Extra Juicy Slot Review — A Fruit Machine Full of Surprises

Extra Juicy Slot ReviewMost fruit machines are retro-looking games with few exciting features and meager return rates. However, the Extra Juicy slot is no ordinary fruit machine. This Pragmatic Play product is one of the most highly volatile titles you can play at the casino. Its bonus stage and special functionalities are super straightforward, yet they can give you an adrenaline rush in an instant.

If you think you can handle this fiery produce, stick along for the ride. We’ll show you how everything works and give you important playing tips.

Those who are ready to take a shot at the massive jackpot are welcome to start playing in best online casinos and with one of the verified operators on our list.

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The Extra Juicy Slot Is Easy on the Eye

Pragmatic Play has not gone overboard with the visual effects of this release. The studio has seemingly paid homage to the old-school fruit slots by giving this one a clean look. When you fire it up for the first time, you’ll see a starting screen informing you of the game’s huge x60,000 maximum bet multiplier, the main features, and its high volatility level.

Once you go past the info page, the reels and a glistening, animated background will be revealed. A pleasant soundtrack that reminds us of a Japanese city pop song will accompany you as you spin away. The eight available symbols are somewhat cartoony but attractive, nonetheless. The most valuable one in the Extra Juicy slot game is the bell, followed by the watermelon, blueberry, plum, orange, lemon, and cherry. There’s also a diamond that represents the free spin-granting Scatter.

Extra Juicy Slot Scatter Symbol
Extra Juicy Slot Symbols

Features of the Extra Juicy Slot Game

With the Extra Juicy slot PatternsThe slot’s 5×3 layout and 10 paylines might be nothing out of the ordinary, but you’ll be impressed by Pragmatic’s original payout approach. Typically, reel machines only grant rewards if three or more identical symbols are aligned on a betting line, and the matching sequence needs to begin from the leftmost column.

With the Extra Juicy slot, 3- and 4-of-a-kind combos are paid out regardless of their positioning on the reels. Got three bells in the middle? Congrats, you win x5 times your bet. Do you have a string of four blueberries starting from the fifth column? You’ll still get paid.

You’ll be right to assume that this payout method means that you’ll win much more often. The game balances things out by not having a Wild symbol and offering modest rewards for 3- and 4-of-a-kind combinations.

The Crazy Free Spins Stage

The diamond-shaped Scatters can only appear on the first, middle, and last columns. If diamonds land on all three reels during a single spin, an Extra Juicy slot big win might be in the making. You’ll enter a hyper-volatile bonus stage that grants 12 free spins.

What’s interesting about it is that it includes a progressive multiplier. On your first spin, any wins won’t be multiplied, on the second, you’ll get an x2 multiplier, the third gets an x3 modifier, etc. If you’re lucky enough to land another trio of Scatters, the stage is extended by 12 more spins, and the multipliers continue to increase. It’s possible to prolong this stage up to four times, meaning that the multiplier can reach a massive x60 on your last spin.

RTP, Volatility, and How to Get an Extra Juicy Slot Big Win

Our Extra Juicy slot review team classifies this game as super volatile because it’s capable of massive payouts, but they certainly won’t happen often. Its x60,000 multiplier jackpot is downed if you enter the free spins stage, extend it by 4 times, and fill every reel with bell symbols on the last spin. You probably have a higher chance of winning the lottery than that.

However, it’s worth noting that the so-called “jackpot” is just the stated maximum possible reward for a single spin. You can still win a hefty cumulative prize if you get a lucky streak during the free spins mode and manage to land a trio or two of Scatters before it ends.

Since the Extra Juicy slot has a demo and a “turbo spin” mode, we decided to do some testing to see how often you can expect to land three diamonds. We set the game up for 1,000 spins and were able to enter the bonus round a total of 6 times, which is once per 167 spins on average. This sample isn’t large enough to draw concrete conclusions, but it should give you a rough idea of what to expect. The RTP rate stands at 96.52%, which is about half a percent higher than what we consider average.

An Excellent Mobile Experience

Extra Juicy slot Mobile friendly

Pragmatic Play (#MGA/B2B/317/2016) is a modern software provider that has been crafting mobile-friendly games from the day it started operating. The studio has designed the Extra Juicy slot game on HTML5, a platform with universal compatibility across iOS, Android, and the most used web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

If you play the game holding your phone horizontally, you’ll hardly notice a difference between the desktop and mobile versions. The spin button has a slightly different shape and has been pushed upward, but that’s about it. Those who wish to stay in portrait mode can also spin away with zero hassle. The reels will be smaller and all the buttons will be clustered at the lower end, but there are no omitted features or animations to speak of.

A Step-by-Step “How to Play” Tutorial

  1. Unlike Pragmatic’s bestseller “Wolf Gold,” the Extra Juicy slot is not available in every big gaming site out there. We still managed to find some excellent casinos that have the game in stock, so feel free to browse our list at the top of this article if you need a bit of help.
  2. After you create an account and deposit, type in “Extra Juicy” into the search bar to find this title.
  3. Once everything loads, use the “+/-“ buttons to set your betting size (coin icon on mobile). Getting lucky during the bonus round is your best shot at a huge win, so you’ll need to have enough money for around 150-300 spins per session. This will give you a good chance of entering the bonanza a couple of times.
  4. Remember, the Extra Juicy slot game is super volatile, so you’ll have to be patient and accept the fact that you’ll likely lose money before the stars align. Setting win and loss limits and keeping track of your wagers will be of crucial importance.

Ready to Get Fruity?

This Pragmatic Play offering might look unassuming, but you have to treat it with respect. It’s one of the few fixed jackpot slots capable of dropping life-changing prizes, but these huge wins will only grace a small, lucky minority of players. As clichéd as it might sound, you’ll need to play it responsibly and formulate a solid game plan to increase your chances of success.

Lastly, make sure to play the Extra Juicy slot at a legit and reputable casino. That way, you won’t have to worry whether you’ll get your money if you’re graced with a huge payout, and you’ll be able to claim fantastic bonuses on every deposit you make.