Indonesia The Republic Of Islands

Indonesian flagThe sovereign nation of Indonesia is made up of around 14 000 islands overlapping two continents. The main island of Java is home to almost half of the country’s 260 million population making it the world’s most populated island. Jakarta and Bali are two of the world’s most favorite holiday destinations with tropical beaches and landmarks from antiquity making Indonesia a must visit for anyone wishing to experience South-East Asia or Oceania. If you are someone that loves a gamble while on holiday you will be out of luck. Indonesia’s population is 90% Muslim and as such gambling is strictly prohibited under Sharia law. Indonesia has one of if not the most ethnically diverse populations with hundreds of native groups speaking their own language and having distinct customs. They have however developed strong ties with each other have a common national language and a shared history. Colonized by a string of Western nations the country has formed a close bond rebelling against foreign rule. They have a strong religious morality and although Westerners are welcomed they make no compromise. If you are caught gambling in Indonesia the penalties are harsh.

Asian Online Casino Growth Is Bypassing Indonesia

Despite the projected growth of the Asian market Indonesia stands firmly against online casinos. They are quite happy to resist the lure of the forecasted $80 Billion plus that experts have predicted. They are simply sticking to their guns, the country is democratic but strictly Muslim. That hasn’t stopped a lot of people however and black market gambling is reported to be thriving. Sports betting seems to be the most popular with European football being heavily wagered upon. The internet has allowed illicit gambling to continue and as 10% of the country is non-Muslim that leaves around 26 million that have no religious issues. That’s a large chunk of people and even if a small percentage gamble online it still big money. The authorities frown heavily upon this and have brought in specific laws to combat online gambling. The usual measures are taken with foreign sites being blocked by IPS’s. There has been a purge on illicit online gambling brands that were hosted locally with a large degree of success. The main deterrents are the penalties which are harsh.

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There Is No Future For Online Casinos In Indonesia

Even if the country was not so staunchly Muslim, casinos would not have much of a chance. Despite the blocking of sites Indonesians can still access online gambling sites they just don’t like casino games that much. If they do gamble it is mainly sports betting with football and badminton being the most popular. Martial arts contests and the Asian kick volley ball are also popular. The government’s efforts to stop access to the online gambling sites has not been that successful. However the vast population is not interested in gambling anyway seeing as they are the world’s largest Muslim country and Sharia law is quite clear on the activity. So if you read articles saying that it is OK to go ahead and sign up with online casinos in Indonesia don’t believe them. The authorities do not look kindly on such activities. Yes you may well be able to sign up and there are plenty of online casinos with very little morality that will accept you. Some of them are really quite big. But and this must be stressed it is very risky Indonesian law is quite clear. They may not be able to catch you in the act as easily at home, but if they do you will be prosecuted.

Indonesia Is Stable At Last

The nation of Indonesia has been fraught with instability for what may seem to be forever. Before western colonialism the hundreds of tribes that make up the country were in an almost constant state of war. The arrival of first the Portuguese, then the Dutch French, British etc. united the different peoples in a common enemy. The people’s struggles continued into the twentieth century culminating in Japanese occupation of WWII. An estimated 4 million died as a result and when Japan surrendered and the Dutch tried to reassert control the people rose up and gained independence in 1949. The newly free country has had many trials since the violence of the 1960’s communist attempted coup and the subsequent purge left many dead. Military rule for the next thirty years did see economic growth but the authoritarian rule was extremely unpopular. Democratic elections since 2004 have bought about reforms in the system. However secular strife, corruption and terrorism have meant slow going. The different peoples of the nation do have one thing that binds them and that is religion. The country is continuing to grow economically and corruption seems to be getting addressed. The biggest concerns for the country are environmental.