Always A Great Work Tool But Can You Play With It? – At A Blackberry Casino Online You Can

blackberry online casinosDespite what a lot of people think Apple did not make the first smartphone. The IBM Simon holds that title the prototype was shown in 1992 at the COMDEX show and a tweaked version released in 1994. A few companies then started development and by the 2000’s Blackberries were the go to device for the upwardly mobile and thinking generation. Admittedly the share of the market has shrunk but those who use Blackberry phones love them. And it seems Blackberry may be staging a comeback with some new devices out. Games and Blackberry are not the most famous of bed fellows, being seen as a slightly stuffy option by the gamers out there. But you can play games on admittedly a small screen, casino games may not be ideal but they do work. So just because you use your mobile primarily for work related applications, you can still have some casino fun as well.

So Can I Download Blackberry Casino Apps?

Well no there are no dedicated Blackberry casino apps for real money and if you run an older device you may have trouble playing at any online casino. The great news is all the latest Blackberry 10 devices can now run Android apps using an APK downloader to convert them. The games played using this method, however, may not run as well as they should, as they were not developed for Blackberry. This does seem a lot of fuss I grant you but there is no real option if you want a download on your Blackberry. Unless you own the Blackberry Priv which has Android as its OS, then you just download with no issues. But why bother to download an app, it will take space on your hard drive and if there’s a chance it doesn’t work properly anyway what’s the point? Not to worry there are online casinos Blackberry devices work at without the need to download anything.

Top 7 Recommended Casinos
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Responsive Websites Are Here

Anybody who knows anything about the way internet trends are going knows the mantra ‘anyplace, anytime, on anything’. Truly responsive websites are now the way forward and the online casinos that have their fingers on the pulse are switching to them. Java and Flash are going the way of the dinosaur with the mighty HTML5 taking charge. A clever coding system it is too, recognizing screen size and the OS being used and delivering a suitable format. So all this means is that you can log straight in via your browser and play to your heart’s content. Because everything is coded using HTML5 the games run the same from whatever piece of hardware you log in with. Blackberry devices are not famous for their screen size but most games can be played well on the latest phones and on the tablets are great. Of course not everybody in the industry is forward thinking and not all sites are using this form of coding. Try the site first navigate through the pages and make sure they respond correctly. Take advantage of the free play options you don’t want to deposit cash to find that the games are not playable.

All The Games You Need

Love Playtechs Marvel™ themed games? Hooked on Microgaming slots, no problem on your Blackberry all your favorites are available. Blackberry casino games on the latest models are just like playing on your PC. Whether it’s roulette, blackjack, video poker or one of the myriad of slots you can get your fix of action. Sipping coffee in your local shop and enjoying the thrill of doubling down and hitting 21, what could be better? A 30c spin on a progressive jackpot and winning millions would be nice! Mobile casino sites are getting better and better. New games are being made available every week, and mobile exclusive sites are starting to spring up. These sites are developing their games to optimize mobile devices and minimize the flaws associated. All good news for avid casino fans that want to play on the go.

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Blackberry The Word In Online Security

Blackberry have led the way when it comes to mobile security. Known from the start to be one of the hardest systems to crack. The encryptions used by Blackberry were so good most brands have followed their lead. Governments the world over use Blackberry mobile devices so they must be good. So when you play Blackberry casino real money games you can be safe in the knowledge that your information is secure. As long as the site you visit has the green padlock icon and the address starts with https you are on a secure page. All reputable online casinos have strong firewalls and you can be confident depositing using your Blackberry. Most deposit and withdrawal methods can be used via your mobile as well. The bottom line is that you are only as safe as the effort you put in with your due diligence. Whether you are playing on your PC, tablet, or phone do your checks. Visit review sites and forums find out as much as you can before committing your money. And it goes without saying you are only as safe as the network you are using. So be wary when on a public network.

What’s Next For Blackberry Casinos?

The future of Blackberry is a little uncertain. Its market share has continued to slip and a lot of catching up is needed. The latest tablet and phone from Blackberry may stem the flow and the fact that Android is being used may save the company. The fact that so many government bodies use Blackberry as a default device, could also be a factor. With HTML5 becoming more popular your Blackberry will be useable at your online casino for the foreseeable future, but it may be that the end is nigh.