How To Recognize The Best Online Casino UK

UK flagThere are hundreds of online casinos UK residents can visit. How on earth do you know from the good the bad and the ugly? Number one tip, if a brand has been in the gambling world for a long time they are probably pretty good. You just don’t last in this business if you are thieves and con artists. With that said you can’t really go wrong with one of the ‘big three’. William Hill, Ladbrokes or Coral have the lion’s share of the UK bookmaking business and their UK online casinos are instantly recognizable as brands. With reputations forged over time these guy’s combined experience adds up to centuries in the game. Easy on the eye and very user friendly their sites work very well. Not a lot to choose between them it will come done to personal taste. William Hill’s has had a makeover and looks much better, their bingo site still looks outdated though. Coral’s is sharp and modern and has a welcoming feel. Ladbrokes, well, feels like you’re in a Ladbrokes shop, whether that’s good or bad is up to you.

Spoilt For Choice In The UK Great Online Casinos Everywhere

There are however more than three top UK online casinos. In fact there are too many to list and they constantly jostle for top positions. Every month a new promo or bonus is introduced which makes one more attractive than another. Choosing more than one casino to play at is a good way to cover all the bases. Have a regular casino that you love the games at and have had a good playing experience. But it’s a good idea to have a second or third with a smaller bankroll that you can experiment with or maybe take advantage of an offer they are running. Keeping up with what’s going on in the industry by reading review sites and forums will help you pick that second or third site. Remember this industry is very fluid and one promotion or new game can make that once ‘has been’ casino a contender again.

Top 7 Recommended Casinos
1 .$800 BONUS150+GAMES50+MOBILE97.11%PAYOUT.Read Review
2 .£100 BONUS280+GAMES100+MOBILE96.91%PAYOUT.Read Review
3 .$2,500 BONUS150+GAMES50+MOBILE97.11%PAYOUT.Read Review
4 .€200 BONUS200+GAMES100+MOBILE97.44%PAYOUT.Read Review
5 .$8,888 BONUS120+GAMES25+MOBILE98.61%PAYOUT.Read Review
6 .VIPScheme120+GAMES56+MOBILE>95%PAYOUT.Read Review
7 .$1,000 BONUS200+GAMES50+MOBILE97.84%PAYOUT.Read Review

The Casino Is Only As Good As Its Software

The thing to remember is that most of the front runners for the title best UK online casino, run the same software. Sometimes more than one granted, but Playtech is a common theme in UK sites. Their platform allows so much customization and integration that it’s a no brainer for most. They have some huge progressive jackpots and the Marvel themed games are just so popular. If a site has a good reputation it really is down to what you want from the experience. There are some sites that are really sophisticated looking like Titanbet but they still have most of the same games as say, Paddy Power a site with a completely different feel.

Bonuses And Promotions Are Always Fresh With The Best UK Casinos

The competition is so strong in the industry that the best UK online casino is judged on its latest promotion. Keeping customers interested and feeling like they are wanted is key to success. Realistic bonuses and promotions are the best tool UK casinos have. Brits like to feel rewarded for loyalty not just for joining. So a site may have a great welcome package, but does it keep that up with regular freebies? Choose a site that has a good loyalty scheme, after all there are plenty you can spend your money at, so why play at one that doesn’t reward you. Even supermarkets give something back! The typical loyalty scheme will be along the lines of for every £10 wagered 1 comp point is awarded. Comp points can be redeemed for cash. The reason players visit online casinos is to be entertained. What better way to make those players happy than to give them more credit to play and therefore have more fun. Always read the terms and conditions though because a great looking bonus is only as good as the wagering requirement attached.

UK Sites Make The Most Of Our Love Of Gambling

If you have an account at a casino you probably have a flutter on other things as well. We’re British after all, we’ll bet on two rain drops running down a window! This is another area that UK brands excel at. Most of the top level casinos are bookies as well their sites are a one stop shop. You can use your account to bet on the National, have a spin on the roulette wheel, play bingo or have a game of poker without logging out. Linking all these with crossover promos is a UK idea, making a bet on the premier league will get you free spins in the casino at some, or others use horse racing. Having all your favorite forms of gambling in one place is very convenient. It drastically cuts down on the work needed for due diligence and if you don’t like one part of the offering you will find another you do.

The UK Loves To Gamble – But Want To Know Their Money Is Safe

Unlike some countries the UK has no restrictions on banking transactions with interactive gaming sites. This great news for UK punters because it means just about any form of financial transaction is welcome at the top gambling sites. This means a much wider choice and the ability to manage your money in the most convenient way for you. As there are so many sites that offer a very similar gaming experience, the methods used for the financial transactions can be the tipping point. In the early days of internet gambling it was just cards linked to bank accounts or bank transfers that were the main form of moving money. Now you can use credit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets and with some you can top up and withdraw from your account at their high street branch. All these different forms of payment can help keep your details secure. If you are worried about giving your credit card or bank details to an online casino, the prepaid options are just what you need. Also if you use an online casino that has PayPal as a payment method, PayPal carry out their own vetting of the casino. If there are a lot of complaints surrounding a casino PayPal will withdraw service from them.

UK Law Leads The Way For Online Gambling Sites

Since the 1960s the UK has regulated gambling instead of prohibiting it. Legalizing gambling has allowed a balanced and very fair industry to develop. Bookies and casinos can make a good profit without resorting to underhanded practices. The laws surrounding gambling in the UK had not changed much since the sixties. But with the huge increase in internet usage the UK government realized times had changed and legislation had to change to keep up. Because so many companies were based offshore and licensed by just about anyone the lawmakers realized they had no real power to regulate them and protect UK citizens from criminal enterprises. Not to mention the huge tax revenues lost to offshore outfits. So along came the Gambling Act 2005 a significant update in law. It became law that any gambling business that had UK customers had to have a license from and be regulated by the newly set up Gambling Commission. This change in law did see a few fall off the radar and has on the whole created a strong and safe industry. Although not publicized widely the Commission does audit casinos and has a pretty good track record. Lots of minor infractions are sorted and on occasions casinos get shut down. It is very easy to investigate a casino’s license status on the Gambling Commissions website. So for all the best online gambling sites UK regulation is a must. The latest big change is taxation laws changed in 2014 to a point of consumption not production basis. This has also seen a few leave the market but means that the UK will benefit in the form of regular tax income. Although legislation is not usually touted as being a wonderful thing, more a necessity than a bonus, UK residents have some of the most liberal gambling laws there are. Liberal doesn’t mean week though the Gambling Commission does have teeth.

All The Best UK Gambling Sites Are Mobile

Keeping up with technology has always been important in the UK. Mobile usage has grown rapidly and coverage is countrywide. 3G and now 4G connectivity is now available to the masses as prices for mobile devices are now very reasonable. All this means that wherever you are you can access the internet with the same reliability as at home. Online casinos took a little time to catch up but now there are some excellent mobile sites you can gamble at. How you choose a mobile site to play on will require the same kind of research. You need to know your money will be safe and that the site is legit and you get paid on time. If you already have an account with the browser version you won’t have to create a new one. There may be a download but most of the top sites have mobile friendly versions so all you will need to do is log in from your devices browser. The only downside is a lot of sites have a limited number of games available. There are however a few sites that are exclusively mobile. These sites have put all of their resources into making the best mobile site they can and they are getting pretty good at it. This an expanding sector and there will be a few new sites coming out. It may well pay to get on board early and cash in on the inevitable bonuses.

Live Dealers Have Always Been Popular

The thrill and atmosphere of a live casino is electric, unfortunately most are not lucky enough to live close to a brick and mortar casino to be able to take advantage of it. Once again though the UK is at the cutting edge of technology and trends with live online casinos available at all the top brands. Once again the big three are at the front, William Hill and Ladbrokes being two of the earliest to add live dealer games to their stable. Coral were a bit behind but their version is excellent and they have a couple of different games than most, Casino Hold’Em and High Low. Powered by the latest live video feed and OCR you get an interactive experience to rival any brick and mortar affair. Without having to queue and at table stakes to suit any budget. This trend is set to stay and UK online casinos will continue to be right at the sharp end.

So Why Are UK Online Casinos So Good?

The main reason is years of experience. Having such straight forward and unambiguous laws and regulations has allowed UK brands to grow strong. Rooted in a long standing tradition of bookmakers and bingo halls the transition to the internet was relatively easy. Although there were a few leaders in the industry, healthy competition and a tradition of a fair market place has meant there many to choose from. While casino games may have started in France and Las Vegas the UK loves to have a gamble. Slot machines have been popular in their guise of fruit machines for a very long time. When the chance to play roulette, blackjack and other table games came along Brits jumped at the chance. The industry in the UK is a healthy one and is set to grow. This is a cause for concern in some quarters with the risk of social problems associated with gambling growing with the industry. This is another area where UK brands are helping to address the issues. Bwin are partnering with scientists researching betting patterns. The aim is to produce a workable guide for casinos to track problem gambling and to help spot issues before they become serious. All reputable online casinos facing the UK market work closely with originations dedicated to help those with gambling addictions.