Minnesota Stuck In The Dark Age

USA - MinnesotaMinnesota’s gambling statute is so far behind the times it is almost Stone Age. The vast majority of the US has moved toward looser gambling laws. Minnesota state legislation is very strict. There are only four ways to gambling legally in the state and they all revolve around charitable organizations, pari-mutuel racing the state lottery and tribal venues. Even though the tribes are sovereign nations their offerings are poor. The full range of casino games are not on offer. Blackjack, poker and slots are all you get and even they are not available all the time. Pari-mutuel betting on horse racing was legalized until 1983 and the state lottery wasn’t introduced until 1989. This puts Minnesota way behind most other states when it comes to gambling. Ironically Minnesota was ahead of the pack with tribal gaming being the first state to enter into a tribal state compact. They shot themselves in the foot though. Negotiators for the state made a crazy deal whereby the state gets no revenue from the gambling at all. In all 22 compacts have been signed with 11 tribes resulting in 18 casinos. These compacts are in perpetuity the tribes can ask to change them but the state cannot. This is possibly the dumbest deal ever signed by a state legislature.

Native Americans Block The Way

Minnesota has a strong religious and moral objection to gambling. Many times new bills have been introduced but have consistently failed. River boats, racinos and standard casinos have all been proposed and rejected. The loudest opponents to any form of forward momentum are the tribes. Understandable really, the gravy train just keeps on giving and any competition would hurt the tribe’s profit. Minnesota’s Native American tribes have very sophisticated lobbying tactics and give large campaign contributions to the right politicians. The stranglehold the tribes have on the casino industry has stagnated the scene. The venues are small, the game selection very bad and reviews are not at all stellar. The whole thing has become a giant cash cow for the tribes, which they firmly believe they deserve. The thing is because the state has seen no revenue from this venture there is no political incentive to move forward. The conservatives in the state legislature have stifled the whole process.

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No Hope For Online Casinos In The State Of The Twin Cities

Unless some form of divine intervention happens it is very likely the home of the Vikings will not regulate online gambling. In any form. Anytime soon. In fact the political scene is so entrenched that it doesn’t seem likely at all. Despite the fact that a number of states are relaxing their attitude to gambling, there are three states regulating online gambling with another three looking into it, Minnesota looks quite happy to sit on the bench for this one. It’s a real shame the tax dollars are there to be collected. The shambolic negotiations in the early days of the tribal state compacts are having far reaching consequences. Many argue that it is early days for online gambling in the US and true the federal government have not made it easy. But come on USA you’re so forward thinking in many areas yet you are playing serious catch up on this one.

No Problem Just Look Offshore

Minnesota does not have any specific laws prohibiting online gambling. Federal law and the DOJ’s interpretation of it opens the door to ambiguity. It is illegal to operate an unlicensed online casino within the state boundaries. So it is unlikely that you would be prosecuted for have a sneaky game of roulette online. It is your risk, it’s your choice. There are hundreds of legitimate online casinos that will accept US residents including those from Minnesota. There are hundreds of less than stand up casinos as well. The trick is to work out the difference. Because there are no online casinos regulated by the state of Minnesota the job is left to the rest of the world. Minnesota’s Mohawk neighbors of the Kahnawake Territories have sovereign nation status and regulate online casinos that face the Americas. Fast gaining a solid reputation for overseeing gambling operations with strict regulations and enforcement. Malta the Isle of Man and Gibraltar all have excellent records as regulatory bodies and any site that has been licensed by them will have to have gone through rigorous vetting procedures. Try to avoid brands that have been going for less than 5 years. The fast paced nature of the industry soon weeds out the bad apples. In a similar vein read the forums and reviews they can be a very useful tool when determining where to gamble your hard earned cash. Start small it’s far less painful if you get ripped off.