Idaho At First Glance A Casino State – Take A Closer Look

USA - IdahoDo a quick search for Idaho casinos and you will find there are 7 ‘casinos’ within the state, based on tribal lands. 4 native tribes have compacts with the state and run those seven ‘casinos’. The Kootenai Tribe, the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes and the Nez Perce tribe. ‘Great’ you say ’lots of choice’. But before you head on down thinking you are in for a great time at the roulette wheel or blackjack table, hang fire. These so called casinos are little more than video lottery and bingo halls. It’s not actually legal to play any of the normal casino games in the state of Idaho. Not even slots! Wonderful. What on earth is the point of that? Why bother traveling just to play some lottery games or bingo? Well some do love bingo there’s no denying it. But what about all the table games? Well you best pack a bag and catch a flight because you won’t find them here. The Gem State it may be but there’s no shine for casino lovers.

The Internet Isn’t Legal But It Is Accessible

Idaho has not followed the three progressive states of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware and set in motion regulations for internet gambling. Not surprising when you look at their record on gambling but hey ho. So if you want to have a harmless flutter in the privacy of your own home you have to become a criminal. ‘So be it’ cry many of you. Well if you must you need to be careful. It’s not only law enforcement that’s after you. Due to the lack of U.S regulation many unscrupulous operators have targeted Americans with fraudulent activity. Look out for new online casinos they may not all be dodgy but you can safely assume some are. An online casino that has weathered the storm of a very competitive market should be safe. A five year history may not seem much but it is in a market where brands come and go like hobos on the rail-track! Ten years is virtually veteran.

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Not Licensed In The U.S Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Safe

There may not be U.S regulatory bodies but the rest of the world has them. Look for a casino that is licensed by the tribal Kahnnawake Territories they are building a good reputation for enforcing their regulations. Other countries and areas include Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and Alderney. All of these have long standing authorities that have strong regulations. Avoid like the plague any that have certification from Curacao. The former Dutch Antilles Island issues licenses to any who pay for them. They have no regulations and absolutely zero regulatory power. They don’t even have a way for the public to contact them. Forums are always a good source of information. You will need to filter out the sore losers but if a subject keeps arising it should be considered.

So Why Is Idaho So Against Gambling

It’s hard to tell really but gambling in the state has long been frowned upon. The state had a short dalliance with slot machine in the late 1940’s and early 50’s but that soon was quashed. When most states took the opportunity to instigate a state lottery at the end of the 70’s Idaho had to wait. It wasn’t until 1988 that law was narrowly passed to allow one. This then open up the way for tribal set ups under the Federal Indian Gaming Law. The ongoing strife between state and tribes is however very real. There has been many battles in court surrounding certain machines that the state saw as slots and therefore illegal. May be it’s the ultra-conservative background in Idaho and all that lean living and fresh air.

So Is There Any Future For Internet Gambling In Idaho?

Well nobody can 100% predict anything but it’s not likely anytime soon. The opportunity for online poker and casinos to be legally regulated in the U.S.A. has been with us since 2012. So far only three states have had the foresight to implement. Despite the potential tax revenue from regulated market Idaho has declined so far. One of the obstacles in the way is that first the state constitution would have to change radically. Opponents of gambling in the state legislature have vowed it will never happen. The prospect of large tax revenue for the state is apparently not alluring enough. The only way the statute will change is if a large portion of the population lobbies the house. Idaho unlike some states doesn’t have a history of illicit gambling. So it seems unlikely that this very conservative state is going to suddenly get roulette fever.