Israel Gambling Is Not Completely Banned

Israeli flagThe State of Israel situated on the south eastern shores of the Mediterranean has had a troubled existence. The almost constant war footing the country is on must be an unbelievable pressure. Despite this the standard of living is the highest in the Middle East. The nation sees itself as happy and self-assured. Highly educated and motivated the manly Jewish population like to kick back and have fun. That is when they aren’t fighting Arabs of course. Gambling is legal in Israel although not all forms are currently allowed. As it stands the lottery and sports betting are the only regulated forms of gambling. Casino games are not legal in Israel but there are casino cruises that operate outside of territorial waters. The country is divided on the whole gambling front. Many top politicians want to fully regulate casino gambling and want to see the resort town of Eilat become the ‘Red Sea Vegas’. On the other hand religious groups and the security forces want the ban to continue.

Another Country Where Rules Are Flouted

Illegal casino gambling is rife across Israel. There are arrests on a regular basis but it seems gambling is a pastime that Israelis want to take part in. The general feel to the situation is that eventually casinos will become legal. It is the only way to undermine an industry that is run by organized crime legalize it. When it comes to online casinos the area is as usual a bit grey. Investigate a bit online and some say it’s illegal and prohibited with sites being blocked by the authorities. Others say there is nothing specific in law and Israelis are not pursued and prosecuted for playing casino games online. As with a lot of countries around the world gambling laws in Israel are not the most clear. It is always advisable to take legal advice from a professional to understand the risks involved. Whatever the rules are it does not stop people playing and the best online casino Israel can access is in Hebrew, takes shekels and doesn’t care about trivial things such as laws.

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It Takes A Little Effort To Find The Best Israeli Online Casino

Well alright not strictly Israeli but there are plenty that market themselves directly to Israel. Obviously the first parameter is language. If you speak fluent English then your choice is huge. If you don’t then it is very important for you to find an online casino that not only has a Hebrew platform but also that the customer service agents need to be native speakers or good enough to be able to explain everything you want to know. The best test is to ask questions surrounding the terms and conditions. Most are a little on the complex side of things, after all they were written by lawyers, so will need a bit of clarification anyway.

Any Old License Is Not Good Enough

You do not want to play with an online casino that has no license. Period. No license means a crook for sure. On the other hand there are marked differences in the quality of oversight with the various jurisdictions that issue remote gambling licenses. Widely considered to have the best reputation is the UK Gambling Commission, while they only cover UK residents if an online casino is licensed there and elsewhere then they have tough rules to follow. Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and Alderney all have great reputations as well. The Caribbean licensing bodies have never really got into the whole oversight concept. It doesn’t mean any that are registered there are crooks per say it just means that they are not overseen. Curacao is trying to clean up its act and has implemented new rules but only time will tell on that.

Looking After Your Shekels

Online casinos have some of the best security protocols available they are as good as any online banking system. Don’t take that on face value however. Look into it. All of the top reputable online casinos have independent specialists test and certify their security protocols. Check the validity of these certificates by visiting the appropriate website they all have public lists available. The methods you can fund your accounts with these days are varied in the extreme. The extra layers of protection by using third party payment methods is very popular. Before you commit to depositing make sure the method you want to use can be used for both deposit and withdrawal. It also pays to inquire about any other restrictions surrounding deposit or withdrawal. Some won’t let you use different methods one after the other. If you play with an online casino in another currency be aware of the fees to convert them, it can be a real sting in the tail.

Trust Other Players Experiences

There are a multitude of disgruntled losers out there and forums are filled with those who didn’t read bonus terms and conditions. Or they signed up to a sister site and had their accounts frozen. That one is a big issue and care is needed. All online casinos only allow one account across the whole of their brand so it is important if you open two accounts to make sure they are not related. These forum posts are what there are, people moaning. The ones that are worth reading relate to payment issues or delays in accepting verification of identity. These are very real issues in the online casino world and are ways an otherwise seemingly legit brands scams money from players. There are quite a few respected watchdogs/forums that have comprehensive blacklists and reasons for being on them. Take note of them if the site you want to play at is on one of them think long and hard about playing there. The important thing is to enjoy yourself, have fun that’s what casino games are all about. Good luck at the tables.