Fancy Your Chances at a Game of Luck – Play Online Slots Today

Despite what you might have heard or read, playing slots online is a complete game of chance. There is no way that this particular game came be manipulated in order to produce winning lines time after time. There are however, plenty of things you can do to improve your chances. And lots of ways you can make the whole gambling experience fun and entertaining. Online slots games are a very popular form of gambling, with more than a million players trying to change their lives by winning the ultimate jackpot. Every year more and more people are jumping on board, and it looks like online casino slots are here to stay.

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What exactly are online casino slots?

Remember those trips to the seaside when you were younger? The thrill you had at the penny arcades, where you popped in your pennies, pulled the lever, waited for the reels to stop rolling and your prize to come out at the bottom? Well they’re still around but for the modern world this simple game has become virtual. Now you don’t need to take a trip to the seaside, just sit down in your own home, press a few buttons and wait for the symbols to fall into line. There are hundreds of different versions to choose from, and you don’t have to be at home to play them. You could be sat on the tube travelling to work, relaxing in your garden or waiting in the car park while your spouse does the shopping.

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Tips on how to play online slots and increase your chances of winning

We’ve already mentioned that slots are a game of luck, and there’s no denying the fact. However, you might be interested to know that there are ways, and things you can do, to improve your chances of winning. So let’s look at a few of them, and then we’ll look at betting strategies.

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The basics of online slots games

Probably seems pretty simple. You click a button or two, watch the reels spin and sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose. Basically that is all that’s involved, but we know you’re playing slots online because you want to win. And win big preferably. As we’ve already said online casino slots aren’t complex, but a certain amount of knowledge will go a long way.

The classic slot machine featured three wheels and three symbols had to match in order to win any money. When you play online slots, or video slots as they are also known, many of the machines have five reels. And you don’t just need matching symbols on the middle line in order to win. You can choose the top or bottom row, diagonal or zigzag winning lines as well. And you don’t even have to watch too closely, as the software used will very kindly inform you of every win. There can be as many as 30 different winning lines, or pay lines, so this is very helpful.

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Different types of slots

There are so many different options when you play slots online you might find it all a bit confusing. What are the differences and is one better than the other? Let’s see if we can explain.

Classic and line slots – These are the most common and feature three symbols on one wheel (single line/reel slots). the aim of this game is to win by lining up three symbols. There are more advanced versions that have three reels and three lines (multi-reel/line slots). They still work on the same principal but have one, two, or three paylines.

Video slots – These five reel slots are made for players who love the classics but are looking for a little more action. Because there are five reels there are between five and twenty one paylines. Added excitement is brought in by special effects not normally found in the classic slots game. Still a game of luck, but with an increased number of winning combinations across the paylines. Thereby increasing your chances of winning.

Multiplier slots – We’ve already mentioned that you should try and max bet when playing the slots, but this isn’t always the case. You might prefer not to, in which case multiplier slots are the ones to try. They have fairly good payouts, but no added incentives or an online slot bonus if you put down the maximum bet on each spin.

Bonus feature slots – These are a huge amount of fun, with a game inside a game. When a certain combination of symbols appear bonus features are triggered and you’re taken to another screen with endless possibilities, possible extra cash and even a few free spins of the reel.

Bonus multiplier online slots – These sound like a combination kind of game but it’s actually different than any of the others. An online slot bonus is offered when betting the maximum number of coins per slot if you win. Say for example, you bet two coins you get paid four. If you bet the maximum number of bets which would be three coins you get paid six as a bonus.

Progressive slots – A number of casinos in a network feed into a progressive pot. The numbers on the displays climb higher and higher until someone eventually wins the grand prize. With prizes sometimes starting at $100,000 they can climb as high as the $2 million dollar mark.

How to bet on online slots with real money

The amount you can bet depends on the min and max that the casino has set on the game. It also depends on the currency you’re placing your bets in and how much you as a player places on your line bet. This is of course multiplied by the number of lines you activate. For example, if your line bet is 20 coins, you play 15 paylines, you’ll be betting 300 coins every spin.

The payout depends on the number of symbols scored and can range from 10 to 2000 times your initial bet. If you happen to be fortunate enough to get two wins in the same payline, most online video slots will only payout on one per line, usually favouring the bigger cash prize.

Now you’ve got a good handle on the basics of playing slots online, you should be ready to give the reels a spin and see if you can win a bit of extra cash. Above all have a good time and gamble safely.