The Luck Of The Irish Is World Famous Their Laws Are Not

Irish flagThe Irish love to gamble that’s a given. The dogs, horse racing, Gaelic football, Football, Hurling, Rugby the list of sports the Irish gamble on almost endless. They will bet on rain drops running down a window. It does rain a lot in Ireland so that is understandable. The one area that is not so common is casino gambling. Under the rather archaic Gaming and Lotteries Act 1954 casinos are illegal in Ireland. The law is so outdated the monetary sums mentioned are still in shillings and pence! The Act has not been amended or repealed as of writing this. There are conversations in the wind that may see the law being changed. The main reason being that due to a loop hole private members clubs are not covered by the Act. This has led to many clubs, mainly in Dublin, offering their member’s casino games on their premises perfectly legally. While the games are the same as any other European casino the venues are very different. No alcohol or food is usually offered and there is no entertainment other than the games. These clubs are popular and it would seem that the public at large would visit traditional casinos if allowed.

Poker Is In A League Of Its Own

Poker in Ireland is huge despite there only being a few places that you can legally play live. Poker is a social game here and just about every pub or social club will have a game going on somewhere. This has led to the Irish becoming really very good at it. Some of the world’s best tournament players are Irish and the poker scene in Ireland is growing. There are world class tournaments held with here the Dublin leg of the EPT and the Irish Open having very large fields and a buy in of over €5300 in the EPT makes the prize pool very attractive. Online poker has become a lucrative market in Ireland and some of the top bookies offer a poker platform. The changes to the taxation rules and registration will probably have little effect on the industry and poker will continue its growth online.

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The Bookmaking Laws Have Moved On

Sports betting in Ireland is very well regulated and bookies have known where they stand for a very long time now. Along came the internet and things became a little bit more obscure. The nation’s lawmakers have just brought out new legislation to cover remote gambling. While this covers bookmakers only, it does have repercussions in the online casino world. Before this law there was some ambiguity surrounding the legality of off shore online casinos. There was obviously nothing in the 1956 Act to cover casinos offshore. The best online casino Ireland had was based elsewhere but was distinctly pointed to Ireland. Now that remote gambling businesses need an Irish license to be legal it means that there is no more ambiguity. Online casinos in Ireland are illegal. The fact that more Irish citizens are playing with online casinos than ever before may make the lawmakers see sense and regulate this lucrative market. So the best online casino Ireland has may end up legal soon.

Meanwhile Online Casino Take Irish Euros All The Same

There are many online casinos out there that have no issue taking Irish customers. In fact the best Irish online casinos are very much focused on Ireland. Bonuses are localized and there are even crossover promotions with big Irish sporting events. Horse racing and Rugby Union have many big meets in Ireland and the major bookies that have online casinos as well will offer free bets when deposits are made. The fact that the Irish speak English means the options available are almost endless. Every casino regulated by Gibraltar, Malta, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands will accepted Irish players. The Euro makes it even easier with no exchange rates charged. Europe is lucky enough to have a seemingly endless supply of third party payment transactions available. This makes it very simple to load your account and withdrawing has never been easier.

Picking The Right Brand

Nowadays it getting harder to tell the difference between online casinos. Most of the top brands use a mixed platform of software and the games are sometimes difficult to tell apart. The biggest difference is in the slots games. The scope of verity in slots still gives the casino operator a chance to offer something different. However the popularity of linked jackpots kind of shoots that down. When all other things are equal and you are happy that a company is a safe place to play, game selection will figure highly for you. Take some time to see what the online casino is offering then visit one of the many websites that have instant play free versions of all the games. It’s worth the time there is nothing worse than sitting down to play roulette and you can’t get used to the gameplay. The audio may not be what you like or lighting and visual effects give you a headache. There are brands out there that realise this and have sophisticated software that allows you to customize the game.

It All Comes Down To Personal Choice

As long as the online casino has valid licensing from a respected body, and security passes muster then things should be safe. Check out your intended choice with player forums just to make sure there is nothing recent that would cause alarm. Online casino players can be a bunch of sore losers but if money can’t be withdrawn from an account this is something to worry about. If there is a lot of chatter saying the same thing about a brand it should be taken seriously. The bottom line is if you choose to gamble with a well-known brand you will be in a fair game. There is too much money to be made legitimately for this brands for them to run a crooked operation. The final choice will be yours and will probably come down to the looks of the site you play with. Maybe even just the colour.