Online Casinos For Canadians – They Do Exist

Canadian flagLove to play casino games? But you’re not sure if you can? How do you pick a good one? Well it’s OK you can, there are plenty of online casinos Canada residents can play at. The law surrounding online gambling in Canada is a bit confusing and we will explain it further a bit later, but for now let’s look at the options available and how to vet them.
Canadians are a sensible, fun loving bunch. So when it comes to choosing an online casino Canada on the whole can enjoy, there are a few things that need to be checked out first. The sensible part of you will want to play in Canadian Dollars. Why pay exchange rates? When using a foreign currency there can be all sorts of outrageous charges applied. One for the transaction using a foreign currency, a terrible exchange rate etc. Fortunately the majority of online casinos that except Canadian customers have the option of playing with your beloved loonies. If you can’t find out from the website contact the customer service.

Bank Transfer Card Or E-Wallet?

So you have plenty of options that accept Canadian Dollars. Next you need work out which payment method you wish to use. The best online casinos Canada has to offer will give you options. Due to the rather confusing and strange banking practices in North America it can prove to be a pain depositing and withdrawing cash to and from your casino account. The less than reputable will allow you to deposit with one method then not allow you to withdraw with the same. If a site allows you to use Canadian Dollars it should have the necessary financial structure in place to make the use of your MasterCard and Visa credit cards. Third party accounts and e-wallets such as Click2Pay, UKash and InstaDebit should be available. UseMyBank is accepted at most this tried and tested home grown banking solution is great if you don’t have a credit card or don’t want to set up a third party account. If the title of best Canadian online casino is wanted all of the above should be covered. If there is any doubt about how money transactions take place contact the customer service, if you don’t get a satisfactory answer, use another casino. Be wary of any online casino that has limited banking options. If a casino is truly Canada focused it will have put effort into making transactions quick and easy.

Top 7 Recommended Casinos
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The Law And Where An Online Canadian Casino Stands

We need to get into the legal side of this now because the next steps to choosing the right online Canadian casino depend a lot on the legal stand point. Since the 1970’s it’s been up to individual territories within Canada to set out their own law regarding gambling. OK that’s well known, for a casino to set up within Canada’s boundaries it must be regulated by the province it’s located in. The confusion arises with offshore internet based operations. There is nothing in the Canadian Criminal Code that makes it illegal for gamblers to place bets with off shore sites. The ambiguity of the law surrounds those accepting the bets from Canadian residents. International online gambling brands are regulated by authorities from around the world. Malta, Isle of Man, Gibraltar and a few more besides. These companies don’t bother to get individual licenses from every area that they have customers from. There is no clear understanding of the law. An old law that states it’s illegal to be found in a ‘common betting house’ is causing some arguments. Some state that this could be someone using an online casino, while others are saying that because you are not physically in the building it doesn’t apply. The upshot is that it’s the casinos worry not yours. There are of course more provincial casinos coming online that are fully registered within that particular province. These are however much smaller concerns they don’t offer the same bonuses and promos as the big international sites. Plus you are restricted to your territory only. But don’t worry if you want to play at an online casino in Canada, the Mounties won’t be crashing through your door because of it.

Choosing Which Authority Is Best – Just Because A Casino Is Licensed Doesn’t Mean Its Straight

There are hundreds of sites that will take Canadian players but they will not be held responsible by the Canadian government. This doesn’t mean they are crooked it just means you need to investigate with whom they are licensed and regulated. Longevity in the gambling industry normally means trust worthiness. Not so with licensing authorities unfortunately. The oldest is Antigua and Barbuda they have been issuing gaming licenses for online gambling since the beginning of the industry. They were once recognized and trusted but now? All they do is issue a license, there seems to be no follow ups, audits or a complaints procedure in place. Try getting a response from them. Curacao is another best avoided they have absolutely no complaints procedure and the licenses are just business permits. The best Canadian online casino will probably be licensed by Gibraltar. Their conditions to gain a license are very strict and they have an excellent follow up procedure performing regular audits and they take complaints very seriously. If a casino is regulated by Gibraltar and meets all your other criteria you can trust the games to be fair and the casino legit and should rank high in your list. Other authorities with a good record are Malta, Isle of Man, Alderney and if you want something a little closer to home the First Nation Territory of Kahnawake is fast gaining a good reputation.

Reputation Is Built On Experience

Any online casino that has lasted in this highly competitive industry will be reputable. Forums and reviews will keep you informed of the standing of a particular brand and reading them should be part of your due diligence. But it is a safe bet that if a casino has been around for over 10 years they haven’t done much wrong. Start off by playing the free games offered to see if you get on with the playing experience. Then talk to their customer service make up some scenarios and gauge the response. If you are happy make a small deposit and play for a while, then withdraw your cash and see if there are any problems. If all goes well you have probably got the casino for you. But don’t stop at one why restrict yourself? Shop around for a second Canadian casino and take advantage of more offers.

Promotions And Bonuses

Canadians love a bargain and like to be rewarded for continued loyalty. The biggest minefield when it comes to choosing a site is which bonuses are best for you. There are many out there touting huge amounts of free money. Firstly it’s not that straightforward. You must check first that the bonus offered is actually available to your area. The top online casinos use geo tagging to target the correct customers, putting up the relevant info for that area. But not all of them do. Many people have made deposits expecting a large bonus only to find out it’s exclusively for the UK for example. Let’s not forget the fact that this is all marketing and there is always small print. In the world of the online casino it comes in the form of a wagering requirement. A standard wagering requirement is from x20 to x30. Anymore and you will probably never see the money. You will find some promos with maybe x15 on occasions, as long as the site is reputable jump on these bonuses as you won’t find better terms.

Gameplay For Canadians Is Important Too

Canadians are not easily fooled by pretty lights, or fancy bells and whistles. Online casinos for Canadians need to have substance as well as style. Software is key to the gaming experience, it’s no good having a great looking website with terrible software running the actual games. Fortunately there are some excellent software developers out there that have been doing this for many years now. It all comes down to personal choice which platform you will enjoy the most. Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt are all excellent and have some great progressive jackpots in their stables. When it comes to which is the best it’s impossible to rate. This is where you can have the best of all worlds, why not sign up to one from each stable. Use their free play options and deposit with the one you prefer, or one of each if you like them all.

Canada’s Mobile Market Casinos Want A Slice Too

With over 60% of Canada’s population owning smartphones now, online casinos have joined the app war. The irony is that as more casinos develop apps for their games, app usage is actually dropping across the Canadian market. Most complain of battery drain and data usage issues and are not using apps so much. The smart casinos online are giving Canadians a browser version of their sites that is fully compatible with mobile devices. So you can have a quick slots game on the bus to work, or a hand or two of blackjack in your lunch break. The chances are if you have done your homework well, the site you have an account at already will have a mobile friendly site. You won’t need to set up a different account and some offer extra bonuses for mobile play.

Canadians Are Famous For Their Restraint

Canadians are known around the world for being pragmatic. Canucks don’t rush into things and generally know when to stop. Gambling can be addictive however and even Canadians sometimes overdo it. That’s why all of the best online casinos Canadians can play at have strong ties with organizations dedicated to helping those with gambling problems. If a casino does not have such ties don’t trust them. Responsible gambling is an industry watch word. It would destroy the industry if nobody gave thought to the issue. More governments would clamp down if there was a sudden rise in social problems linked to gambling. So it makes good sense to monitor betting trends and offer help where needed.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Canadians love a wager on their favorite sport, play poker, as well as play casino games. The best the internet has to offer caters to every need a Canadian may have when it comes to gambling. You may well have an account at a casino site that is exclusively casino games. If you like to bet on sports or play poker, why not make your second site a one stop shop. There are plenty of long standing brands that offer a comprehensive gambling family all on one site with one account. What could be better? A bet on the hockey game, while playing Hold’Em and a slots game on the side, bliss.

The Future Is Bright For Canadian Online Gambling

Despite the legal situation at the moment internet gambling is here to stay for Canadians. Provincial governments have recognized the tax value of licensing online gambling. It is only a matter of time before the grey area of the law is cleared up. There will be a country wide registration system before long. There is simply too much revenue to be made to ignore it for much longer. People want to gamble it’s a part of human nature. So sit back in the knowledge that your casino fun will just get better. Canadian online casinos are here to stay.