There is No Such Thing As An Alaskan Casino

USA - AlaskaAlaska as a state has never been pro gambling, unlike most other states in the Union there has not been a flourishing industry that has been put down, risen again to be put back down. This is not due to pressure from legislative powers either. Alaskans as voters don’t want gambling legalized. It seems strange to some considering the fact that just surviving the last frontier is very much a gamble every day. Industries that have put Alaska on the map like oil, gold and other mineral prospecting are all a high risk business. But maybe that’s why there’s no casinos, just living is enough gamble for most. Alaska may be the land of the midnight sun but if you want some midnight fun at a casino you are bang out of luck.

Not Even Tribal Casinos Get A Look In

Native Americans have been cashing in on the Federal Laws allowing gambling on tribal lands in most states across the US. But when coms to Alaska these venues have been limited to just a few bingo halls. No grand multi-million dollar casino complexes built by Aleut natives. Not that they haven’t tried there has been a long running campaign to establish a gambling presence, but this has had little impact to date. To be fair Alaska is the third least populated state in the US. Couple that with being the largest in area by far, all goes to make for a sparsely populated land mass. Not really conducive to a thriving casino business. But surely Alaskans are not so different than the rest of the US? Some of them must like to have a cheeky flutter now and then? Apparently not enough, in 2008 a proposal to introduce regulated gambling facilities in Alaska was soundly rejected by a massive majority of 2-1, and that was the voting public.

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You Could Always Take A Cruise

If you must have a live roulette fix there is a way. Take a cruise. Cruise ships in Alaska are big business during the long summer days. Taking advantage of some of the world’s most breathtaking costal scenery these cruises offer a chance for those residents that don’t follow the masses in their aversion to gambling. By simply slipping into international waters or Canadian territory cruise liners can offer legal casino games. Vast slots halls and table games open up and entertain the ships passengers. So if you don’t get seasick and can afford the trip it’s the only way to get a live game of roulette if you live in Alaska. It seems a little extravagant though.

So Is There Any Form Of Legal Gambling In Alaska

Apart from ‘charitable gambling’, no in short. There is absolutely no state regulated form of gambling whatsoever. There are only seven states that have resisted implementing a state lottery Alaska is one of them. No horse racing, dog tracks or any form of sports betting at all. Total prohibition. That does not stop the minority who want a flutter however. Step up the internet. There is currently no law that specifically bans internet gambling in the state of Alaska. That has not stopped the Attorney General stating that current laws cover this area already. But the reality is no enforcement has ever been taken. So if you want to play online casino games it seems it isn’t legal but you probably won’t get into any trouble. With that in mind there are many reputable online casinos that except customers from Alaska. They are just not regulated in the USA.

If You Want To Gamble Online Choose Wisely

A lot of rogue casinos have been cashing in on the state of the US law regarding online gambling. Because there is no regulatory body covering the US, residents there have absolutely no comeback if a problem occurs. This is not an issue with reputable brands but it can be hard to tell which is which. If you decide you want to run the risk and sign up to an online casino due diligence is a must. Check reviews and online forums rogue casinos soon get a rep. Stick to operations that have been going for a while. If an online casino has been running for over 10 years it’s safe to assume it’s legit. In a market that is so competitive dodgy operators don’t stand the test of time. Look for online casino operators that are regulated by the Kahnawake Territories, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man or Alderney. Try to avoid Curacao as they just give licenses to anyone who pays and have no regulatory powers at all. In fact you can’t even contact them! Look for banking options that work for you as well Federal Law makes this area difficult as well. If you choose to gamble online remember it is strictly illegal and you do so at your own risk.