Multi-Wheel Roulette – Wait for it

Online casinos have been around for quite some time now and since their inception roulette has been a stalwart in the arsenal of games available to play. Roulette is possibly the most famous casino game the world over. There is a good chance that if you don’t live in a cave somewhere you know what a roulette wheel looks like. A game of chance that has enthralled the well-heeled rich and the average punter alike. There’s just enough excitement and anticipation available to keep you coming back for more. Maybe the fun is getting a little stale and you are looking for a more intense buzz? Well the latest roulette variation online is multi-wheel roulette. Yes now you can play more than one roulette table without having to be logged into more than one casino.

There are variants that range from 3 wheels all the way up to 8 wheels. The action is nonstop and really isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The chance to lose a lot of money is very real. So how does it work? Well let’s take the 8 wheel version for example. You place your wagers in the same way you would playing a single wheel. But you are betting on all 8 wheels. You don’t make separate bets for each wheel. So if you place $50 on the first dozen that means if every wheel comes in the first dozen you win on every wheel. You bet $50 but that is x8 wheels so in realty you bet $400. There are some out there that will try to sell you a strategy. They will say the math is such and such and if you do this so many times in a row this will be the outcome. Blah, blah, blah as long as the RNG running the game is straight the outcome is unpredictable just like a standard game. There is as much chance of the ball landing on zero every time as there is it coming 123 in a row. European roulette the odds are 37-1. It will be the same every spin.

multi weel rouletteMost multi-wheel roulette variants use the European rules. But as with every game you play check with the casino for their house rules first. You don’t want to be surprised thinking that la partage is in play when it isn’t. The golden rule when playing roulette in any form is have a limit for yourself and stick to it. It is all too easy to get carried away in the moment and lose a large sum of cash. Especially with multi-wheel variants of the game. Because you are betting what appears to be your normal $1 per spin it is easy to forget that it is $1 per wheel. The number of casinos offering multi-wheel roulette is growing as the popularity increases so more will include this in their lineup. Be very careful though there are as many different house rules and variations as there are casinos! For example some allow you to play as many wheels up to eight as you like. Enabling each wheel as you want. However some casinos have a default setting each spin so be careful to check first. It could be an expensive mistake if you end up playing 8 wheels instead of 4!

As said before multi-wheel roulette is not for everyone. But there are plenty of experienced roulette players out there looking to enhance their thrills. 8 wheel roulette action is fast and furious and not for the faint of heart. But it is massively intoxicating once you get a couple of big wins under your belt you won’t want to go back to the old school boring single wheel. Be careful though it is very addictive and potentially expensive. Set your budget and be very firm with yourself. If you have a big loss at the tables walk away. It’s much easier to take a breather online than in the flesh, there’s no slots in your hallway for a start! But seriously multi-wheel roulette can very quickly deplete your bankroll. But like all gambling it is serious fun. When it stops being fun stop! Corny yes, also very true. Multi-wheel roulette may be a fad and turn out to be a damp squid but the number of online casinos including it leads you to think it’s here to stay. All of the major game developers have a version so money and effort has been spent to get it out there. This is a fluid industry and continues to grow as long as new games keep hitting the scene then it looks like the end is a very long way off.