The Casino Is Italian

Italian flagWell the word is anyway its root is the Italian word ‘casa’ meaning house. The first legal gambling house was called ‘Ridotto’ in opened in the early 17th century with the aim to control gambling of the citizens of Venice long before Italy as a country existed. It closed its doors in the next century and caused a boom in the black market houses known as casinos. The word was also used to describe bordellos and other houses of ill repute! Italy has a long history of gambling the Romans invented the game Ludus Duodecium Scriptorum which became backgammon. It was a favorite game of the Legionnaires and wagering was very much part of the gameplay. As Rome conquered Europe the game went with them. Some believe baccarat was an Italian invention also along with the lottery and bingo. So with all this provenance you would assume casino gambling has been legal forever in Italy. Not so up until recently all forms of gambling were banned. Yet casinos existed.

Italy Had The Strictest And Strangest Gambling Laws In Europe

Italian law is a strange affair and trying to understand it is no easy task. The law stated that all forms of gambling were illegal. Yet casinos like the Casino Municipale di Sanremo have been open for over a century. Then you have the state sanctioned lottery, sports betting and horse racing. All a bit confusing. Breaking these laws meant fines and imprisonment. In 2003 the EU got involved, the European Commission started investigating and infringement proceedings were instigated against the Italian government. The strict monopoly the Italians had created went against the principles of the EU. Non Italian operators were blocked from offering online services and it was all very shady. Reforms were put into place in 2006 but still legitimate European online casinos were blocked. The best online casino Italy had to offer was a long way short of the rest of Europe. After EU infringement proceeding the Italians finally opened up its market, but with very strict rules. Regulated by the AAMS with a host of rules the top brands of Europe were allowed in the best Italian online casinos now almost rival the rest of the continent. Some games are still banned however.

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Gamble At An Italian Online Casino You Know Certain Things Are In Place

To get a license issued by the rather grandly titled Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato online casino operators have strict obligations. Including financial, social, technical and a few other things beside. The company has to run games with a minimum turnover of €1.5M in the previous 2 years. They must reach high standards of technical ability ensuring stable and secure gameplay with easy to use services. It must be run as a capital society. The administration members must be reliable. The company must have its official base in the EU along with its technical support. It has to pay the AAMS €350 000 for supervision, admin and technical support. With all these rules in place Italians have a head start when researching online casinos. You should be safe knowing that banking is strictly controlled and that the online casino you play with is not a fly by night operation. There are other considerations for players however not covered. As there are only 200 licenses there is not quite the daunting choice the rest of Europe has.

Banking Options

All of the best online casinos Italy has available will have accounts in Euros. A lot will have dollars available also, so when signing up make sure you click the right option. Nobody wants to pay conversion fees if they don’t have to. Some can be quite expensive. The payment options have come a long way since the start of the online gambling boom. Pick a casino that has your preferred method just about every electronic payment transaction can be accommodated. Ask the customer services department about withdrawal times and what verification is required. Some online casinos are much better than others. Waiting 5 days for your winnings is far better than 28! Evidence of secure financial transactions is a requirement of the license but it is always good to see independent confirmation of it. Online security specialists like Thawte test sites for their strength and give certification.

Listen To Other Gamblers

The strict licensing procedure should ensure a safe playing environment. There are always those that slip through the cracks however. There are also areas not covered like the actual gameplay experience. This is where player forums come into their own. Before you commit any money to a site join a few popular forums and ask questions. It may well save you some heart ache in the future. The online scene is relatively new in Italy but some of the brands have been around a long time. You will find some have diehard fans and others have nothing good said about them. It is all useful information to help you make an informed decision. Generally if an online casino has been operating in Europe for over ten years it must be getting something right.

The Future Looks Good For Italian Gamblers

With such strict rules in place to protect Italians the industry looks like it is only going to grow. Italians love to gamble and as the scene gets stronger maybe the government will expand its options. The more choice for the average punter is usually a good thing. As long as the rules are enforced the industry in Italy is looking very healthy and should continue to be. The main thing is to enjoy playing, always have fun it’s what casinos are all about. Good luck at the tables. Ciao.