France Has Gambling History But Some Strange Laws

French flagWhen it comes to brick and mortar casinos France has some of the oldest. The roots of many casino games can be linked to France, and the most famous of all was invented here. Without Blaise Pascal the French mathematician we would not have roulette. Card players would not have a Queen in their hand if not for France. Gambling in France is a national pastime, horse racing is huge with pari-mutuel betting originating here. Professional poker players from France do very well in large tournaments and high stakes cash games. The attitude to gambling in France is very liberal, just about every major town has a casino. Some are world famous and hold exclusive tournaments and events annually. You would think the best online casino France has would be superb. So it makes it all the more strange when the laws surrounding gambling here are studied. Especially online gambling.

France Fell Afoul Of The EU

France was another country that was deemed to have not complied with EU regulations regarding online gambling. Their first law for remote gambling was seen to be biased toward state run operations, amongst other criticisms. A revised law opened up the market more but only allowed sports betting, poker and horse racing to be legal online. All traditional casino games are deemed too addictive and are banned online. So paradoxically the most French game of all cannot be played legally on the internet in France! So it means the best French online casinos are not French!

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So What Does It Mean For Online Gamblers In France

Well there are still plenty of options available for the avid casino player online in France. The problem is France is one of the few countries taking steps to stop players using sites that are unregulated in France. That being said it is possible for French players to sign up to online casinos. There doesn’t appear to be any moves toward prosecution for gamblers. The online gambling market is huge in Europe and French players continue to enjoy the pastime. It seems likely that the authorities will eventually allow the same games to be played online as is already played in their many land based casinos. In the meantime French players will continue to flout the regulations. Players from France need to take precautions when choosing where to spend their money.

Europe Has Strong Regulatory Bodies

Most of the EU has a healthy online gambling industry and has been regulated since the outset. The island states of Malta and the Isle of Man have very potent authorities. If an online casino hold a license from either of these boards you know that any new games will be audited for fairness. The online casinos have to follow strict rules regarding security for players. Enforcement of rule breaches are carried out and if severe enough licenses are revoked. Gibraltar and Alderney have similarly strong authorities and if a casino takes UK players they will be regulated by the toughest of them all the UK Gambling Commission. The UK has the oldest regulated gambling industry in the world and they know how to enforce their laws.

Langauge And Currency Must Be Yours

It seems obvious but you need to find a casino that has a French version. Understanding terms and conditions and gameplay is paramount your native language is a must. Not only does the site need to be written in French but the customer service agents need to be fluent also. If you have a problem to resolve clear communication is key. All European online casinos will accept Euros so the currency should not be an issue. Just make sure you open your account in Euros not dollars the exchange fees will be noticeable.

Banking Methods, Security And Arbitration

Every site you visit must have an address with the https prefix and a padlock logo in the address bar. This means up to date protection is in place. If the Verisign or Thawte logo is on the site it means the security has been verified by independent security experts. European online casinos have the biggest choice when it comes to banking methods. You will be able to choose from a multitude of e-Wallets, debit/credit cards e-checks and other electronic banking methods. If there is a way to move money online you will find a casino that uses it. In any business disputes can arise between two parties. The online casino industry has made great effort to provide mediation. There are several institutions that offer independent arbitration services. This is a big consideration for players if a problem arises you want to know that it will be taken seriously. So look for links or logos of such organizations IBAN is one of the most well-known.

Player Forums Dish The Dirt

Most forums online are merely sounding boards and chatrooms for likeminded people. In the online casino world forums have clout. The longest running have been around since the start. There are not so many French speaking ones but threads are simple enough to translate to give you a good idea of who is good and who is not. If there is a lot of chatter about a particular issue surrounding one site then it is probably worth considering. Of course there is a lot of bad losers complaining about not winning and those that don’t read bonus terms. You should be able to sift out the whines and find the useful information.

Common Sense Rules

In the online casino world brands come and go like the weather. Because a brand is new it doesn’t mean it’s bad just that you may need to exercise caution. Crooks are constantly rebranding to avoid the playing public’s attention. If a brand has been around for ten years it has the backing of its customers. Bad online casinos cannot last that long in fact five years is a pedigree in this business. 20 years is outstanding. So if in doubt about a casino choose one with history. Above all start small with your deposits and get a feel for the brand. Bon Chance