New York State Is A Lot More Friendly To Gamblers Now

USA - New YorkHistorically New York has been one of the most heavily restricted states for gambling. The first state to ban all forms of gambling in its constitution in 1821 with updates to it leading to the prohibition days. We all know what happened then, as organized crime flourished gambling just went underground. Slowly the state has turned around starting with horse racing and the pari-mutual system of betting at the tracks. Bingo and then the lottery came along in fit and starts but the biggest change came with tribal run casinos in the early 90’s. Now New York has a ton of them run by local native tribes the Seneca, Mohawk, Mohegan and Oneida. These venues range in size all the way up to resort standard. The Seneca Nation of Indians Niagara Casino is a very showy affair with 110 000 square feet of casino, it may not be the biggest but you can definitely see it from afar.

The Time Is Coming For More Casinos

For the last twenty years the local casino world has been led by the native tribes in New York. That’s all changing, in 2013 legislation was passed to allow for a further 7 casinos to be built in upstate New York. The mandate was run with the set intention to alleviate financial troubles in the upstate area. The economy of upstate New York has been in trouble for a number of years and proponents of the new law see casinos as a way to fix the issues. Pumping in much needed revenue and jobs. There has been some opposition to the proposals the native run casinos obviously don’t want the competition. Religious groups have also raised fears of social problems arising, quoting studies made that point to all sorts of degradation. The law passed however and work is under way. So the gambling landscape for New York is looking healthier year on year.

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The Internet Is One Area New York Has History

Not such great history either. New York courts were where the purge on poker sites took place in 2011 becoming known in gambling circles as ‘Black Friday’. It would seem that the state of New York has it in for online casinos. The prosecutions also led to definitive parameters for the Wire Act which was widely use to hold back the internet gambling scene. However since then the Department of Justice has issued statements saying the Wire Act only applies to sports betting not online casinos. So that is one area that has been cleared up and three states have regulated online gambling since. So the wind may have changed in New York and the future may see regulation along the lines of its neighbor New Jersey. We will have to wait and see. The major ray of sunshine for the gambling public is New York has a history of not prosecuting the players in respect of illegal gambling. They always go for the organizers and leave the punters alone. So as with all things prohibition, the public will continue to do the things they like when the see no harm and probably get away with it.

The Industry Is A Minefield

Due to the stunning lack of foresight with US policy makers there is an opening for criminal enterprise to cash in. Sound familiar? Well don’t fear unlike the bad old days of bootlegging, not all online casinos are run by crime bosses. Far from it. The rest of the world has had a legitimate thriving industry for many years. The authorities charged with overseeing the industry have been doing a very good job of it. The vast majority of online casinos are safe and secure. There are of course a few that are in it for the quick dodgy buck. Looking to cash in on the unwary and naïve there are a few simple things that can be done to prevent losing your cash to crooks. Of course that won’t help you with an unlucky run at the tables but it will give you the chance of a fair shot.

Legit Licenses, Longevity and Word of Mouth

Make sure the casino you choose has a license from one of the following bodies: Gibraltar, Malta, the Isle of Man, Alderney and the Kahnnawake Territories. All of these bodies audit games for fairness and have excellent records when it comes to following up complaints. Membership to an independent arbitration service is a must too. Look to play with a brand that has been in the business at least 5 – 10 years. Crooks are not able to sustain any length of time in this fast paced industry. Finally look to the forums some have been around since the start of the whole scene. The best have close ties with online casinos and really do keep the game honest. If there is a lot of chatter and unresolved issues surrounding a particular brand avoid them. Good luck and enjoy the tables.