Monte Carlo Or Bust? – No Need To Leave Your Own Home Live Dealer Baccarat Sat On Your Sofa

Live Dealer BaccaratIf you love baccarat chances are you first played it at your local casino. That is if you were lucky enough to have one. For most it meant a long journey, expensive hotels and all night sessions trying to make the most of your limited time there. The next thing we know the internet is born and before long online gambling grew into the monster it now is. Gambling available day and night, all year round. No more need to travel those long journeys. No more 12 hour sessions just because you need to get your money’s worth. Now you can sit in your lounge in your underwear if you like, and play for as little or as long as you want. The problem for some of us though is we miss seeing those cards shuffled. We miss the cards turning. And if we’re honest we miss those good looking dealers. And some just don’t trust the computer generated cards to be truly random. Not to worry, online casinos recognized the niche and along came live dealer baccarat.

Online Live Baccarat – What More Do You Need?

If you want to play baccarat live online you will need to play at one of the more established brands. Setting up a live dealer format requires a lot more investment than its purely virtual cousin, and this is restrictive for all but those at the top end of the scale. Every table needs a dealer, camera operator and all the hardware/software to make it work and it takes quite a chunk of change. So when you play live baccarat online you get the best available experience. The dealers are all very professional and pleasing to the eye. In some cases far too pleasing! The gameplay is the same as any land-based casino running the same game. The only difference is there are no chips on the table. The interface between you and the game works much the same as the virtual one. The whole experience is so very close to being in the room, it is a breath of fresh air into an otherwise stagnating virtual world. We want that personal touch. We want to see cards shuffled and dealt by a real person. The big up sides when comparing live online casinos to brick and mortar affairs are all the same as standard online casinos with the added personal input.

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So What Does It Take To Make Live Baccarat Online Work?

A sizeable premises is the first requirement. Depending on whether an open style main floor or private room set up is wanted a suitable building has to be acquired. To get round this some online casinos have partnered up with land-based casinos to use their facilities. So you’ve got a building now you need a dealer, table and camera operative. Next you need the IT guy to oversee the software/hardware side of things. A pit boss for any disputes on the floor and someone to oversee the whole operation. The really clever part of all this is the technology involved to allow this to all come together. It’s a two part thing really first the live video feed. Live streaming has come on in leaps and bounds these last few years. It requires a lot of server space but the results are stunning. No more pixelated images, no lag and audio and visual in sync. Couple this with Optical Character Recognition software and we have a winner. OCR reads the cards as they are dealt relaying the information to the casino software. You are linked to it all via the betting interface.

Baccarat Is A Sociable Game

If you like a bit of banter at the table the live chat function lets you converse with the dealer and the other players at the table. Unlike sitting at the table however you can choose to turn it off. I mean how great is that? I’m sure many of you have had a session in a live venue when that annoying person sat next to you just won’t shut up! Well with live baccarat online you can cherry pick the conversations you want to get into. The live online casino is still in its infancy. Only the big boys offer this rather costly format and as such you only really see a few developers work in this area. Playtech is probably the best but Microgaming, Amaya Gaming and Realtime Gaming are all very good. As it stands at the moment most sites only offer one type of baccarat. This is a shame as there are a lot of variations that play well, we shall see if casinos expand their offerings.