Roulette For Amateurs and Pros Alike

Gambling has never been more popular and with the growth of the online gambling industry, it’s never been more accessible either. Since the early days of casinos there have been those who have considered gambling their trade. The game of roulette is no different and there are plenty of pro roulette players out there. Brick and mortar casinos have long recognized serious professional gamblers and while they love to pampers high rollers, they don’t like losing to the pros. That said the glamour and prestige associated with professional gamblers has led online casinos to offer an experience as close to that which a pro feels. New upgraded versions of the game are coming online in a regular manner and you can now play pro roulette at your online venue.

What Is Pro Roulette Online?

It’s not what you might think. Pro roulette is not just for professionals. There isn’t some secret language used. There are no special bets that only the pros know. The truth of the matter is it’s a marketing ploy. The last twenty years has seen the industry bloom. Professional gamblers are now seen as hip and cool. Recognized for their intelligence and hard work being a gambler is no longer such a stigma as it once was. Online casinos have tapped into that cool factor and are making their games reflect that. Graphics are more polished and audio is as close as it gets to the ‘real thing’. Most online casinos that offer pro roulette use the European version. This means the single zero pocket wheel with its more favorable odds. When deciding to play any version of roulette though make sure you know which house rules are in place. The ‘La Partage’ rule and ‘En Prison’ drastically reduce the house edge and are much more preferable. Most players like the ‘La Partage’ version as there is no re-spin and you automatically get half your even money bet back if zero comes.

What Does It Take To Be A Pro?

professional gamblerIf you are looking to take your play to the next level there are some serious considerations to take. Dedication for one. Successful professionals in any field are tied to their work. Gambling for a living is no different if you don’t give it one hundred percent of your attention you will be doomed to failure. Treat it like a business. Professional gamblers still get a buzz from the action it’s just that they treat the whole thing as a business. You win some you lose some. It’s that simple. Learn as much as you can about the game. Study odds and house edges. Learn from your peers there are lots of forums just for roulette players. Even the pros talk to each other and learn. Manage your bankroll. Set yourself limits and stick to them. For example set a time limit to your play with an amount you can lose. If you are winning stick to the time limit and stop. If you lose the set amount don’t be tempted to re-load and play more that session. Remember it’s a job. Have a passive income. You will have lean times and a separate income will be a lifesaver. Put any winnings into a separate venture. This will back you up and remove the pressure to chase a win. By taking out your winnings you keep your bankroll at a level you can manage. Remember a big win can easily turn into a big loss. Professionals play at the level they are comfortable at, syphoning their winnings of to work for them elsewhere. If your bankroll takes a knock it’s far easier to grind back a few hundred than several thousand. Your family will appreciate the stability!

Roulette Has Been Around A Long Time And Will Be Here a Lot Longer

The game of roulette has been with us for two centuries. Not much has changed over the years the game is still basically the same as it was in the 19th century. The advent of the internet has given millions of punters the chance to enjoy a pastime that was once exclusive to the rich. More people play roulette now than ever before. Online casinos love the game too. After all it has a great house edge. Software developers are tweaking the game on a regular basis and adding new touches to enhance the experience. Let’s hope they don’t mess with the game to much it’s a classic for a reason. With the popularity not getting any less it looks like the game of roulette is going to be with us for many more years to come.