Uruguay Small Country Big Gamblers

Uruguayan flagThe República Oriental Del Uruguay is the third smallest country in South America. Despite this they have around twenty quality land based casinos most off which are situated in resort towns. A major tourist attraction these casinos are usually linked with hotels and offer all of the traditional games. Apart from the couple of decades under military rule, Uruguay is considered the most liberal country in South America. Gambling is a part of life and holds no social stigma. The overwhelming passion for Uruguayans is football. Absolutely everyone supports the national team and local teams have a fanatical following. The odd thing about it all is sports betting is frowned upon whereas every other form of gambling is ok. The national lottery is especially popular along with online casinos that are seeing a big surge in usage. So much so that many see the growth as harmful to society and are calling for regulation of the industry. As things stand there is no regulated online casino industry in Uruguay. There are no penalties for operating an unregulated site either so many offshore brands are happy to take Uruguayans as customers.

It May All Change Soon

There is pressure for reform of the gambling laws in Uruguay. The social impact of increased gambling is the main battle cry for the politicians that are spearheading the drive. The fact that the tax revenue is flowing out of the country probably has a lot to do with it also. So the very real prospect of a regulated online gambling industry in Uruguay is on the cards. But as is usual with government it is all taking a very long time to sort out. There is no hint as to what the new rules may be and it could all go very sour very soon if harsh tax burdens are put into place. So in the meantime punters that want their fix of roulette and blackjack will have to continue to play with foreign sites for now.

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How To Choose The Best Online Casino Uruguay

Most decisions you will make when choosing an online casino will be entirely personal. You might like the colour of the website or get your kicks from the graphics. These choices however should come after a few checks first. There are hundreds of legitimate casinos out there. After all its profit all the way for a well-run online casino. There are more good than bad, but there are bad and being to spot them takes a little effort and a bit of research. The fact that Uruguay has no regulatory system in place means you have to trust the rest of the world’s different jurisdictions. Some are better than others!

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

The world has many governing bodies that claim to oversee the online gambling world. There are definitely degrees of oversight. They range from the sublime to the ridiculous. The Caribbean tends to issue licenses to all who pay with little or no regulation and what pass for regulations are rarely enforced. Then you have the other end of the scale with the UK Gambling Commission. Seen as the fairest and the toughest by all in the industry it’s a shame that they only cover UK residents. International brands that are trustworthy and honest tend to have a license from Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man or Alderney. There are several great online casinos that have the Kahnawake Territories or the First Cagayan as their licensing authority, but there are also a few rogue ones with them too! The main thing to remember is a license doesn’t prove honesty but not having one proves dishonesty.

Transparent Business Practice

When defining who is the best Uruguayan online casino you need to know who and what you are dealing with. If a company is trying to withhold information about any aspect of its trading alarm bells should ring. Unregulated markets tend to attract the shadier side of business. Fortunately everything is verifiable with a trustworthy online casino. The easiest things to check are licenses, all of the reputable authorities have lists of casinos covered. You would be surprised to know how many falsify a license and how many people don’t check. Security is another area that can be verified online. The best have independent security analysts certify their protocols. Again this can be investigated easily. The origins of the parent company or group can have an effect also. This may come into play if you use more than one online casino. Most terms and conditions only allow one account with a particular group and will void all accounts if duplicated.

Understanding Each Other

Playing on a platform in your native tongue is of course preferable. Most of the top online casinos have a Spanish version available. What is important to check is whether the customer service staff are fluent Spanish speakers. If a dispute arises you need to be able to understand one another. Before committing to opening an account contact the team and ask some testing questions. The best area to inquire about are the terms and conditions. These always need a little clarification anyway and are a good gauge for language skills.

Read The Forums And Reviews

The world of online casinos is one of gamers. Gamers like to share their experiences good and bad. There are comprehensive lists of rouge casinos and only a foolish person would ignore them. You can’t possibly check every single casino yourself but you can be sure somebody somewhere has. If there are several threads saying the same thing it is worth looking into. If you keep up to date with recent threads you can get information on promotions that may be running with other casinos. The thing is if a casino gets a lot of good comments on a lot of forums it is probably doing something right. Especially if the brand has been around for a while. Its hard to keep customers happy.