Visa Your Flexible Friend

If you are making your first ever deposit to an online casino or are looking to find another method the choice can be a little daunting. When looking to fund your online casino account you want it to be as easy as it can be. You also want it to cost you as little as possible, preferably free! One of the most popular methods is also one of the oldest. Visa has been handling our money since the late 1950’s and boy has it moved some cash. Every year trillions of dollars’ worth of transactions take place. It’s a good bet to use Visa online casinos across the world accept it.

Visa Is Safe

The safety of your cash is number one priority. These are times when cybercrime is a serious concern. Keeping our personal details safe and secure is now in the hands of a lot of different people. If you are going to use your Visa card to deposit with an online casino, make sure they are reputable. There are hundreds of secure visa online casinos do some research with forums and reviews. If the casino has a good reputation then using your Visa should be safe. The software used to make the transaction should not store your details which is why you will have to enter your details each time. The most important concern you should have is that the payment page is secure. As long as the green padlock icon and the https prefix are part of the address then SSL encryption will be in place.
When you want a few spins of the ‘Devils Wheel’ you don’t want to have to wait forever to fund your passions. Some methods of depositing at your favorite online casino take what can seem like forever. Not so Visa. Click into your cashier, add your card details and the amount you want to deposit. By the time you have closed the window and go back to the main casino you will have funds in your account. It’s that quick.

You Can Use It In Your Sleep It’s That Easy

visa cardNot everybody has a Visa but a huge amount do. Using your Visa to pay for goods and services is second nature to most. This form of electronic fund transfer is a perfect match for online casinos. There is nothing complicated about it at all. For most ease of use is one of the main reasons they use Visa for their gambling fun. Lack of fees charged to the card carrier is another. Although all things are not equal in this area. Most card providers charge the casinos for each transaction. Depending on the type you have though will determine whether you get charged or not. Check with your card provider before you deposit. Some companies have some sneaky charges and nobody likes surprises like those.
One of the other great points to a Visa is the universality of it. It doesn’t matter who issued the card, it could be the Bank of the Moon. As long as the card is a Visa it will be accepted the same as any other Visa card. If you haven’t heard of Visa you have probably been living in a cave. But what it actually is not so well known really. The misconception that Visa is a bank or credit institution is widespread. Visa is a facilitator nothing more. Visa holds no cash, has no reserves like a bank and is really only a franchise. Albeit a very powerful and profitable franchise.

A Long History And Evolution

Visa did not start this way however and was the brain child of Bank of America back in the 50’s. Charge cards and store credit cards were quite common. The problem was that you had to carry all these separate cards and pay separate bills each month. What the Bank of America wanted to do was have one universal credit card that could be used anywhere. Starting life as the BankAmericard credit cards were born. As with all new ideas there were some teething problems at the start. A lot of which revolved around the unsolicited issuing of thousands of cards. The hiccups at the start did not slow down the relentless pace of growth. By the mid-seventies banks around the world where branding their own versions and the name changed to Visa. The concept was huge and transformed from a product issued by the Bank of America to a company in its own right. This is the point it changed and really took off as brand. Now along with MasterCard, its rival from the early days, the duopoly is huge. Just about every credit card and debit card, pre-paid or linked to an account, is a Visa or MasterCard. It has not been all roses and a lot of legal issues have arisen over the years. But Visa is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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