Nevada The Spiritual Homeland Of US Casinos

USA - NevadaThe quirks of US State Law are nowhere more apparent than when comparing Nevada with its neighbor Utah. The most liberal gambling state in the Union next to the most restrictive. Everybody the world over knows Las Vegas is the place to go if casinos are your thing. There are more casinos in one place here than anywhere in the world. Class is not necessarily top of the agenda but volume certainly is. There are casinos that are basically small towns. Even for occasional gamblers there are names that are instantly recognizable the Bellagio, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Luxor, Harrah’s the list is almost endless. That’s just the Las Vegas strip, throw Reno, Paradise, Laughlin, Carson City, Henderson and the rest of Nevada into the mix and you have a state of gambling heaven.

Well Let’s Be Honest What Else Is There?

Nevada started life as a prospector’s state, gold and silver were the driving force behind everything. The mines started to dry up at the start of the Great Depression and the state’s economy was a mess. The population was leaving in droves, so to combat this with great forethought, and frankly bravery, the state legislature legalized gambling. They didn’t do it half assed either. Full on, no holds barred, anything goes gambling. You can bet on anything in Nevada. Unfortunately organized crime swiftly took over and Nevada soon became the Mob’s cash cow. Fast forward, and thanks to some serious cleanup work by federal and local law enforcement, Nevada now has a thriving legitimate gaming and entertainment industry the envy of the world. Without which I might add the state’s coffers would be extremely bare.

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Pioneers Once More

Nevada has long been the home of big cash poker games and swiftly took advantage of movement in federal law concerning internet gambling. Although way behind the rest of the world Nevada became the first US state to regulate online poker. Swiftly followed by dog and horse racing. The strange thing is they have not moved into online casinos. Maybe the established casinos don’t want to see the competition and are moving behind the scenes to thwart it. It will happen though, millions of dollars every year go offshore to online casinos and it doesn’t make a dent in the revenue for brick and mortar venues. The state will realize the tax dollars to be gained make it worthwhile.

In The Meantime The Internet Is Waiting For You To Sign Up

Whether they are regulated by the Nevada Gaming Commission or not here are hundreds of legitimate options for Nevada residents that want to gamble online. If you just want to play poker stick with the regulated local sites. After all you don’t get much bigger than the WSOP. But even in Nevada sometimes you don’t want to get all dressed up to go to the massive casino down the road to have a few rounds of blackjack. The mainstream industry has long been cleaned up however the internet still has more than a few criminal elements looking to steal your cash. There are several things you can investigate to make sure you are gaming at a safe site.

The Old Countries Know How To Regulate

A legitimate online casino has to have a license from one of the major governing bodies. Checks and balances have been in place since the start. The most widely respected authority that issues certification is the UK Gambling Commission. They have the strictest enforcement of their rules bar none. Unfortunately for the rest of the world they only cover UK residents. But most UK brands accept players from around the world and will have a license from another body also. So if you see the logo from the UK Gambling Commission you know that the games on the site are audited and the casino is kept in line. Gibraltar and Malta are also top notch regulators along with the Isle of Man and Alderney. The fact of the matter is though that most online casinos that accept US customers will be regulated by the Kahnnawake Territories. They may be young guns compared to the others but they have made great strides to reach similar standards.

The Grapevine Is Important So Is Time

The online casino world has been carrying on happily without the US market for some time now. With it player forums have grown into quite a force. The well-established ones have managed to serve as barometers and regularly sound the alarm on rogues. They are a valuable tool to keep track of who is doing what. Every business makes mistakes how they go about fixing them can be the difference between ok and great. `Great new casinos come along every now and again there’s nothing wrong with risking a few dollars to see how they go. But the best online casinos have been going strong for many years for good reason, they are the safe bet.