed to fixed bonuses. As such they normally have time limits attached but can be quite generous with, as much as a 65% match bonus awarded for every deposit made within the time limit. This type of bonus can normally only be claimed after a certain amount of your own cash has been wagered, which is why its loyalty based.

One or two casinos have these casino promotions for regular players all the time and it makes them an attractive proposition. As with all dealings though the terms and conditions should be read carefully before accepting any bonus. Another variation on this theme is a regular weekly or monthly bonus as a one- time match type bonus given once a week or month on a certain day. Quite a few run these with 100% match re-load bonus on your deposit. Very attractive if you can afford to regularly deposit funds.

Friend Referral Programs – How Refer a Friend Casino Bonuses Work

Like knows like they say, if you love to have a recreational gamble, it’s reasonably fair to assume some of your friends do too. The online gaming world has cottoned onto this and has come up with the ‘refer a friend’ bonus. If you have a friend that wishes to partake in the thrill of online gambling it is the best bonus to claim. If the site you play on offers this bonus and some of the top boys do, there will be a form to fill in and you will usually get a code, once your friend has registered and deposited using this code you will get the bonus. There will be a minimum deposit required to qualify for this bonus.

Some sites go as far as giving both you and your friend a bonus. With the best online casino bonuses everybody gains, and with this one there is usually no limit to the number of times you can refer a friend. The typical bonus offered for refer a friend is around $25-$50. Not all casinos offer this bonus and it is quite a good one. It can sometimes mean the only difference when it comes to choosing a site to play on so it is well worth looking into this.

Play the Slots With a Free Spins Bonus

Online casino slots with bonus and free spinsWe just can’t get enough of slots, such a simple game but they have us hooked. Without doubt the casino game that has the most offering available to play. Land based casinos love slots and online casinos love them even more. With no limitations regarding floor space the amount of online slots available just keeps growing. The biggest jackpots available are progressive slots with some into the multi million dollar mark. Hundreds of different slots are already out there, themed with a diverse array of subjects from The Gladiator, to Spiderman and Iron Man from Marvel™

To get players interested in all these new slot games regular offerings dedicated to slots bonuses are given out. Promo codes are advertised on the site with for example 10 free spins on a featured game. With the most generous casino bonuses online these really are free spins with the chance to win cash. Quite often though any winnings don’t actually count as reel money and are just used to keep playing the games. Another case of read the small print and see what you are really getting before committing.

The Latest Casino Bonuses Are Really the Oldest Re-worked

The no deposit bonus, as said earlier on, was one of the most successful tools to get new players on board to date. But as explained was dropped by most. The latest bonus to the stable is like all great marketing strategies and old one with a new twist. The Free Time or free Credit bonus was designed to work like the no deposit bonus and is aimed at those who don’t want to commit their own money until some trust is built up. Only used by some sites using the Microgaming platform at this time, the idea is you get free credit in your account to play with on the site.

And some offer a large chunk $1000 available at more than one site. You play with this on the casino site enjoying your favorite games and any money won above the starting bonus you get to keep. One form has a time limit attached in which you must win over the amount to claim the bonus. The other is has no limit to it you can take as long as you like to right the target. However to claim the top online casino bonuses money you have to make a deposit of your own money and meet the wagering requirements.

Every Month Something Else to Entice You

Every month that goes by sees a new promotion bonus offered. Quite often seasonal in nature, like the win a ticket to the Munich Oktoberfest. Or just revolving around a certain game that is new or being pushed. Coral now offer a chance of winning a share of £5000 every weekend in their Weekend Stake Race. 888 run a happy hour with $1000 up for grabs. The bottom line is the industry is very healthy, and with competition as high as it is, and only getting stronger, bonuses will keep coming. Keep your eyes peeled, regularly check our online casino bonus guide and reviews to keep up to date on what’s on offer. But please remember the old adage ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’.

All of the best bonuses offered by online casinos are marketing strategies designed to get you to commit more money. They want you to gamble with them that’s their business. All reputable companies are committed to responsible gambling and as such are obliged to not encourage problem gamblers. Only commit funds that you can afford and remember that it is just for fun. That said if you like to play and can afford to, the vast majority of bonuses are geared for just that, more funds to play with. Good luck and enjoy.