Iceland Home Of Northern Lights And Huge Hospitality

Icelandic flagThe land of fire and ice is a mystical place, geysers next to glaciers, a vibrant green landscape set in the far north. The capital and most populous place Reykjavik is powered by geothermal energy and has a very welcoming atmosphere. If you are looking for an off the wall destination for your holidays you would not be disappointed in Iceland. Its insulated position in the harsh north Atlantic far from any influence has produced a unique culture directly descending from the Viking settlers that founded the country. Visit during the cold dark winter and the hospitality of the locals will warm your heart and if you are persistent and a little lucky you will get to see one of nature’s greatest shows, the Northern Lights. Summer is a time of midnight sun and making the most of the wonderful terrain. If you like eating fish and love drinking beer while sat in a thermal spring enjoying some of the most beautiful un-spoilt countryside in the northern hemisphere, then Iceland is a must visit.

Gambling Is Not Permitted However It Still Happens

Charitable institutions are allowed to run bingo nights and lotteries with some sports betting also. However this is the limit of gambling in Iceland. There are no casinos on the island and it is explicitly illegal for professional gambling to take place. The same goes for online casinos as well there is no such thing as the best Iceland online casino only offshore brands that happily take customers from anywhere than get them. Unlike a vast majority of countries that have strict gambling laws Iceland makes no attempt to stop its residents from playing with offshore casinos. It seems that the venue that is dripping out of the country is not that important. A little strange considering the country went bankrupt but good for them. The crux of the matter is if you want to gamble in Iceland online casino are there and waiting for you to sign up and play.

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A Few Things To Look For

Because Iceland has no authority governing online gambling you will need to take care when selecting a site to play on. The European gambling market is well established and has some much respected regulatory bodies looking after the running of things. The common consensus is that the UK Gambling Commission has the toughest rules and strict adherence to them is enforced. They unfortunately only cover UK residents but if a brand has one of the other bodies’ licenses as well then you can be sure all of the games are rigorously tested and the company plays by the rules. The usual other licenses will be from either Malta, Gibraltar or one of the Channel Islands all of these have built solid reputations. There are also the Caribbean authorities that issue ‘gambling licenses’ be very wary of any company that only has one of these. They are just a license to operate there is little or no regulation in place be warned. You will also come across the Kahnnawake Territories from Canada and First Cagayan from the Philippines. They mostly cover the Americas and Asia respectively but some that are licensed by them accept customers the world over. All of these licenses are checkable with the respective authorities.

If Not Krona You May Have To Play In Euros

As it stands at the moment there are maybe one or two sites that accept accounts in ISK. Icelandic Krona is not a popular currency sorry. The big plus is that one of the sites that does accept ISK is one of the best. Bet365 will let you use your own currency so there is no need for costly exchange rates. So the title of best Icelandic online casino could go to Bet365. But there are many more to choose from you just have to keep in mind the fees to change from one currency to another. Language is another problem there are to my knowledge no Icelandic language sites available. There are Norwegian and Danish versions which may be understood but it would have to be something taken into account. Most Icelanders under a certain age learnt English at school so would possibly understand enough to get by playing but if there are any problems that need to be fixed with customer services it may be difficult.

Pick A Well Known Brand

Because of the language difficulties it is wise to pick one of the long standing online casinos to play with. Player forums and review sites will help you find a suitable online casino. Any that have been in business for longer than five years will be a fair site. The longest runners have been in business far longer and have a great reputation. Picking one that has lasted the years means happy customers. Crooked sites don’t hang around very long the nature of the industry sees to that. The safest way to start with an online casino is small. A smaller bankroll is easier to manage and if problems arise it’s better to be disputing a few Euro than a lot. Playing for real money is a lot of fun. It makes the game a lot more exciting when something is at risk however it is very easy to get caught up in the moment and risk more than you wanted to at first. The best online casinos will let you set a daily limit. Use this facility it helps’ it really does. The industry has come a long way and crooks are a rare thing nowadays but stay sharp there are still a few out there. One ploy that has been used to take advantage of language barriers is using a very similar domain name to a leading brand. Swapping the order in a title just changing the brand name slightly can confuse the unwary so take note. All things said it is a little bit more complicated for Icelandic people to use online casinos but a little common sense goes a long way.