Hungary One Of The Best Places To Be In Europe

Hungarian flagHungary has been listed in the top six best places to live in Europe. It is a magnificent country mountains, lakes and Europe’s largest natural grassland make it a diverse landscape. Its history is integral to Europe as a whole. The cultural importance of Hungary can’t be understated once a powerhouse of Medieval Europe its architecture is impressive. For the student of European history Budapest is a must visit. Take a boat trip along the Danube and while you are there drinking in the splendor of view remember that it is 800 years old and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That’s right the view of the Danube Embankment is a listed site. There are too many places to list that are worth seeing in Budapest. Unfortunately for gamblers there are no grand casinos from years gone by. There are a few in the capital but if you are used to Monte Carlo you will be disappointed.

Hungary Never Really Got Bit By The Casino Bug

While most of 18th century Europe was running with the new craze of casino games with opulent buildings and an extreme case of conspicuous consumption, Hungary was still at the front of the battle against the Ottoman Empire. I guess they had more important things to worry about than red or black! By the time the Turks were pushed back the climate was a little less libertarian and far more serious. The Hungarians have always been a pious country so it is little wonder the golden age of casinos never reached them. Power struggles and political intrigue are more Hungary’s style and have been through the centuries. Through the two world wars and subsequent post war soviet bloc nothing changed, politics and upheaval. The fall of the soviet bloc came about, helped in no small way by the Hungarians, and a bit of leisure time was long overdue. But even then the gambling laws were not opened up that much and for the next decade or so the state had full control of the industry.

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As With Many The EU Changed Everything

Joining the EU in 2004, Hungary like many countries had a few laws that were not compatible with the spirit of free trade. The state gambling monopoly was one of them. The best online casino Hungary had to offer was state run, no options. The ensuing years of toing and froing between the European Commission and the Hungarian lawmakers came to a head and the market was finally opened up. But not by much. Extreme taxation and the request of having a land based operation as well meant international brands were not interested. More political arguments later and the tax was lowered and EU based companies were let into the market.

Hungary The Next Online Powerhouse?

Possibly not yet. The taxation system is still a little on the high side and the license fees are huge! Suffice it to say not many brands have applied for licenses. However there is some interest, OK one is interested. Las Vegas Casino Diamond Ltd. is set to go online with a live dealer platform as well as the full gambit of online casino games. So the title of best Hungarian online casino will go to them. In the meantime the only options for Hungarians wanting to play online casino games are with illicit brands. Unfortunately quite a lot of the top European brands don’t accept Hungarians. You will find some however who are not that concerned with upsetting the Hungarian government.

Do Some Research

The problem with online casinos taking customers from countries with restrictive laws is they can be a bit on the dodgy side. This means you have to be doubly sure that they are on the up and up. The first check is the licensing. The best options out there are from Malta, Gibraltar, The Isle Of Man, and Alderney in the Channel Islands. These authorities take their duties seriously and do a good job regulating the industry. Software will be tested and any new games put through their paces for fairness. Independent security certification is the next stop. Companies like Thwate and VeriSign will vigorously test the security protocols on a site and validate them if all is well. Look for the logos on the footer of the home page.

Language And Currency Issues

There are a few sports betting sites with Hungarian platforms. After all the Magyars love their football! But when it comes to casino games not so many. So if you are going to open an account with an online casino make sure you can understand them. It may seem insulting to say but if you don’t speak a language covered by the site fluently you are asking for trouble. The Florin is not accepted by the majority of online casinos so be sure to factor in the currency exchange. It can be very expensive and soul destroying when you find out how much you have given away without even turning the cards! There are many European third party payment methods these days so why not have a bankroll set up in Euros using one of these methods. Skrill, Paypal, Netteler they all work and this way you can keep your gambling bankroll completely separate from every day expenses. Every gambler knows that is a good thing to do!

Times Will Change

Lobby your government, you are part of the EU, push for parity. Conservatism has been the major player in Hungarian politics for some time now. Conservatives love tax revenue. Push the idea that the easier they make it for foreign brands to operate in Hungary the more money flows in. Instead of the current situation were money just keeps flowing out. Hungarians gamble it is a fact that is not going to change. Why make your citizens flout the law? Go on Hungary you can do it!