Confused About Online Casinos USA?

USA flagThere is a lot of misinformation and confusion surrounding online casinos in the USA. The legality is in question and even the courts can’t agree. It’s such an in-depth subject we will go further into it later. First be assured that there are top online casinos USA residents can gamble at. With all your favorite casino games on offer you don’t have to make the journey to a brick and mortar affair. Travelling interstate is just not viable for most. Due diligence is especially important online and here are a few tips for carrying it out successfully when looking at an online casino USA.

Look For A Brand That’s Put In The Miles

Just because a casino is the new kid on the block doesn’t mean it’s no good. It should however be treated with caution. All of the best online casinos USA have been around for a long while. Some may have rebranded but they have still been in the game for a number of years. Why is it important? Well the age of instant information and the viral phenomenon means that reputations can be destroyed a lot easier than before. So if a brand has been at the top of its game for over 10 years it doesn’t have a lot of problems. While a lot of review sites are just there to cash in on click bait, reputable ones do write honest ratings. Find a good one and do your homework. Forums are another source of useful ground level info. Customer comments on these platforms can be a case of sour grapes, but if the same topic comes up time and again it should be taken into account.

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The Dollar Is The Only Way

Putting aside patriotism for a minute it makes sense to find an online casino that takes the good old Greenback. There are enough problems in place for US citizens regarding deposits to an online casino (more on that later) without having to convert to Euros as well. Charges will be applied for the conversion when you deposit and when you withdraw. You get stung left right and center. Not to mention the fact that you will have to do the math every time you make a play. All too easy to make a mistake caught up in the moment and bet way too much. This should not be a problem though all of the top US facing online casinos have taken this onboard and offer accounts in US dollars.

How Can You Make That Deposit?

This is one area that causes a lot of problems for US players. Pre 2006 there was no problem banks would happily transfer funds and all the usual credit/debit cards could be used. Thanks to federal law brought in it is now illegal for US banks to facilitate transactions with online gambling brands. This almost sounded the bell for internet gambling for the USA. But the industry is just too big and the US market to lucrative to ignore meant other ways were found. Visa debit/credit and prepaid cards are taken by the vast majority. MasterCard not so many but still can be found. Western Union wire transfer and Moneygram take a little bit longer but are accepted by most. And believe it or not Bitcoin is fast becoming a go to method for Americans. There are no U.S. laws surrounding virtual currencies and so absolutely no legal repercussions are risked. There are more sites accepting this form of payment and is an option for some. Getting your money back out has been even harder for some it seems that it can be a hit or miss affair. The two most popular ways to get cashed out are wire transfer and old school check though the post or courier.

Recomended Casinos
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So What Is The Law Can I Gamble Legally Online?

This is one area of US law that most are confused about. The Wire Act is most quoted when it comes to online gambling. The Supreme court ruled in 2002 that the Federal Wire act prohibits electronic transmission of information for sports betting across any telecommunication lines. But also held up a lower court ruling that states the Wire Act ‘in plain language’ doesn’t prohibit internet gambling on games of chance. This didn’t stop the Department of Justice who publicly claimed the Wire Act covers all forms of gambling! Then came the u-turn by the DOJ saying that sports betting was illegal online not all the other forms. It is now the official line that individual states have the right to decide whether its residents can gamble online. New- Jersey, Delaware and of course Nevada have all moved towards regulation and it’s only a matter of time before more follow. The problem is however it is only legal for those resident in the state that regulates the casino. So the reality is that it’s probably illegal for most who use online casinos in the US. But to date to the best of our knowledge nobody in the US has been prosecuted for playing in an online casino.

The Best Online Casinos USA They Must Be Regulated

not recommended casinosJust because the legality is confusing in the USA don’t think that regulation by another international body in useless to you. If you choose to give your money to a completely unregulated online casino you can kiss good bye to it. On the same note not all licensing authorities are worth their salt either. If you know about the industry you know that Antigua and Barbuda were the first to issue online gambling licenses. They built up an industry and were well respected. Not so now the number of reputable casinos licensed by them has dramatically decreased. They have a very poor record for communication and have some proven cheats still on their books. Another bad choice would be Curacao they don’t have any way to put in a complaint and the licenses they issue are purely business related. The best online casino sites are regulated by either Gibraltar or Malta ( the UK’s Gambling Commission is seen as the best but only relates to UK residents) these two authorities have the strictest regulations in place. Their vetting procedure is excellent. They test the fairness of games and RNG software and perform regular audits of sites licensed by them. You probably won’t have heard of them but small infractions by casinos are dealt with very quickly. Casinos have had licenses rescinded for more serious misdeeds. The communication lines with the general public are excellent and issues are investigated. The islands of Alderney and the Isle of Man both have good reputations. The First Nation Territory of Kahnawake is gaining ground and if you are lucky enough to live in a forward thinking state your own legislative body will take care of things for you. It’s early days on those yet to know whether they are any good or not!

Bonuses, Promotions, Freebies and Giveaways

The world of online casinos are awash with what seems on first glance to be free money. Well Americans know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. It would be easier to mention the casino that doesn’t have a welcome bonus, there isn’t one! So how do you know which is the best bonus? It takes a little digging and a little math. Every bonus on offer has to have terms and conditions available. If you can’t find them run a mile. In those terms and conditions you will see the wagering requirements. The average is between x20 and x40. This means you have to bet through the deposit amount the number of times before you get your bonus. The math comes in because some make you wager the sum of the deposit and bonus amount. So add up the pros and cons a small x20 may not be the best. The welcome bonus is not the only incentive given. Loyalty schemes are in place with the best online casinos and USA customers like to be rewarded for their continued support. So much the same as air miles are accumulated comp points are awarded for every $10 wagered. These add up and can be redeemed for cash. The rates at which they are converted is where you get to spot the difference. All pretty much start at the same conversion rate. When you move up the VIP schemes this is where most individuality can be seen. Most give a better rate when you get to silver level for example but some offer exclusive games as well. So look into the loyalty package it could be the tipping point if all else is equal.

Casino Games Are Not All The Same

Well no they are not but roulette is roulette after all. The differences online are how the games play in the digital world. The software platform is where those differences are made. USA residents are lucky enough to have a great choice when it comes to software. NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming are just three all have excellent games and all have a different feel. There are hundreds of developers out there though and new games are coming out all the time. Most top level casinos use more than one type of software. These top sites will have free play modes so you can check out the game before committing real cash. If you love slots this is a great way to find the themes that interest you. The progressive jackpots that are on offer with the linked games are life changing amounts. There is no way to rate which is the best as personal choice is the main factor.

The US Is The Home Of The Mobile

usa mobile casino gamesThe mobile revolution is USA home grown. Without Apple smartphones would not be as huge as they are now. The vast majority have smartphones or tablets these days. Mobile casinos however hit a bit of a brick wall in the US. Apple will not allow any gambling app in the Appstore for the USA and Google don’t allow them for anybody. The Android app market is not as restricted as iOS so there are some available to the US market. Not put off by this though the big players recognize the need and are making their browser versions mobile friendly. So if the overriding need for you is to be able to play a hand of blackjack on the way to work make this part of your checks. The internet is fast becoming a mobile orientated entity online casinos will have to keep up.

What In Store For US Online Casinos?

Even though around twenty states have land based casinos the vast majority of Americans have never set foot in a casino. The latest trend in online gambling is the live dealer casino. This format is as close to walking in the door at the Bellagio as most will get. While there may only be a few games on offer and not every US facing online casino has this option it is becoming very popular. The expenditure to set up is a lot greater than the usual online casino. To combat this in Europe brick and mortar casinos are renting out space and partnering up with online brands to offer the live dealer format. If the climate changes for the legal standing in America this could be the way to go. It really is a great way to gamble all the atmosphere of a real building, professional dealers that look great and all the while you could be in your PJ’s playing. Lobby your Congressmen, hassle your Senator, get legislation changed. This is the 21st century the days of prohibition are long gone. The online gambling industry is a well-run, legitimate affair. The rest of the world has gone the route of regulation and taxation, come USA the internet is an American baby help it grow.

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