Venezuela One Big Gamble

Venezuelan flagGambling in Venezuela has always been part of living here. It’s not been the most stable of countries and everyday living is a gambling. After all the government has gambled the country’s whole economy on oil and so far it is losing badly. Most forms of gambling are legal here although there are only a few land based casinos that take all the action. There is a big black market sports betting industry catering to those who can’t get to the casinos. They actually offer better odds but carry the risks associated with illegal enterprise. The fact that the country is in dire economic woes at the moment is a major reason the land based casinos are not that popular with the masses.

A Wealth Of Online Options

Venezuela does have a regulatory body for online casinos but there are only two that have licenses. Ironically they are both widely held to be really bad options. So the best online casino Venezuela residents can play at is most definitely not Venezuelan! There is however no restrictions in law stopping residents from playing with offshore casinos and there are many that happily take Venezuelans as customers. Even those that are usually reluctant to take any customers from countries with ambiguous laws. This is a good thing for Venezuelans it means the most reputable operators are available. Choosing where to play can be a bit of a minefield. Obviously you want a Spanish platform with fluent Spanish speaking support staff, but there are many other things to take into account.

Top 7 Recommended Casinos
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First And Foremost Licensing

It is a wise players that rules out playing with any online casino that is only licensed and registered with one of the Caribbean jurisdictions. They are only interested in issuing business licenses and not in regulating an industry. It is best to stick with one of the well-established and respected authorities such as the MGA (Malta) Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and Alderney from Europe or the Kahnawake Territories in Canada. Having a license does not rule out criminality but these bodies do a good job spotting it. Of course if an online casino doesn’t have a license then you can bet they are up to no good. All licenses are checkable at the various authority’s websites.

Know Who You Are Gambling With Everything Should Be Clear

If you can’t find out anything about the online casino you are looking at don’t play with them. There are hundreds of reputable brands that have a very transparent set up. If an online casino is run by a company floated on a major stock exchange this gives extra levels of protection. Check who the parent company is. They may well be a company you really don’t want to give money to. Terms and conditions need to be readily available on the website if you have to go around the houses to find them and then can’t understand them leave the site and choose someone else. Security and fairness of games is another area that has to be easily verified. Because you will be using an offshore brand there will be foreign companies involved. Take some time understanding whether the site has up to date SSL Encryption and who issued it. The best sites have their systems vetted and certificated by independent experts look into those. Then there are the games themselves the top sites have again independent labs to regularly test them for fairness and give out reports on the payout levels and such. All of these certificates can be forged so check with the relevant parties for validity.

Deposits And Withdrawals

Unfortunately as it stands there are no sites that have accounts in Boliva fuerte (VEF) this means that you will have to pay conversion charges. These can be quite large and sometimes hidden so look into this before depositing. There is a huge list of available methods to fund your account you will be able to find one that is convenient for you. Double check that you can withdraw with the method you want as some online casinos restrict the withdrawal methods. All the best online casinos have the very best security when it comes to depositing they are as good as any online bank. There are however so many third party payment methods that put an added layer to your protection.

Player Forums Dish The Dirt

Player forums and industry watchdogs have been running alongside online casinos since they began. There are a couple that have very good reputations and have comprehensive blacklists of disreputable sites. It is a good idea to look at them and check off your final choice against them. There are a lot of very good reasons for most that appear on these blacklists and they can be easily researched. Along with that player forums keep you up to date with who has a good bonus or a new game. They are also a great place to track how online casinos deal with problems. There are a lot of the very best online casinos that have agents in touch with the big forums and watchdogs. You can see the problem being discussed and as long as there are no confidentiality issues it is in the open.

Personal Choice Is The Main Part

You will end up with a rather long list of online casinos that satisfy your checks. Then comes the hardest part which one? Software platforms these days are usually a mix and match all of which can be found online to play free. Once you know which versions of the games you like I will be a case of finding out which site you like best. Most go for the one they like the look of and tend to stick with it. Make a small deposit first and try the site out it makes it easy to switch to another if you hate the way it works. Common sense and a bit of research and you are set to go.