Online Casino Reviews – Why so Many?

Top 7 Casino Reviews

If you do quick search online for online casino reviews, you will get hundreds of hits. It looks like everybody has an opinion, on just about every casino there is. How come there are so many? What’s the difference between a review and a forum? Well the truth is that most of the reviews are written with one aim, to get you click a link and go to the casino in question. A payment is made if the link leads to a deposit with the casino. So really the vast majority of online casino comparison sites are just trying to generate income. This doesn’t however mean what is said is untrue, it would make very bad business sense to write misleading or false information. A short term gain might be had but in the long term the credibility of the review site would soon be called into question. Posts on a forum on the other hand are usually written by casino customers. Forums can be a good source for due diligence, if a casino appears a lot with similar comments, they are probably a true reflection of them. Be careful though at lot of people post what seem knowledgeable and informed comments, that are actual completely untrue. It’s not necessarily a deliberate lie, it’s just not right. Stick to reading people’s experience of a particular site, as opposed to say, this site is owned by such and such, the same as this really bad site so don’t use it. Do your own checks if things don’t look or feel right. But be aware that a lot of forum posts are just sore losers!

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What to Look For in an Online Casino Comparison

The best online casino reviews are quite long. Be wary of a really short one in means not a lot of effort went into writing it! But on the other hand some can be very long winded and end up just spouting generic sound bites. These reviews tend to just keep prompting you into joining the casino in question. This is a wonderful casino sign up now and get blah blah, you know that kind of thing. They also don’t really tell you very much detail. Now admittedly a lot of casinos are very similar they offer the same kind of bonuses. The games are all pretty much the same, after all roulette is pretty much roulette. And of course because so many are linked, like the progressive slots games, they are the exactly the same. So the best casino reviews will explain a lot more about the company running the show. What kind of security they have in place. Where they are registered and licensed, a very important piece of knowledge regarding the legality of playing with them. Nobody wants to fall foul of the law when all you want is some fun at the tables. Is the site linked with any organizations and gambling charities? While you may not need the help, it’s good to know that the casino is committed to responsible gambling. The review should tell you whether an arbitration service is used to settle disputes. And whether it’s independent or really just another part of the casino’s business interests!

A Good Review Should Engage You – But Inform You Bones and All!

A lot of casino reviews are a great read, witty flowing and engaging. But after you have read them do you think you have actually learned anything about the site? Some casinos really are that good and there won’t be anything bad to say about them. But if there is, for example, no information about wagering requirements or checking out your money ask yourself why? The best casino reviews will be a good read. But will it give you facts that casinos like to bury in the ‘small print’. All terms and conditions can be a tiresome chore to read. This is a reviews job to decipher and translate to any readers. Often they will shed light on a bonus or promotion. A promotion that on the surface seams great, but once looked into the shine can be dulled considerably.

Why it’s Important to Follow Casino Reviews

Follow casino reviewsFollowing an online casino comparison site is a good way to keep up anything new within the industry. If you are an avid gambler it’s all too easy to play at a site and just stick with what you know. But while that is a safe option for you, the trouble is you may well be missing out on a great new game. The fact that the industry is so competitive, means there will be a lot of new games brought out by casinos. These are used to try and entice new players to their site. This is what the best online casino reviews will tell you. If a big promotion is being offered at a site you don’t visit, how will you know about it? It can be a bit of a chore reading the same things over and over. If you find a comparison site you like keep visiting and reading the new articles. New casinos come online very regularly and as such have to have something on offer to stand out from the crowd. The best casino reviews will keep your finger on the pulse. Casinos will often inform review sites of a new bonus scheme they are introducing. Or a promotion that they will be running next month.

Often the Best Advertisement for Casinos

Mainstream advertising is a very expensive option and is not that viable for a startup. Unless a casino has sister sites usually the only way a fresh site can be noticed by potential new customers is by being reviewed. So it is in the casinos best interest to get as many reviews out there as possible. Not all of these reviews will be financially rewarded and this is a good thing all round. The casino needs to be good to make an impact, so reviews keep them honest as they say. You should have a look over No Download Casinos too.

The Law and What it means to you

casino regulationIf a change in the law comes along it can have a real impact on your gaming experience. Online casinos are not known for giving a lot of information about the law and regulation. Yes they will display their certificates and they will keep up their end with the authorities. But what if a change comes that affects just your area? Nobody wants to fall foul of the law and this is where a good review site will keep you in touch with what’s going on. Even a small change in how banks have to perform financial transactions, could have a big impact on your game. So it is worthwhile to stay informed and if you play a lot could be seen as an essential part of your gambling strategy. On the other side of the coin, it’s the job of a good online casino comparison site, to inform of any casinos that have got into trouble with the law. Casinos are audited by the authorities and quite a few do commit minor infractions. This will not necessarily mean they get their licenses revoked. No casino will advertise the fact that the got into trouble. And although it may not mean they are a rogue operation, it will definitely take the shine off their appeal to their members. This is where a huge service for the gamble fraternity can be performed by review sites. This kind of information is vital when keeping up your due diligence. After all it’s your money that you gamble with and need to be confident that you are gambling with people that you can trust.

A Conclusion – How it’s Done Properly

We have a team of very experienced online gamblers, they are regular players and have accounts all over the place. They constantly join new casinos and share their experiences with us on the actual game play and customer support. We believe if you haven’t actually tried the games you can’t have an opinion on them. Too many reviews just recycle the same information research is the key. Umbrella companies, subsidiaries and such can all be traced. It’s good to know, for example, that 888 holdings and Cassava Enterprises are pretty much one and the same. Virtue fusion and Playtech are just divisions of the same company. Did you know that Red32 casino was started by the former director of Ladbrokes? These facts may not mean at lot to the majority, but to some may be important. If you have had a bad experience with a company you probably won’t want to join a sister site. Little pieces of information like this all go to help you make an informed decision on where you gamble your hard earned money. This is the real job of a casino review. Do your due diligence with the help of a respectable comparison site and have fun. Good luck, shuffle up and deal.