Finland The Land Of The Midnight Sun All-night Poker Sessions And Vodka

Finnish flagThe Finns are a hardy bunch one of the few countries to resist the Soviets they love nothing better than staying up all night playing cards and drinking vodka. Ok so not all of them are hardened drinkers and chronic gamblers. In fact there’s only one big casino to speak off ‘The Grand Casino Helsinki’ and their gambling laws are heavy on the regulation. So heavy in fact the EU regularly chastises them for un-compliance to EU regulations. Finland has a state monopoly on all gambling activity. This is considered by the European Commission to be in direct violation of article 49 in which member countries to the free availability of services from other member countries. The Finns argue that there gambling industry is nonprofit making with all proceeds going to social programs. Several strong letters have been sent from the EC and several have been sent back. The stalemate probably won’t go on forever as most other countries taking this standpoint have had their wrists slapped and eventually complied.

It Hasn’t Made Much Of A Difference

As with most countries that have tried to restrict access the online casino industry takes Finnish customers anyway. In fact some of the biggest and most conservative have dedicated Finnish language versions and as Finland is part of the Euro Zone currency is no issue either. The fact that these brands don’t take US players due to legal concerns must mean that the Finnish situation is ultimately untenable. It will be interesting to see what happens as the Finnish government is talking of getting tougher on foreign sites and looking to block access and restrict financial transactions. If that happens the EU may well get tough in its own way. We shall see. In the meantime there is no comeback for either the online casino or the player as regards Finnish law enforcement. So as it stands the best online casino Finland has available is most definitely not Finnish. There are just far too many global brands available for the state sanctioned site to compete.

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So Much Choice Care Is Needed

Online casinos regulated in the EU have some of the best authorities available overseeing them. The industry has been tested by time and the regulations enforced are strong. The top three governing bodies are the MGA from Malta, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and the Isle of Man these three cover customers from countries other than themselves are have a cast iron reputation. The very best sites take UK customers as well and these have to be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. The UK has the oldest legal gambling industry in the world and their regulatory body reflects that. All software providers for sites regulated by any of these bodies must comply with strict rules and all games must be audited for fairness. On top of that the financial transactions must be guaranteed and sufficient funds must be available separate from daily running expenses. Avoid like the plague any that only have a license from the island state of Curacao they would only be business operating licenses and have absolutely no correlation to the gambling industry what so ever.

Finns Take Care Of Their Money

Make sure the online casino does too. Hacking of online casinos is rare but make sure you gamble with a site that has top end security in place. The big names in the business all have bank level security protocols so your financial transactions are as safe there as anywhere online. Areas where some online casinos have slipped in the past are with their mobile offerings. With some you may be directed to an unsecure page when logging in this puts your account details at risk if on an unsecured network. It is best practice to only play with sites that have the prefix https and the padlock icon on every page. Look for the logos of VeriSign and Thwate they are recognized independent online security specialists. If there logo is there it means they have tested and given the thumbs up for the security in place. There are other firms that offer this service so check any logo on the website.

Customer Care Is Important To Finns

Finns like to be looked after and as half the year its dark anyway the hour on the clock doesn’t mean that much. With that in mind you want 24 hour customer service available. You also want a fluent Finnish speaker to talk to. This is not a given. Finnish is a difficult language to master so make some enquiries to the team before committing. It will all go fine until you have an issue and then you find out that nobody understands you.

Gameplay Is Up There Too

Finns want to be entertained. The choices of software available for online casinos is staggering. Most of the best online casinos offer free play versions of their games so you can get the feel for them. If you can’t find any on the site you want to play at there are websites with all of the most popular software platforms that offer instant free play. There is no reason to go in blind. Forums are a good place to discuss the different versions on offer and you can pick up pointers on which to try next.

Forums Keep Sites Honest

The real strength of player forums is the speed at which bad casinos are out-ed. A wise player keeps their eyes on the latest threads. Most will be from players that are moaning about bonus terms that they didn’t read properly. Or bad losers that are just unlucky. There will be from time to time a thread regarding payout problems. These are the ones to follow mistakes happen to the best but it is how those mistakes are rectified that counts. Top brands monitor forums and quickly deal with issues.